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The me of Things


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A Graphical Insight to Who I am!

Published in: Career
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The me of Things

  1. 1. The Bigger Picture • A Thinker, I am constantly brainstorming for pristine ideas and efficient methods. I do not look for the fastest or the easiest way, but for the most amazing way. Creativity thus, is an asset. • An Ambitious individual, I stay focused when it comes to goals and aspirations. Talking about methodologies, I believe I opt for perfectionism, aiming to do the right thing the right way. • A Curious Soul, I try and grab any opportunity I have to increase my base of knowledge. As an engineer I have always been inclined towards technology and try to stay au courant with the latest developments in the field.
  2. 2. An Interior Outlook I am a spiritualistic human being, and devote time and efforts towards meditation, to know myself and to attain peace and growth of the mind. Compassionate at heart, I am a philanthropic person and believe in giving back to the community. I extend love and care to the poor & needy. Apart from an intellectual level, one of my greatest interests is fitness. I believe only a fit body can be home to a sharp brain. I love playing soccer and going to the gym.
  3. 3. The Professional Front I am a Loyal and Committed professional. I strive for better client relations and forge alliances with like- minded individuals who are ardent and value driven. My approach and execution has certain ethical standards, and I possess a high level of situational awareness. I believe in being just and in practicing responsible business. Respect and Honesty are paramount. Eloquent in speech, I possess good oratory and presentation skills. I am intelligible in interpersonal relations and always promote a positive workplace environment.
  4. 4. Straight from the Heart Since the first time I got to know about the world of business, I have been vehement to study and work in the United States. My venture ‘T-Printon’ is not only an example of entrepreneurship, but also one of my Mindset. • I managed to pull off a one man show and saw college students wearing/carrying merchandise designed by me. Soon enough, it wasn’t about the money, it was about success and victory over certain notions and inhibitions. • Flashbacks to the time when I got prominence for entrepreneurship, leadership, when I was admired and respected for my seminars and articulate speeches, one of the best things to accompany my Leadership was Humility. I believe Humility is what separates a Boss from a Leader.