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BCG matrix & poter's 5 force model {AMUL}

Published in: Marketing
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  1. 1. Presented By: Dhruv Trivedi Neeraj Mantri Kushal Shah Sahil Shetty Rahul Singh
  4. 4. AMUL- BCG MATRIX Relative Market Share
  6. 6. Industry Analysis: Porter’s 5 Forces Threat of new entrants Is high because There are no entry barriers Bargaining Power of Suppliers is low because the suppliers Are rural milk producers Competitive Rivalry is High due to Other brands and Local players Threats of substitutes is high because of availability of Other products Bargaining Power of customers is High because of various competitors
  7. 7. Amul is going globally….. • GCMMF has signed an agreement with Wal-Mart to stock its shelves with products under its Amul brand name. Amul processed cheese, pure ghee, shrikhand, Nutramul, Amul’s Mithaee Gulab Jamuns are few of the products marketed in US markets. • 50% of Americans being medically obese & if Amul is really looking to capture the hearts of the 2nd and 3rd of Indians, offering low-fat versions of its brands, would make a lot of commercial sense. Hence targeting the large Indian community in the US markets with its niche products like Mithai, Packaged ready to eat foots market, it can definitely expand its market to a large extent. • Overseas markets- Mauritius, UAE, Bangladesh, Australia, China, Singapore, Malaysia , Nepal, Pakistan, Hong Kong and a few South African countries. • Fresh plans of flooding the markets of Japan & Srilanka. • Tie up with Glaxo to sell baby food.
  8. 8. What more can Amul do?? Amul can try out the following ideas: • Amul can venture out on new products like Toned milk, Condensed milk that can be used for sweets, Baby food products, • There are certain product like Amul basundi, gulab jamoon, chocolates etc which are not as popular as Amul ice cream. Amul must try to understand the cause of this through thorough market research and work on improving these products • Though Amul’s hoardings are a huge success, it can penetrate even better in the rural areas by advertising through the media via cable channels and newspapers. Sponsoring shows in TV, sports events can be of great help.