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About me


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About me

  1. 1. About Me
  2. 2. My Key PeopleFrom left: Winston Chiong, Stella Lim, Dawn Ho, AminahMansor, Chen Qiuhang, Donovan Tan
  3. 3. My MentorsFrom left: Jessie Tan, Ivan Teh, Dawn Ho
  4. 4. Jessie Tan AssociateFrom left: Yong Loke, Kiat Siang, Esther, Winston, Donovan, JessieTan, Qiuhang, Dawn, Aminah, Michelle, Lucas, Ivan and Rapheal
  5. 5. Professional consultation and therapy Conducting electromagnetic Induction which helps relieve muscles and aching joints.Detailed health screeningand analysis for customers
  6. 6. Proudest moments
  7. 7. Join my