Corporate profile of Staf-Alliance Security Group 2013


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Corporate profile of Staf-Alliance Security Group 2013

  1. 1. Corporate profileSTAF-ALLIANCE Security Group is a reputable private security corporation specializingin physical security, surveillance, advisory services and investigations.STAF-ALLIANCE was founded in 1992 by retired officers of Russian governmentalintelligence agency. Since its early years STAF-ALLIANCE cooperates with leadingenterprises of telecommunications market providing security and risk managementservices on the territory of the North-West region of Russia.STAF-ALLIANCE quickly earned reputation for the professionalism of its managementteam and by the year 1999 the growing number of clients and development of newservices made the corporation one of the biggest players of the local security market.Nowadays STAF-ALLIANCE has more then 2200 security officers, surveillance systemsof the corporation operate in 1700 locations, advisory services of STAF-ALLIANCE arewell-known in Russia and abroad.STAF-ALLIANCE Security Group unites 23 legal bodies and several public brands.STAF-ALLIANCE Security Group’s founder is still its Chairman, and this fact proofs thatcore values of the corporation still endure today.
  2. 2. Staf-Alliance corporate headquarters1 Artilleriyskaya streetSt.Petersburg,191014Russian FederationPhone: +7 812 999 9915Fax: +7 812 324 2384 PHYSICAL SECURITY Patrol service, close protection and mobile security
  3. 3. Physical securitySTAF-ALLIANCE Security Group was founded as a security corporation targeted mainlyon physical security, patrol guard, close protection and alarm response services. Thisgroup of services made STAF-ALLIANCE a recognized player of the market ensuringfurther development and diversification of the corporation in its later years.The key competitive advantage of STAF-ALLIANCE is flexibility of the corporation, itsability to provide the client with customizable, easily manageable and sizable solutionbased on well-trained and highly qualified staff. The core of STAF-ALLIANCE’s physicalsecurity services client’s base include big manufactures, state organizations, banks,offices and infrastructures of telecom operators.The structure of STAF-ALLIANCE Security Group allows the corporation to developspecialized teams in different companies of the corporation building expertise of thehighest level on different markets or price segments. Cooperating with advisory servicesbrunch of the corporation these teams develop unique security plans and conceptsbased on requirements, threads, budgets and risks of every STAF-ALLIANCE client.STAF-ALLIANCE Security Group has offices in all main cities of the North-West regionof Russia providing services of unified standard in every single location.
  4. 4. Case studies STAF-ALLIANCE provides security services to the world-wide known football team Zenit. Security guards of STAF-ALLIANCE ensures safety and security of the team, players and visitors of football matches. STAF-ALLIANCE security guards in 2012 saved treasures of the Duke Vasily Naryshkin. Treasures were uncovered during reconstruction of the Duke’s former residence in St. Petersburg. Workers tried to steal their findings but were stopped by site security officer who prevented the crime. The total estimate value of the treasure is above $ 15 million. STAF-ALLIANCE protects the territory and assets of the biggest energy-generating plant of the North-West region of Russia. STAF-ALLIANCE provides security services to the world-known manufacture of space and military equipment with 6000+ employees. STAF-ALLIANCE ensures safety and security of the construction site of the second stage of the Leningrad nuclear power plant. STAF-ALLIANCE protects numerous shops of several retail networks of St.Petersburg.
  5. 5. Staf-Alliance corporate headquarters1 Artilleriyskaya streetSt.Petersburg,191014Russian FederationPhone: +7 812 999 9915Fax: +7 812 324 2384 ADVISORY SERVICES Corporate security outsourcing and development
  6. 6. Advisory servicesWith a strong expertise of the market and the reputation of ethical and transparentcorporation STAF-ALLIANCE provides advisory services on a regular basis to more thenone hundred local, foreign, private and state organizations of the North-West region ofRussia. These services include outsourcing of legal department, corporate securitydepartment, corporate affairs department, competitive intelligence department. Keepingin touch with the client daily, experts of STAF-ALLIANCE gather internal and externaldata to ensure that top-managers of the client makes confident decisions.Having strong tiers with local and federal regulating authorities STAF-ALLIANCE helpsits clients to communicate with regulators on a legal and fair basis. Keeping in mind thatmost raider seizures of recent years were organized and supported with attraction ofregulators, STAF-ALLIANCE also helps its clients to manage the risk of raider attacks.STAF-ALLIANCE provides risk assessment, corporate security procedures developmentand implementation services to the key clients of the corporation including but not limitedto strategic and operational risks assessment as prescribed by COSO standard.
