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My personal action plan


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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My personal action plan

  1. 1. MY PERSONAL ACTION PLANDevelopment Why the Goals are Action I will Take to Resources I Need/ Potential Obstacles/ ExistingGoals Important Achieve Them People I Need to How to Overcome them/ Activities which Speak to Contigencies are Relevant and Work-In- ProgressShort Term Goal:Identify: To keep me 1) Attend in-house Wi-fi, blocked 1. Wi-fi not available, The ESL Educator1. Area(s) of aware, alert, trainings to upgrade Youtube. Need to no access at all to – in progress learning that focused and my knowledge and speak to Youtube, Facebook needs ICT motivated. skills on Virtual PLSJ/ULPL/ IT - Use own Learning officers/coordinat Broadband.2. Colleagues Management System ors. who have the (VLMS) Cidos, Blogs 2. Time constraints – same etc. work as a team. intention/int erest, set up 2) Identify and collect a team. related and suitable materials from Youtube, Slideshare etc to be uploaded in the VLE.Mid Term Goal: To ensure it is 1) Develop the Wi-fi, blocked 1. Wi-fi not available, The ESL EducatorTo develop the ready on time. VLMS/materials on Youtube. Need to limited access toVLMS before the weekends speak to Youtube, Facebookbeginning of next PLSJ/ULPL/ IT etc - Use ownsemester (CIPS) 2) Trial and error officers/coordinat Broadband. ors. 3) Continuous 2. Time constraints – improvement work as a team/weekendsLong Term Goal: 1. To ensure Create more VLMS/e- Wi-fi, unblocked 1. Wi-fi is widely -1. Students efficient learning materials for Youtube. Need to accessible, understand teaching and other English modules. speak to IT unlimited access to how to fully learning. officers/coordinat Youtube, Facebook utilize the ors. etc. If not, use own materials 2. To encourage Broadband. autonomous2. Train/Encour learning age/Support other ESL lecturers to use VLMS