Group Introduction!


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Group Introduction from the students of Apeejay School,Pitampura,New Delhi, INDIA. We are participating in the connecting classrooms project under British Council.

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Group Introduction!

  1. 1. Apeejay School Pitampura, New Delhi, INDIA!A society, a family…CONNECTING CLASSROOMS
  2. 2. Hey! I’m Chahat Goel of class 10 studying inApeejay School, Pitampura. My father is aprofessional consultant and my mother is ateacher. I’ve a younger cute brother studyingin grade 1. As every girl at school, I likeddancing but becoming older my interestschanged. I like reading books and hope tolearn one foreign language! However what Ilike more is playing tennis. Whenever I gettime I grab my tennis racquet, go to court andplay. I’m truly Indian by heart. What I valueand cherish the most in my life is my familyand friends. I de-stress myself by listeningmusic and well movies are a eye candy forme!! My goal is to pursue a career whichwould enhance my leadership qualities.“YESTERDAY I WAS CLEVER, SO I WANTED TO CHANGE THEWORLD.TODAY I‟M WISE SO I‟M CHANGING MYSELF!”
  3. 3. Hello friends! Iam Chaitanyabhargavastudying ingrade 10th ofApeejay school. I am living onthi earth since14 years and Ilove to explorethis planet. Ilive with myfamily in newdelhi, India andI love mynation.I am a simpleliving and funloving personhaving interest inexploring thenature. Scienceis my favouritesubject and I likesinging andlistening music. Ilove travellingand apart fromexploring variousparts of India , Ihave alsotravelled abroad.I love interactingwith people andunderstandingtheir culture.
  4. 4. Hey,Im Ayushi.Im a 12th grade studentfrom apeejay school and I am 17 yearsold. Ayushi stands for having a long lifeor full moon nights. I like my name and Ilove full moon nights. I live in Delhi,India. And I love my country too. I knowwe are amongst the poor nations butevery nation has got problems theyneed to cope up with. I prefer to see thebest in everything that I guess is theway to be happy in your life. Not to cribabout stuff and accept what comes ourway. I love to explore things out. I likequite places and prefer to spend mytime there rather than partying."Open your eyes to new possibilities and change. Things might just turnout better when you least expect it. And never leave hope when failurepasses your way just stand still and dont let the wind push you downagain. In the end Life Goes On..„”
  5. 5. I am Ayush Batra born on 18th August, 2000 New Delhi . Now I am 12 yearsold studying in Apeejay school Pitampura. I like trying my hands on mypersonal piano as I believe, “If Music be the food of love, play on….”No doubtI also like to play badminton, tennis and cricket with my friends. As far as theindoor games are concerned, giving a check mate to my opponent is reallyinteresting in chess. Coming to the food stock, I am a great foodie… bothhome cooked as well as junks attract me a lot. Munching chocolates is reallyan eternal bliss but not to forget, health matters the most. Algebra andArithmetic may seem to be scary to people but they are my forte inMathematics.Well, I hope the above information will be apt enough to knowabout me.
  6. 6. I am Shinjanee Gupta, a student of class10th from Apeejay School, India. I likepainting, writing articles on various issues,exploring new things in life, playingbadminton and reading novels. In myschool, I have been a part of various socialactivities organized by our school likeinteracting and taking care of children withspecial abilities which gives me immensehappiness. Through this project, I will beable to better understand the customs ofother countries and adopt these diversitiesleading to global understanding.As a proud Indian, I have learnt torespect elders and help others.“We all live on a planet called earth where we breathe the same air and thesun shines for us, equally fair! Let us all share our views to make this world aunified nation called earth.”
  7. 7. Hey, I am Lakshita Dhuper. Im 16 years old and a student of class XI . I ama cheerful and a talkative person who loves to make friends. I love to laughand make others laugh. Im good at mimicry. I want to pursue a career as atheatre artistic live in a joint family. Im the youngest of all the children whogets a lot of love and support from my elder sister and cousins.“I follow Buddhist philosophy of life which stresses on selfimprovement to build a peaceful world and work for thehappiness of self and others.”
