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Thepatientoutcomesblog survey results 2012


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Thepatientoutcomesblog survey results 2012

  1. 1. WHICH OF THE FOLLOWINGARE IMPORTANT INYOUR WORK? Data analysis, obtaining insight and collecting PRE data were Addressing patient adherence considered the most important. However, data analysis was more important than obtaining insight. Patient adherence, regulatory issues and policy were rated as very important by Policy less than half of participants. Keeping up with new advances Obtaining insight Data analysis Very important PRO regulatory issues Somewhat important Interpreting PRE data Not at all important Interpreting PRO data Collecting PRE Using PRO measures 0 20 40 60 80 100 % BaseCopyright DHP Research 2012 22 respondents
  2. 2. HOW IMPORTANT ARE THE FOLLOWING FORYOU TO LEARN ABOUT ISSUES THAT AFFECTYOUR DAY-TO-DAY ROLE? Peer reviewed papers were considered very important Other concerning issues affecting respondents day-to-day role, with Workshops white papers, case studies, article and blogs as fairly important. Conferences Peer reviewed papers Not at all important White papers Fairly important Webinars Very important Case studies Articles and blogs 0 20 40 60 80 % BaseCopyright DHP Research 2012 23 respondents
  3. 3. HOW IMPORTANT ARE THE FOLLOWING FEATURES OF A BLOG? Cutting edge Informative, interesting, accessible, and innovative are the key requirements of a more than one blog a week blog. However, cutting edge is also important. The number of blogs posted a Authoratative week does not seem to be an important feature nor the blog being controversial. although being authoritative is a key Entertaining expectation. Contoversial Innovative Accesibleuse of infographics and charts Not very important Interactive Fairly important Very important Interesting Informative 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 % Base Copyright DHP Research 2012 23 respondents
  4. 4. WHAT LENGTH OF BLOG WOULD YOU BE PREPAREDTO READ IF IT WAS VERY INTERESTING AND ORRELEVANT TO YOUR WORK? Over 85% of respondents would definitely read a blog of about 250 words compared to just over 47% who would definitely read a blog of 750 words. Just 14% would definitely read a 85.71 blog of a 1000 words. However, over 52% would more than likely read a blog of a 1000 words if it was interesting or relevant to their 71.43 work. Percentage 47.37 14.29 10 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 Blog word length BaseCopyright DHP Research 2012 21 respondents
  5. 5. Which issues would you like to see discussed in the blog that affect your day-to-day role? Updates on how regulatory bodies Empowering the patient use PROs in policy decisions. the utility of PREs regarding personal health government in diabetology provision and national policy Evidence Based Medicine and Patient Centred Healthcare (personal medicine) Research methodologies, data collection and analysisOUTCOME MEASUREMENT Quantitative methods Updates on how regulatory bodies use PROs in policy decisions. Patient Experience Survey data analysis - Current information creative ways for looking at and reporting the data. PAYER AND REGULATORY PERSPECTIVES Base Copyright DHP Research 2012 14 respondents
  6. 6. Which issues would you like to see discussed in theblog that affect your day-to-day role? BaseCopyright DHP Research 2012 14 respondents
  7. 7. WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING BEST DESCRIBES YOURAREA OF WORK? Consultancy including CRO 4% Private health 9% Health service 30% Academia 31% Pharmaceutical industry 26% BaseCopyright DHP Research 2012 23 respondents
  8. 8. WHAT WE PLAN TO DO From the results of our survey it is clear that our viewers want quality and concise content from the blog. In addition based on the figures we will: • Provide more links to peer reviewed journals • Continue to cover issues on methodologies, collecting and analysing PRO and PRE data • Discuss issues on obtaining actionable insight from data • Ensure the blog is more accessible • Attempt to limit blogs to a maximum of 750 words • Be innovative THANK YOU FOR RESPONDING TO OUR SURVEYCopyright DHP Research 2012
  9. 9. About DHP Research FIND OUT MORE We provide a range of consultancy and support to clinical research teams, the NHS and academia in making key decisions when using patient reported outcome (PRO) and experience (PRE) measures. This includes: DHP Research & Consultancy Ltd Bloxham Mill Business Centre Literature reviews and evaluation of existing patient Barford Road, Bloxham reported outcome (PRO) measures Qualitative interviews to derive appropriate content for PROs Banbury Write academic scripts Oxfordshire Training in PROs and research methodologies OX15 4FF Development of patient reported outcomes (PRO)measures UK: +44 (0)1295 724233 Our expertise in the measurement of patient reported experience includes: Help in choosing the right measures Development of PREMs using state-of-the-art methodologies Interpreting PREM data. Copyright DHP Research 2012 10