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Clay Telecom Presentation


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Clay Telecom is a market leader for providing international Mobile services, Blackberry service and Data services for international Traveler and this will save international roaming cost up to 80 %

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Clay Telecom Presentation

  1. 1. Save up to 80% on International Roaming A presentation by Clay Telecom Global Travel SIM
  2. 2. About Clay Telecom Clay Telecom Offers Cost Effective Telecom Solutions for Global Travelers using products like International Postpaid & Prepaid SIM Cards, Global and Country Specific Data Services, and Global Email Service Clay Telecom is a market leader in mobile communications, providing premier wireless services, International Postpaid SIM cards, Global and Country Specific Prepaid SIM cards, Global & Country Specific Data Services & Global E-mail Service solutions to travelers. Our services not only makes it possible for travelers to save up to 80% on international roaming expense, but also ensures that you save on Forex by paying in your local currency. • Incepted nearly decade ago Clay Telecom is a dynamic global provider of wireless telecom solutions - catering to both B2B and B2C market segments. • Clay has tie up with over 40 mobile operators worldwide • Our offices spread across India & overseas operation in UK, USA, Japan & S. Korea • Clay is the largest & fastest growing company in airtime reselling space • Corporate, Associations, Federations, PSU’s and Govt. Organizations, Leisure Travelers, Exporters & International Students as Clientele.
  3. 3. Our Offices Offices in 25 Locations in India Chandigarh Gurgaon New Delhi (Corporate Office) Jaipur Ahmadabad Mumbai Pune Hyderabad Goa Bengaluru Chennai Kolkata Lucknow Kanpur Ranchi Panipat Indore Bhubaneswar Patna Jalandhar Kutch Kerala Agra Bhilai Meerut
  4. 4. Why Clay Telecom Save up to 80% on International Roaming FREE Incoming Calls Save FOREX, Payment in INR Itemized Billing Dedicated Customer Support
  5. 5. Our Solutions For Corporates, SME, and Individual Business Travelers For Students Traveling abroad for Studies For Tourists and leisure travelers Clay Telecom provides you the kind of solution which would suit to the kind of travel you are doing. Our services, solutions and products are bifurcated and specialized for every different category
  6. 6. Postpaid SIM Cards: Our Postpaid SIM Cards allows you to leave for your favorite destination outside India, on business, vacation or studies, with a SIM card that is ready to use on your arrival at your destination. Clay country specific Postpaid SIM cards help you save up to 80% on International Roaming. Clay Global E-mail Service Presenting the Global E-mail Services from Clay Telecom, the world's most desired integrated communication service giving you the access of your emails any where in the world. With Clay Telecom’s “Unlimited Global E-mail Plan” one can have unlimited E-mail services, Messenger services and Browsing from anywhere in the world very effectively and save on huge international roaming data charges. Data Cards & Mi-Fi Services Clay Telecom brings to you a wide array of wireless gadgets and data cards to give you 24X7 access to the information highway and crucial business intelligence. Now pay of single usage and enjoy group connectivity with Clay Global and Country Specific Mi-Fi Services. Prepaid Cards: Clay Telecom Offers wide range of Prepaid Products with an easy online recharge option Giving you the ultimate freedom and mobility with our various prepaid services 1. Global Prepaid 2. USA Prepaid 3. UK Prepaid 4. Thailand Prepaid Our Products 5. World Prepaid Data Card
  7. 7. Clay Postpaid Cards Free Incoming Calls* Country Specific SIM Cards for over 40 Countries Save Forex, Pay in INR Itemized Billing Distribute your number before leaving India Dedicated Customer Support
  8. 8. Clay Prepaid Cards – Country Specific Online Recharge and Call Details Distribute your number before travelling. Dedicated Customer Support E- Transactions Available Save Forex, Pay in INR UK Prepaid USA Prepaid Thailand Prepaid
  9. 9. Clay Global Prepaid Card •Direct Dialing available for more than 25 countries •Dual Profile Card – USA & UK •Dual Number in a single SIM •Coverage in more than 200 countries • Save up to 80% on International Roaming • Free Incoming Calls in more than 60 Countries. •Single Number In Multiple Countries •Easy Online Recharge
  10. 10. Clay Data Cards COUNTRY SPECIFIC DATA CARDS UK UAE GERMANY JAPAN THAILAND HONGKONG ITALY SWITZERLAND FRANCE CHINA AUSTRALIA USA BAHRAIN INDONESIA IRELAND SINGAPORE MALAYSIA WESTERN EUROPE GLOBAL DATA CARD Data Cards available in 200 Countries •Easy to use Hassle-Free connection •Connectivity on the Move •High Speed 3G Connection •Customized Mi-Fi packages available •Benefit of pay as you go
  11. 11. Clay Mi-Fi Country Specific Mi-Fi Services Clay Country Specific Mi-Fi services are available in the below mentioned countries: 1. Australia 7. Japan 2. Bahrain 8. Thailand 3. China 9. United Kingdom 4. Western Europe 10. United States of America 5. Hong Kong 11. UAE 6. Ireland 12. Indonesia Experience high speed, 3G Internet across the world with Clay Mi-Fi Services. Pay for single usage and get group connectivity amongst your friends, family and co- workers. What's more! • Ready to use pocket Wi-Fi • Auto Configuration • Activate at the touch of a single button • Connectivity on smart phones, ipads, iphones along with laptops & desktops • Enjoy 3G Internet with your friends, family and co-workers Clay Global Mi-Fi Country Specific Mi-Fi 13. Germany 14. Switzerland 15. Singapore 16.Italy 17. France 18. Malaysia
  12. 12. Clay Global E-mail Service •Get constant Access, Read, and Write to Mails at lower costs. •Surf the Internet •Access Blackberry Messenger •Clay Global E-Mail Service now available with two new Unlimited Savings Plan •Save on Data services while travelling abroad
  13. 13. Our Network Countries
  14. 14. A strong force of 500 + Professionals ready to Serve you. Helpdesk for back-end / technical support +91.9990111222 Our Support & Service A dedicated Call Centre working +91.11.66470000
  15. 15. Our Support & Service Online Panel E-Transactions
  16. 16. Our Clientele Amway , Jubilant, Yamaha Motors, InterGlobe, Perfetti VanMelle ESPN, STAR Sports, Havels, Siemens, India Today Group & Many More…
  17. 17. Thank You