  7. 7. Staf-Alliance corporate headquarters1 Artilleriyskaya streetSt.Petersburg,191014Russian FederationPhone: +7 812 999 9915Fax: +7 812 324 2384 RESEARCH & INVESTIGATIONS Background screening, due diligence, investigations
  8. 8. Research and InvestigationsSTAF-ALLIANCE is world recognized leader in corporate research and investigations onthe Russian market.Operating in Eastern Europe STAF-ALLIANCE helps its foreign and domestic clients inmaking safer business decisions providing them up to date all sources intelligenceanalysis. Core services of STAF-ALLIANCE include background screening, forecastingof competitors’ activity, corporate investigations, anti-counterfeiting research, analysis ofmarket trends, corporate and human due diligence.Providing numerous services STAF-ALLIANCE corporation had to reshape its brand toensure that each client clearly understands what kind of services and depth ofinvestigation he can expect addressing certain professionals.Regular pre-employment screening and integrity due diligence services are providedunder the new brand INFOCORPS. Using legal procedures INFOCORPS verifies education of potential employee, gathers references, makes preliminary assessment of qualification etc. During integrity due diligence check INFOCORPS screens the company to ensure that there’re no signs of misconduct or fraud in internal procedures of the subject.
  9. 9. Research and Investigations Another brand of STAF-ALLIANCE Security Group which is also publicly known is Analytical department of STAF-ALLIANCE Security Group. This brunch of the corporation is targeted on deep, mostly international or hi-profile local researches and investigations. Analytical department of STAF-ALLIANCE Security Group provides following services: • Background screening • Corporate intelligence • Media monitoring • Corporate due diligence • Marketing researches • Regional researches • Human due diligence • Corporate investigations • Brand protection services • KYC & KYP services • Penetration testing • Debt collection services In 2012 STAF-ALLIANCE conducted on-site investigations in 27 countries of the World, fulfilled about 120 projects and solved numerous complex cases. With a strong stress on marketing expertise, network of contact and human sources, Analytical department of STAF-ALLIANCE employs mostly individuals with academic degrees. Articles of STAF-ALLIANCE experts can be found in numerous reputable magazines including World Finance Review, Security Magazine and several local magazines. STAF-ALLIANCE took part in development of the first international standard of due diligence published 2011 by International Due Diligence Association (USA)
  10. 10. Case studies STAF-ALLIANCE traced European assets of individual who committed multimillion fraud in Oceania. In 4 weeks our team screened databases’ records and conducted on-site researches in 7 countries of Eastern and Southern Europe. STAF-ALLIANCE did human due diligence research in Russia, Danmark and Ukraine on high-profile individual before he took the Chair of the leading Italian telecom corporation. STAF-ALLIANCE conducted numerous white color crime investigations and enhanced due diligence researches in Russia, Ukraine, countries of the Middle East and Latin America. STAF-ALLIANCE by request of the World top-5 automaker and the Civil Court of Belgium conducted anti-counterfeiting investigation to protect privileges and rights of authorized local distributors of spare parts. STAF-ALLIANCE provides integrity due diligence services, FCPA checks and UK Bribery Act checks on a regular basis to its local and remote clients since 2010. STAF-ALLIANCE on a regular bases ensures brand protection of Lee jeans manufacture and the owner of the trade mark - trace producers, distributors and resellers of fakes on the territory of the North-West region of Russia.
  11. 11. Staf-Alliance corporate headquarters1 Artilleriyskaya streetSt.Petersburg,191014Russian FederationPhone: +7 812 999 9915Fax: +7 812 324 2384 SURVEILLANCE CCTV, Fire alarm and access control systems
  12. 12. SurveillanceHand in hand with physical security, CCTV and surveillance services of STAF-ALLIANCE became popular among clients of the corporation since the year of itsfoundation in 1992.“LINK-1” OOO is one of the eldest companies of the corporation and it is widely knownas provider of technical solutions of different sizes and shapes.Starting form small offices and shops of private companies to integrated securitysystems of huge power stations experts of STAF-ALLIANCE ensure that CCTV, accesscontrol and fire alarm systems operate properly protecting assets and lives of the clientsof the corporation.
  13. 13. Staf-Alliance corporate headquarters1 Artilleriyskaya streetSt.Petersburg,191014Russian FederationPhone: +7 812 999 9915Fax: +7 812 324 2384 MEMBERSHIP IN PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS
  14. 14. Membership St.Petersburg Chamber of Commerce St.Petersburg International Business Association Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce Public committee of GUVD of St.Petersburg and Leningrad region Society of Strategic and Competitive International Association for legal Intelligence Professionals Research and Investigation BackgroundchecksWiki (Gold partner) Banking Association for Central and Eastern Europe (gold informational partner)