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  1. 1. Transfer of School Records, Enrolment Policy, Checking of School Forms and SF10 Preparation Policies Important Notes on DO 54, 2016, DO 58, 2017, DO 3, 2018 and DO 11,s.2018 Jonathan F. Diche Office of the Director, Planning Service May 2022
  2. 2. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Highlights of DM 37, 2022 2
  3. 3. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Highlights of DM 37, 2022 3
  4. 4. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Highlights of DM 37, 2022 4
  5. 5. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Deped Order 3, 2018 • Basic Education Enrolment Policy Objective Challenges System Facility 5
  6. 6. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION REGISTRY: Kindergarten • RA 10157 Kindergarten Education Act of 2012 • RA 10533 Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013 • Deped Order 20,s.2018 Amendment to DO 47,s.2016 Omnibus Policy on Kindergarten Education 6 “Kindergarten education shall mean “one (1) year of preparatory education for children at least five (5) years old as a prerequisite for Grade 1”
  7. 7. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Clarification “..atleast five (5) years old..” As of When? For SY2018-2019 (current): Learners who will turn five (5) years old within SY2018-2019 (until the last day of the SY) For SY 2019-2020 onwards: Scenario 1: School opening is within June, Learners who will turn five (5) years old as of August 31 Scenario 2: School opening is within July, Learners who will turn five (5) years old as of September 30 Scenario 3: School opening is within August, Learners who will turn five (5) years old as of October 31 7 -DO 20,s.2018 Paragraph 5 Items A & C
  8. 8. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 9 Unsettled Account/Financial Obligation Temporarily Enrolled: learner who are not officially enrolled in Public School due to deficiencies in submission of documentary requirement Deped Order 3,s.2018
  9. 9. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Temporarily Enroled • Admission in a grade level is subject for validation. Public school can only issue SF10/F137 upon complete submission of the documentary requirement • Receiving public school shall issue a Temporary Progress Report Card. The TPRC is inadmissible for transfer and enrolment but for the purpose of learning progress monitoring only. 10
  10. 10. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Temporarily Enroled • At the End of School Year, learner cannot be officially promoted to a higher grade level for the incoming SY or graduated (attendance in graduation ceremony may be decided by the School Division Superintendent). - However, the learner can still attend the next grade level as Temporary Enrolled upon submission of another Affidavit of Undertaking for the present School Year. • No issuance of SF10/Form 137/Diploma • Learner will not have the privilege to be recognized for academic honors or any citations 11
  11. 11. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Guiding Principle • The constitution guaranteed free access to basic education – Republic Act 9155 Learner can attend classes/learning sessions, receive quality education thru public school system without discrimination • Education is free but documentation is evidence-based – as prescribed by the policy 12
  12. 12. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Special Cases (Deped Order 3,s.2018) Special Cases Required Documents Upon Enrollment Additional Requirements for Submission During the SY Learners from: • Philippine School Abroad • Foreign Schools Abroad • Birth Certificate or any equivalent legal document • Latest Report Card or any equivalent academic record • Accepting school shall have the discretion to determine the appropriate grade level in which to place the learner (DO 26, S. 1994) • PEPT Certificate of Rating for learners who have not completed the SY abroad, as long as three grading periods have been completed, and for learners who need grade level standards assessment • Permanent Transcript of Records from Originating School 13
  13. 13. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Special Cases Required Documents Upon Enrolment Additional Requirements for Submission during the SY • Non – DepEd Accredited Schools • PEPT/PVT Certificate of Rating • Birth Certificate from the PSA or the local civil registrar; or barangay certification • None • Balik - Aral • SF9 (formerly Form 138) of the last SY attended or PEPT Certificate of Rating, whichever is applicable • Birth Certificate from the PSA or the local civil registrar, or barangay certification • A & E Passer (Elementary) • A & E Elementary Level Certificate of Rating • A & E Passer (Secondary) • A & E Elementary Level Certificate of Rating • Displaced Learners • Any proof of identity or any means as directed by the Central Office • SF9 (formerly form 138) and/or • Results of PEPT or A & E Test, if applicable 14 Special Cases (Deped Order 3,s.2018)
  14. 14. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Documentary Requirements • In the absence of PSA Birth Certificate, the parent or guardian must submit a Birth Certificate from the local civil registrar or a Barangay Certification containing the basic information of the child. • Reiterating DO. 58, S. 2017, the birth certificate shall be an attachment to the learner’s permanent record • New records, Balik-Aral or with enrolment gap in LIS history are subject for Division Planning Officer’s review and action 15
  15. 15. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Important Notes • Use of Enrolment Form (Annex 2) no other Form is required upon enrolment • Certificate of Good Moral is no Longer Required for Admission – not included in the list of documentary requirement • Learner must be enrolled in the LIS as soon as the learner attended classes (even 1 day attendance). • Affidavit of Undertaking is for learner with Financial Obligation from Private School. (Do not require this affidavit from learners coming from Public School.) 16
  16. 16. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Deped Order 54, 2016 • Guidelines on the Request and Transfer of Learner’s School Records Objective Challenges System Facility 17
  17. 17. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Tracking (Transfer In/Out, Dropped Out) Increase in quality and veracity of enrolment data and other education- related indicators Ability to track learner movement/migration pattern within the basic education system Deped Order 54,s.2016 Guidelines on the Request and Transfer of Learner’s School Records
  18. 18. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Highlights 19 Enrol in LIS to notify transfer School to School Transaction Thru Courier Service with Respected Reputation Transfer Fees/Expenses Charge to MOOE/School Funds Thirty (30) Days Turn Around Time No Holding of Document due to Financial Obligation SDO Thru SGOD Extend Technical Assistance
