Presentation skills emy and doaa


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Presentation skills emy and doaa

  1. 1. Presentation skills By : Iman Adel Doaa Saber
  2. 2. Why do we need presentations?
  3. 3. Agenda• Before the presentation• On the presentation day• During Presentation• After the presentation• Summary
  4. 4. Before the presentation • Read well about the topic • REHEARSE • Know your audience • Make your own presentation and never use others’ • Choose a topic not related to -Politics -Sex -Religion -Sports
  5. 5. Presentation slides• Tip :DON’T
  6. 6. Presentation slides• Tip :USE
  7. 7. Presentation slides• Tip :TOO MANY
  8. 8. Presentation slides• Tip :SLIDES
  9. 9. Graphs 5 4 3 2 1 Series 3 0 Series 2 Series 1
  10. 10. Visual aids wELCom eWord Animations
  11. 11. Click to add a title• 7ad ye7awel ye2ra lel a5er … Ma7adesh yekteb franco 5ales fel presnentation … Maynfa3sh bardo a7ot sowar 7akira zay elly fatet … w maynfa3sh kaman a7ot format beda2eya awy zay di wala sora bashe3a zay elly fatet … lazem bardo mayb2ash fi wala gramamtical ERRROrrr .. Lazem kaman akteb b loon wa7ed msh b 100 loon …maynfa3sh kaman a3’ara2 el slides bta3ty b graphs w ma3lomat technical awyy keda … lazem awa7ad el transitions wel animations … wa a5eran maynafa3sh aseeb el slide men 3’er title wala soora wala bullet dots … Ommal homa 3amalo el power point LEEEH ????
  12. 12. On the presentation day• Appearance
  13. 13. On the presentation day• 1-Drink Water• 2-Sleep well• 3-Arrive early• 4-Check connections• 5- Intake a lot of Air
  14. 14. During the presentationAttention Introduction Agenda Body Conclusion Clincher Getter
  15. 15. During the presentation• Believe in what you are saying• Take pauses• INTERACT with audience• Don’t stand still
  16. 16. During the presentation• See your success and don’t wait for a fault• Have a good start• Put “Plan B” and decide which parts to skip• Watch your voice : -Mono tone -Low Voice - High Speed
  17. 17. During the presentation Communication Non Verbal Verbal
  18. 18. During the presentation• Use positive body language
  19. 19. During the presentation Read your audience: Keep Eye Contact If you don’t know the answer:  Reflect the question to audience  It’s okay to say “I don’t know”
  20. 20. During the presentationYou are the center of action , so act like a star
  21. 21. After the presentation• Summarize• Keep a clincher in their minds• Follow up• Ask your audience for questions• Ask for feedback
  22. 22. Summary• Before presentation – Practice makes perfect – Avoid making bad slides• On the presentation day – Appear well and put all your fears away – Check connections and your appearance
  23. 23. Summary• During presentation – Think positive and forget you fear – Flight not Fight – Watch your voice , you body language and your breath• After presentation – Follow up and ask for feedback – Be wise when dealing with questions
  24. 24. Any Questions ? Thank you