1st trimester exam 2010 2011


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1st trimester exam 2010 2011

  1. 1. Government/Economics1st TrimesterExam Study Guide Name___________________________ 1. What are the 4 characteristics of a state? 2. How is a unitary form of governmentdefined? 3. Define afederal government. 4. Where does sovereigntyrestina democracy? 5. What doesthe Declarationof Independence have tosayabout yourrights? 6. What problemsexistedunderthe ArticlesofConfederation? 7. What kindof governmentwascreatedbythe Articlesof Confederation? 8. At the Constitutional Convention,whatkindsof agreementswere made bythe delegates? 9. How didthe Britishtreat the colonistspriorto1760? 10. The largestportionof the Declaration of Independence consistsof what? 11. What planmade up the majorityof the Constitution? 12. What historical documentgave the coloniststhe ideathatif theirgovernmentdoesn’tprotecttheirrights,theycan abolishthatgovernment? 13. What basicconceptwas introducedwiththe passage of the Magna Carta? 14. What wasthe initial planof the delegatesgoing tothe Constitutional Convention? 15. What compromiseswere made underthe GreatCompromise? 16. How didthe Britishtreatthe colonistsafter1760? 17. How isa presidential systemdifferentthanaparliamentary system of government? 18. What wasAmerica’sfirstformof governmentfollowingthe RevolutionaryWar? 19. Why were the 3/5 Compromise andGreat Compromise soimportantto the small states? 20. What were the argumentsof the anti-Federalistsagainstthe Constitution? 21. Why dideffortstochange the Articlesof Confederation oftenfail? 22. Whenwas the Bill of Rights addedto the Constitutionandwhy? 23. What unalienable rightsare mentionedbyThomasJeffersoninthe Dec.of Ind.? 24. Who isthe “Father of the Constitution”? 25. How isa direct democracy differentthanarepresentative democracy? 26. How doyou define amixedeconomy? 27. What doesthe 18th Amendmentdo?
  2. 2. 28. What isthe onlyamendmentthat repealsanotheramendment? 29. What constitutional principle wasestablishedbythe case Marburyv. Madison? 30. Article 1 of the Constitutionsetsoutthe powerof the ….. 31. What changeswere broughtaboutby the passage of the 14th Amendment? 32. Where does sovereigntyrestina dictatorship? 33. What isthe purpose behindthe checksandbalances establishedunderthe Constitution? 34. The first ten amendments to the Constitutionare knownasthe…. 35. What “checks” doesCongresshave overthe othertwobranchesof government? 36. Define the term“separationof powers?” 37. What changeswere made bythe 15th Amendment? 38. Why have sofew formal Amendments beenaddedtothe Constitution? 39. What powerdoesthe legislative branchhave overthe judicial branch? 40. Define the term popularsovereignty. 41. How oftenare informal amendments “added”to the Constitution? 42. How doyou define the conceptof limitedgovernment? 43. How are formal amendmentsaddedto the Constitution? 44. What isthe mostimportantpowergiventothe judicial branch? 45. The powersof the executive branchare found inwhicharticle of the Constitution? 46. What change was broughtaboutby the 26th Amendmenttothe Constitution? 47. Who isin the executive branch? 48. Our basic Constitutional rightswere firstspelledoutwhere? 49. How doyou define an amendmenttothe Constitution? 50. What “checks”doesthe Presidenthave overthe Legislative Branch? 51. Whichbranch of governmentplaysthe largestrole inthe formal amendmentprocess? 52. Whichof the 6 basic constitutional principles canbe dilutedif the PresidencyandCongressare bothcontrolledby one political party? 53. What constitutional principal wasestablishedbythe courtcase McCullochv.Maryland? 54. How doyou define expressedpowers? 55. What twolegislative bodiesare includedinourCongress?
  3. 3. 56. What isthe difference betweena treaty andan executive agreement? 57. What isan impliedpower? 58. What isthe basiccharacteristicof federalism? 59. What rightdoesthe Free Exercise Clause provide toAmericans? 60. What powerisconstitutionallyprovidedtothe legislative branch? 61. What wasthe Supreme Court’srulinginthe case Tinker v. Des Moines? 62. What wasthe Supreme Court’srulinginthe case NewJersey v. T.L.O.? Economics 63. Capital can be defined as… 64. What isthe purpose of the productionpossibilitiescurve? 65. How isan efficienteconomydefinedineconomics? 66. Why are all good and servicesconsidered scarce? 66. What isthe opportunitycost of a decision? 67. What 3 thingscan a production possibilitiescurve show you? 68. How is scarcity differentfromashortage? 69. Who isconsideredan entrepreneur? 70. Economics inan one word definition… 71. What ishuman capital? 72. What doesitmeanto underutilize yourresources? 73. What can cause a productionpossibilitiescurve toshiftdownor out? 74. Be able to read a production possibilitiescurve. (Noyoudon’thave to write anythinghere.) 75. How doeconomistsdefine the factorof productionknownas land? 76. How doeconomistsdefine competition? 77. What type of economicsystemdid AdamSmith describe inhisbook The Wealthof Nations? 78. What are the characteristicsof a traditional economy? 79. Be able to read the circular flow chart ofa market economy. 80. What isthe purpose of competitionina marketeconomy? 81. What advantagesdo market economieshave?
  4. 4. 82. What doesitmeanto be a believerin laissezfaire? 83. What economicgoals are mostlikelytobe achievedina market economy? 84. How isa centrally plannedeconomydefined? 85. What isthe difference between socialismandcommunism? 86. How is demand definedbyeconomists? 87. How dofuture pricesaffectcurrentdemand fora product? 88. What doesa shiftin the demandcurve mean? 89. What happensto demandforan inferiorgoodwhenyourincome increases? 90. Be able to read a demand curve.(There are 4 questionsassociatedwithdemandcurves) 91. What will happento revenue fora highly elasticgoodif the price isincreased? 92. What isthe basicprinciple behindthe lawofdemand? 93. What doesitmeanto be a sole proprietor? 94. What doesitmeanto be a stockholderin a corporation? 95. What isthe purpose of monetarypolicy? 96. What monetary policytoolsdoesthe Federal Reserve have? 97. What isNAFTA? 98. What isthe difference between comparative advantage and absolute advantage? 99. What doesitmeanfor the governmentto deregulate? 100. How mightthe governmentuse expansionaryfiscal policy? 101. Why wouldthe Federal Reserve Bank use easy moneypolicy? 102. Why wouldthe Federal Reserve Bank use tight moneypolicy? 103. What typesof productshave inelasticdemand? 104. What doesthe law ofsupply state? 105. Who does supplyrelate to,who does demandrelate to? Essays 1. What toolsdoesour governmenthave tofightarecessioninthe economy(give atleast3 examples)?
  5. 5. 2. What are the differencesbetweenasocialisteconomyvs.afree enterprise(capitalist) economy? (Name at least3) 3. Describe inan essayhowa free marketeconomyworks(include the termscompetition,self-interest,andthe circular flowinyouranswer). 4. What is the relationshipbetweenscarcity,opportunitycostsandtrade-offs? 5. Name and describe 3 importanteventsordocumentsthatledtothe writingof our Constitution. 6. Give 3 reasonsas to whyour systemof checksand balancescanleadto an inefficientsystemof government. 7. What causedour founderstochoose a federalistsystemof governmentwithinthe contextof a representative democracy?