  19. 19. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Transfer/Move Out On 2 options: Confirm or Decline (No Waiting)
  20. 20. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Decline Transfer/Move Out 21 3 reason to decline (other condition is to confirm) 2 3 1
  21. 21. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Confirm Transfer/Move Out 22 For Learner with financial obligation, Check the With Unsettled Account box, make notation in the remarks box…amount of loan and other information . Click Confirm. This only confirm that the learner is physically moved /transferred out .
  22. 22. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION System Facility 23 • The clicking the box, “with unsettled account”, the learner is automatically tagged as Temporarily Enrolled in the system and this status will be visible in SF1 and SF generated Forms from LIS. • Failure on the part of Private School to Click the Unsettled Account Box and the Confirm Button – will interrupt the tracking system of LIS and may be considered as an act of “non- compliance.”
  23. 23. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Important Notes Registrar Awareness of School on DO54,2016 • Hard Copy Request is no Longer Required. System notification is enough. • Private Schools must be informed that the confirmation action is for the physical transfer of the learner and nothing to do with the learner’s financial obligation. • SDO is expected to extend Technical Assistance to School having difficulty in coordination. 24
  24. 24. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Deped Order 11, 2018 • Guidelines on the Preparation and Checking of School Forms Objective Challenges System Facility 25
  25. 25. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Objective • Data Validation • Technical Assistance to School • Maintain/Ensure LIS accuracy level • Policy Implementation Feedback 26
  26. 26. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION School Data Usage school data analysis decision allocation of resources/policy issuances 27 Validation
  27. 27. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Overview 28
  28. 28. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION What to Check and How School Form 1 (Adviser) School Form 4 (School Head) School Form 5 (Adviser) School Form 6 (School Head) School Form 10 (Adviser) & Applicable Certificates Birth Certificate or Equivalent Document (DO 3,s.2018) Learner’s Complete Name, Date of Birth and Gender. If not matched, adjust SF1 thru LIS Learner’s Profile Nos. of Registered Learners Column in SF4 vis-à-vis Nos. of Learners Column in SF 5. If not matched, validate each learner using SF2 and adjust status of Enrolment thru LIS Updating Status School Form 5 (Adviser) Learner’s Complete Name LRN, General Average and EoSY Status in SF5 vis-à-vis SF 10. If not matched, validate using SF1 (Profile) and/or SF 9 (Grades) and adjust EoSY General Average thru LIS EoSY Updating School Form 4 (School Head) Nos. of Registered Learners by class column in SF4 vis-à-vis Nos. of Learners Column in SF 6. If not matched, validate each classes using SF 5
  35. 35. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION School Forms Checking Study 36
  36. 36. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Sampling/Drawing Lot Size of School* Based on combined enrollment in the priority grade levels Priority Grade Levels Other Grade Levels Minimum No. of Classes Percentage (which ever is higher) Estimated Minim um No. of Classes Very Small (99 and below) 100% all 2 Small (100 to 299) 50% 4 2 Medium (300 to 499) 30% 5 2 Large (500 to 799) 20% 6 3 Very Large (800 to 999) 10% 7 4 Huge (1,000 and above) 5% 8 5 37
  37. 37. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION School Forms Checking Report IA 38
  38. 38. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION School Forms Checking Report 2nd part 39
  39. 39. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION School Forms Checking Report IB 40
  40. 40. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION School Forms Checking Report IC 41
  41. 41. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION SF5 Signatories
  42. 42. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Important Notes • Only 2 levels of checking; School Level (all classes) to be conducted by the SCC and Division Random Checking (all schools but randomly selected classes only) by the DCC • Mandatory DCC membership of SEPS for Planning and Research and the DPO III. LIS/ICT coordinator must be assigned as Vice-Chair of SCC • Only SF1, SF4,SF5,SF6 and SF 10 are subject for checking . SF2 and SF9 are just secondary report and need not be checked unless for validation purposes. SF 2 will be used only as reference in case of inconsistencies in SF1,SF4 & SF5. SF9 can only be checked if SF 5 and SF 10 did not match. SF3 & SF8 are not supposed to be reviewed or checked by SCC and DCC. • PSA Birth Certificate is preferred but not required or mandatory. Other equivalent document can be used as reference to establish identity of Learner • Focus on Accuracy and consistency rather than cosmetic and format
  43. 43. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Checking of School Forms 44
  44. 44. Modified School and ALS Forms Phase 2 (2nd Set) (Deped Order 58, S. 2017) Office of the Director Planning Service
  45. 45. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION OUTLINE • Rationale • Scope/Coverage • Policy Issuance (Deped Order 58, S. 2017) • Implementation Initial Feedback • Other matters • Next Step 46
  46. 46. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Deped Order No. 58, S. 2017 47 III. POLICY Reiterate compliance to DepEd Order 4, S. 2014 and closing the gap Covers all levels including ALS Introduces standard format and content of Health and Nutrition Basic Report
  47. 47. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Deped Order No. 58, S. 2017 48 III. POLICY Mandatory for all Public Schools. Highly encouraged for other schools Effective: End of School Year 2017 - 2018 Familiarize with the content and guidelines Advocacy and strict compliance
  48. 48. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 49 • To update data elements in existing school forms • To create simplified new school forms or standardized format/content but without compromising the quality of data gathered • Standardize Format • Streamline Process • Reduce number of data elements  Time and effort  Budget Review of School Forms I. Rationale
