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Global warming


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Global warming

  2. 2. What Is Global Warming? The atmospheric warming or the continuous increase in the temperature across the global due to the green house gases, which is induced in the air.
  3. 3. CAUSES• Carbon Dioxide from: Fossil Fuel Deforestation Failing Sinks• Methane• Nitrogen Oxides• Other Green house Gases
  4. 4. Impact Of Green House GasesOn Earth And Responsible ForGlobal Warming
  5. 5. The main reasonbehind the globalwarming is theexcessive burning ofFossil fuel. coal, oil andnatural gases are threedifferent types of fossilfuels. Main source ofco2 emission is theburning of fossil fuels.
  6. 6. Fossil Fuels
  7. 7. About 50% part of trees are made of carbon dioxide. Trees are works as air cleaners, because they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into air. But this deforestation increase the amount of carbon dioxide in air, which causes global warming.
  9. 9. Methane is20% morepowerful andeffective thanco2 as greenhouse gas.
  10. 10. OTHER GASES
  11. 11. o Agricultureo Human Healtho Extreme weathero Polar meltingo Oceanso Glacier meltingo Water availabilityo Ecosystemo Economic effect
  12. 12. o Slowing the growth of emissionso Stop deforestationo Save watero Awareness of global warmingo By rain water storage systemo Avoid plastic coverso Reduce air travel/air conditioningo Reduce, Reuse, Recycleo Save electricity
  13. 13. Our Planet Needs Us“Stop Global Warming Save Our Earth”