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  • New deal jeopardy

    1. 1. New Deal Jeopardy New Deal 1 New Deal 2 New Deal 3 New Deal 4 New Deal 5 10 10 10 10 10 20 20 20 20 20 30 30 30 30 30 40 40 40 40 40 50 50 50 50 50
    2. 2. The American Liberty League (ALL) formed to - 10 points the Bonus Army. b.oppose FDR’s New Deal. c. introduce new legislation. d. oppose the TVA.
    3. 3. Congress established the ______________ to help regulate the stock market so it was safer for investors. – 20 points A) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation B) Securities Exchange Commission C) Emergency Banking Bill D) Civilian Conservation Corps
    4. 4. What did Congress do to deal with the banking crisis?– 30 points A)Create the Tennessee Valley Authority B)Pass the Emergency Banking Bill C)Deny the Bonus Army benefits D)Vote for the Civilian Conservation Corp
    5. 5. What were the goals of the New Deal? – 40 points A)Reform the government and decrease spending. B)Create schools and protect farmers C)Increase spending on defense and trade D)Provide relief, recovery, and reform to the American economy
    6. 6. Some opponents of the New Deal believed that it __________________. – 50 points A)Benefited only the banking industry B)Harmed home owners C)Threatened individual freedom, by giving the government too much power D) Gave too much power to the people
    7. 7. What program did the President introduce to help retirees? – 10 points A)Fair Labor Standards Act B)Works Progress Administration C)Second New Deal D)Social Security Act
    8. 8. The Rural Electrification Administration provided electricity to – 20 points A)The elderly B)Farmers C)The unemployed D)Minorities
    9. 9. The right to collective bargaining was part of the ______________.– 30 points A)Wagner Act B)Works Progress Administration C)Social Security Act D)Agricultural Adjustment Act
    10. 10. Members of the _______ participated in a sit down strike until General Motors agreed to recognize them. – 40 points A)WPA B)UAW C)REA D)NLRB
    11. 11. What caused Republicans to gain power in Congress in 1938? - 50 points A)The Supreme Court started approving New Deal programs B) The economy took a downturn and wiped out FDR’s progress C) Southern Democrats became supporters of the New Deal D)Unemployment went down from 14 percent to 10 percent.
    12. 12. Who was the Louisiana Senator who was FDR's most serious political threat? A) Norman Thomas B) Charles Coughlin C) Huey Long D) Alfred Sloan – 10 points
    13. 13. One way that Americans escaped their concerns during the 1930s was to… a.) live in the country b.) follow the stock market c.) go to the movie theaters d.) avoid watching news on television – 20 points
    14. 14. Written by John Steinbeck, this was a book about the plight (problems)facing farmers fleeing the Dust Bowl…. a.) The Wizard of Oz b.) The Grapes of Wrath c.) “War of the Worlds” d.) “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” – 30 points
    15. 15. The Federal Art Project set a precedent for… a.) increased government support of radicals b.) federal funding of the arts and artists c.) free theater performances for the public d.) realistically showing living conditions on the farm – 40 points
    16. 16. Although the New Deal helped restore the American economy, what eventually led to the end of the depression? A) Vietnam War B) World War II C) collapse of the stock market D) World War I – 50 points
    17. 17. The New Deal Coalition was a strong political force that….– 10 points A)Encouraged African Americans to vote for Republicans B)Prevented Native Americans from voting in elections C)Gave Democrats a majority in both Houses of Congress for many years D)Brought wealthy people more power in the federal government
    18. 18. Which of the following extended job opportunities to many minorities and youth – 20 points A)Civilian Conservation Corps B)Federal Emergency Relief Act C)Tennessee Valley Authority D)Federal Writers’ Project
    19. 19. Critics disapproved of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) because it – 30 points A)Distributed money to people outside the Tennessee valley B)Gave government direct control of a business C)Paid farmers to kill off excess crops D)Built dams to control flood waters
    20. 20. People turned to radio and movies in the 1930’s to …..– 40 points A)Escape their troubles B)Celebrate industrial workers C)Listen for ways to save money D)Lean more about the depression
    21. 21. Which of the following New Deal programs was meant to prevent a run on banks? – 50 points A)Civilian Conservation Corps B)National Recovery Administration C)Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation D)Tennessee Valley Authority
    22. 22. Why did FDR declare a bank holiday early in his administration? – 10 points A)To cut off the use of cash B)To weaken the banking industry C)To inspect the financial health of the banks D)To give people in the banking industry a well deserved vacation
    23. 23. What was the Second New Deal? – 20 points A)A series of tax laws that primarily benefitted the rich B)A program designed to balance the national budget C)To inspect the financial health of the banks D)A wave of legislation including more social welfare benefits
    24. 24. In his first 100 days in office, Roosevelt – 30 points A)Abolished the banking system B)Avoided direct action and sent problems to committees for study C)Pushed Congress to pass legislation to improve the economy D)Concentrated on programs that strengthened big business
    25. 25. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt defied tradition by …….. – 40 points A)Serving as one of her husband’s Cabinet members B)Refusing most public appearances C)Actively and aggressively promoting the New Deal D)Rallying opposition to many of her husband’s programs
    26. 26. FDR would frequently talk to the citizens in this manner……….. – 50 points A)Fireside Chats B)Bathrobe and slippers C)Desk debates D)Playing cards