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Section 2


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Section 2

  1. 1. The Federal Court System
  2. 2. Cases Tried in Federal Courts Cases that are brought to trial in federal court Disobey the Constitution Violating U.S. Treaty Breaking law passed by congress Charges brought by a foreign Country Crimes committed at Sea Ambassadors breaking laws in countries Crimes committed on Federal Property Disagreements between states Lawsuits between citizens of different states
  3. 3. U. S. District CourtsThere are 94 federal district courts n teh U.S.District courts are the only federal court which jurytrials are held
  4. 4. District Court officialsHas at least 1-28 JudgesAppointed for LifeU.S. Marshal arrests person who breaks federal Laws,and deliver subpoenasMagistrate Judges hear cases and deside if it shouldbe put to the Grand JuryU.S. Attorney is the official lawyer for the federalgovernment
  5. 5. U.S. Courts of AppealsReviews cases that are appealed from the districtcourts12 U.S. Courts of Appeals and covers a circuit50 states are divided into 1 circuitsHas 6-28 JudgesThere are no trials, but they determine if a case wasproperly tried
  6. 6. U.S. Supreme CourtHighest court of the landWorks as an appeals courtDecisions are final
  7. 7. Other Federal CourtsCourt of Federal Claims Hears cases involving moneyU.S. Court of International Trade Hears cases involved on taxes on importsTerritorial Courts Handles cases in the U.S. Territories Mariana Islands, Guam, The Virgin Islands and Puerto RicoU.S. Tax Court Deal with Taxes, and the IRSCourt of Appeals for the Armed Forces
  8. 8. Federal Court JudgesAll Federal Courts are presided over byJudgesPresident Appoints judgesSenate must approve the judgesJudges for life, can only be removed byImpeachment