  49. 49. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 50 • Based on a group which conducted the study on school forms, 36 common forms were reviewed and from which 16 forms were finalized as a priority for Phase 1. 36 identified as most common school forms (General Forms) 65 school forms from the inventory conducted June 2012 16 forms as priority for review (Phase 1) Context (Phase 2)
  50. 50. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 51 Review of School Forms II. Scope/coverage Level New /Simplified Form Intent/Purpose Kinder SF 5 K EoSY Assessment Report Elementary SF 10 ES Permanent Academic Record Junior High School SF10 JHS Permanent Academic Record Senior High School SF1 to SF8 Similar to JHS (DO 4, S. 2014) except SF 5A (Every End of Semester) and SF5B (For Grade 12 Completer Only) All levels SF8 Health and Nutrition All Levels except Kinder SF9 Renaming of Progress Report Card. Content and Format should be in accordance with DO 8, S. 2015 ALS Forms AF 1 to AF 5 New forms replacing MIS 001 and MIS 002 Phase 2
  51. 51. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 52 • Basic Profile • Academic Performance • Certification 52 Content and Format of SF10 Removed duplicate information/reduced data elements 1. Only the learner’s identify (no more family, economics, address data) 2. Removed Attendance and Character Traits 3. Removed other data that are not necessary 4. Required to prepare in one copy only at the end of school year, no need to prepare quarterly.
  52. 52. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Basic Profile and Eligibility 53
  53. 53. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Important Notes 54 • Only DepEd Official Logo and Seal is visible • Do not insert name of school and it’s logo at the heading Applicable to SF10ES, SFJHS and SF10SHS (renamed from form 137)
  54. 54. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Important Notes 55 • An individual record of a learners’ academic achievement per level • Includes the name of the advisers from the current SY to the next SY. • The name of the learner is as ease.
  55. 55. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Academic Performance 56
  56. 56. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Certificate of Transfer 57
  57. 57. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Important Notes 58 • Includes the signature over printed name by ink of the principal and the school’s official seal
  58. 58. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Procedure A. Preparation and Updating • Class Adviser of Grade 1 and Grade 7 will prepare one (1) copy of SF10 - ES and SF10 - JHS with other supporting documents • Class Adviser of other grade levels will update using the same/original SF10 • Every End of School Year ONLY (not every end of the quarter) • Kindergarten will only use the ECCD checklist instead of SF10/Form 137 59
  59. 59. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Procedure B. Transfer and Safekeeping • School where the learner completed Grade 6 and Grade 10 will keep the Original Copy of SF10. – Duplicate Copy will be kept by the originating school in case of transfer to other school. – Use separate grading box if transferred within the School Year. Copy existing grades for previous quarter/s to complete the current grading box. • Policy on Transfer Document (Deped Order 54, S. 2016) 60
  60. 60. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION School Forms 61
  61. 61. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Important Notes 62 • A list of the learners’ academic performance and result of assessment by the end of the SY • Only DepEd official and Logo is visible • Do not include the name of school and logo as heading Replaced the multiple-columns, worksheet type report MIS 001 and MIS 002
  62. 62. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION End of Presentation 63 Share your thoughts with us Office of the Director Planning Service
  63. 63. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Other references: DO11, 2018 64
  64. 64. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 65 Other references: DO11, 2018
  65. 65. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 66 Other references: DO11, 2018
  66. 66. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Other references: DO 7, 2019 67
  67. 67. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 68 Other references: DO 7, 2019
  68. 68. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Other references: DO 54, 2016 69
  69. 69. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Other references: SFs & Systems that Generates SFs not for sale 70
  70. 70. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Other references: DO 11. 2018 71
  71. 71. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 72 Other references: DO 11. 2018
  72. 72. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Other references: DO 11, 2018 73
  73. 73. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Other reference: DO 58, 2017 74
  74. 74. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Other references: DO 58, 2017 75 ROGER B. MASAPOL, Lpt Director IV, Planning Service – Deped Central Office
  75. 75. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Other references: DO 58, 2017 76
  76. 76. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Other references: DO 11, 2018 77
  77. 77. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION SFs and System that generates SFs not for sale 78
  78. 78. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Other references:DO 3, 2018 79
  79. 79. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Other references: DO 3, 2018 80
  80. 80. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Other references: DO 54, 2016 81
  81. 81. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 82 Other references: DO 11, 2018
  82. 82. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 83 Other references: DO 4, 2014
  83. 83. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 84 Other references: SF5 Instruction LIS
  84. 84. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 85 Other references: DM 37, 2022
  85. 85. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 86 Other references: DO 11, 2018
  86. 86. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 87 Other references: DO 4, 2014
  87. 87. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 88 Other references: DO 11, 2018
  88. 88. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 89 Other references: DO 32, 2021
  89. 89. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 90 Other references: DO 11, 2018
  90. 90. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 91 Other references: DO 11, 2018
  91. 91. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 92 Other references: DO 11, 2018
  92. 92. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION You are invited 93 Join and collaborate with us in facebook group SCHOOL FORMS REENGINEERING TEAM (SFRT)