  8. 8. Born in Delhi on 1st feb 1998,JahnaviSarin a student of Apeejayschool,Pitampura,New Delhi. In myfamily there are 6 of us. Mygrandpa,grandma,mom,dad,a youngersister and myself . My parents call me"Jaan" lovingly. A very lively girl with acheerful disposition. I am outgoing andvery fond of socialising, tasty food ismy weakness. I actively participate inall activities at school and home. Myperformance in academics is alsoappreciable. I want to take upcommerce stream and do MBA infinance.I have high hopes from life. Notto forget my weakness is that I am abit temperamental and moody. Mymood swings become a trouble for mesometimes but I am trying hard tocontrol my temper.J-ollyA-mbitiousH-ardworkingA-rticulateN-iceV-ivaciousI-ntellectual
  9. 9. Hello! Im Vartika.Born on 9thJanuary 1998 in Delhi , Im a studentof Apeejay School , Pitampura.Imjust an ordinary teenager like you. Ilike to hangout with my friends andlike to read classic British novels. Iactively participate in schoolactivities. My friends say Imcapricious..Im an animal lover andtotally obsessed with music. Mybiggest weakness are books. I canread and vegetate for hours andhours going without food and water.My mother literally has to snatch thebook to gain my attention. People inmy presence never feel ennui. Im afeminist.“I can tell you one thing for sure that Ihave the fortitude to be different andface failure.”
  10. 10. Hello everyone, I am Manmita Chopra. Iam in 12th grade studying in ApeejaySchool. Further I want to pursue mydegree in Law. I am a fun loving, happygo lucky, responsible girl and like to meetnew people as well. My hobbies aretravelling, writing poetry and listeningmusic. In May 2013 I participated inAustria and Germany student exchangeprogramme. It was a great experience tosee the culture and lifestyle of both thecountries. I want to learn more aboutdifferent countries and love to sharethe Indian culture with everyone."The thing always happens that you reallybelieve in, and the belief in a thing makes ithappen”
  11. 11. Hello! I am Aditi Jhawar from Apeejay School, Pitampura, New Delhi. I study in classX. I love to read books and play badminton. My favorite author is Dan Brown and myfavorite book is Da Vinci Code.I also like to listen to music. I am a strict vegetarianand belong to the state of Rajasthan ( the biggest state of India ) but still I love to trydifferent kinds of cuisines. I love my country very much and the best thing I likeabout my country is its diverse culture and religion. I feel honored to be a part of theproject “Connecting Classrooms” and I hope through this project we understandeach other’s culture much better.
  12. 12. Hi ! My name is Nandini gupta. Iam in 10 grade studying inApeejay School Pitampura. Myfather is a business manwhereas my mom is ahousewife am a fun lovingperson . I love to paint , danceand write. I like reading mysterybooks. One of my favouritepastime activities is listening tosongs. I enjoy travelling todifferent places . I am a naturelover .“One who gains strength byovercoming obstaclespossesses the only strengthwhich can overcomeadversity.„”
  13. 13. I am Tanvi Dadu. I’m in10th grade in Apeejay school.I belong to a joint family. Thething I enjoy most is listeningsongs on my iPod. The Scriptis my favourite band. I have aweakness for ice-creams andI think Italian food is to die for.I like playing chess and haverepresented my school at thezonal level many times. Ibelieve that Inheritance Cycleby Christopher Paolini is thebest book series. I am dieheart fan of Final Destinationmovies. I enjoy watchingMega Factories ondiscovery channel. So thisis me. Hope you like it !
  14. 14. Hey! I am SanjhiSinghal. I am 15years old and willbecome 16 onNovember 7. I am a10th grader. I live ina nuclear family. Myparents are workingand my elderbrother is pursuingbachelor oftechnology inelectronics.I am quite adventurous,love to explore things(but not my textbooks:P). I am fond oftravelling andexperiencing newenvironment. Im a fun-loving person. I like tohang out with friendsand watch movies. Ilove to play basket ball(though I’m not achamp in that) I havekeen interest in novels.“Currently I am reading “Shiva Trilogy” by Amish Tripathi.”
  15. 15. Oscar Wilde once remarked “The aimof life is self – development”.My name is Dhruv Suri and I am 17years old. I am a great admirer ofMahatma Gandhi and have alwaysbelieved in simple living, high thinking. Ialways strive hard for believing inmyself and celebrating challenges. Ifeel that real god is nowhere in theskies but inside all of us. The idea ofcelebration for me is a good piece ofliterary work under the shade ofpleasant weather! I love nature, maybeowing to the passion of my father forwildlife since his childhood! I love tostudy humanities subjects. Equally Ilove to walk long distances, cycle,spend time with my family, play cricketand soccer and discover new people.As said by my friend Ayushi Goel, Indiamay be a poor country but nowhereelse in the world you will find peoplewith such rare hearts. I want tobecome a civil servant when I growup and a more responsible person inmy life.