Editor's Notes

  • Team Composition
    1 Regional Planning Officer (RII)
    1 Division School Superintendent (IV-A)
    3 Division Education Supervisors (RIII & IV-A)
    2 Division Planning Officers (RIV-A & RIV-B)
    1 Public School District Supervisor (R IV-A)
    2 Secondary School Principals (NCR, III)
    4 Elementary School Principals (NCR & III)
    3 Secondary School Teachers (NCR, III & IV-A)
    3 Elementary School Teachers (NCR & IV-A)

    Average Years of Service in DepED: 17

    OPS-PDED (Facilitation, Coordination & Documentation)
    PPD, RSD, BEE & BSE representatives (resource persons)

    (The team was organized thru the Office of Planning Service and Office of the Chief of Staff on June 2012 to conduct study and introduce policy recommendation that in effect will unload teachers and school heads of unnecessary clerical and recording tasks)
    Prioritization Criteria:

    Utilize in all public schools offering general curriculum
    Most common redundancies of information that making the form tedious to accomplish (less appreciation)
    May maximize the availability of LIS and HRIS
  • Classification of 16 Forms

    12 Forms – Focus in Learner
    Forms – Focus in Teachers

    5 Forms – For Elementary Only
    2 Forms - For Secondary Only
    9 Forms – Both Elementary & Secondary

    Result of Modification: 7 forms for both ES and SS
  • Majority of these forms were used since 1950’s using the 1920’s Policy Issuances and Circulars as references
    Most repeated data element in school forms is the basic information of learners – and enrolment data.
    School-based information should provide details of aggregated figure/numbers being elevated in division, region and central level (school should have ready information of the breakdown of EBEIS report)
  • Insertion of school logo, school name, division and region at the heading is strictly not allowed.