E commerce, social and campaign tracking - web analytics fundamentals


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E commerce, social and campaign tracking - web analytics fundamentals

  1. 1. E-commerce, Social and Campaign Tracking Srikant DhondiManager - Web Developement & Online Customer Engagement (dhondi.srikanth@gmail.com)
  2. 2. In this module E-commerce Tracking Social Interaction Tracking Campaign Tracking Enhance Tracking with Custom Variables
  3. 3. E-Commerce TrackingTrack how much visitors spend (on what) when they convert to customers:  _addTrans tracks order _gaq.push([_addTrans,orderID,storeName,total,tax,shipping]);
  4. 4. E-Commerce TrackingTrack how much visitors spend (on what) when they convert to customers:  _addTrans tracks order _addItem method tracks order line items _gaq.push([_addItem,orderID,SKU,Name,Category,UnitPrice,Quantity]);
  5. 5. E-Commerce TrackingTrack how much visitors spend (on what) when they convert to customers:  _addTrans tracks order _addItem method tracks order line items _trackTrans sends the transaction to Google Analytics _gaq.push([_trackTrans]);
  6. 6. Tracking E-commerce Transactions
  7. 7. Introducing Social AnalyticsTracking social interaction is an important part of measuring visitor activity  Facebook actions(likes, unlikes, shares) Twitter tweets Google+1 buttonSocial Analytics Plug-Ins enables this with  A simple tracking mechanism Social reports _gaq.push([_trackSocial,network,action,URL,page]);
  8. 8. Tracking Facebook Likes
  9. 9. Tracking CampaignsWhy track campaigns?  High acquisition costs require keen referral trackingWhat does campaign tracking enable?  Tracks how visitors got to your landing page Detailed capturing of referral source and medium Instead of: organic, direct or referral generic categories You can also get to track more detailed sources and mediums like: email, social network, banner ads, and embedded links(e.g.,PDFs)
  10. 10. Campaigns URLhttp://www.aegisglobalacademy.com?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=businessschool&utm_content=homeVerA&utm_campaign=pgpbm201314‘1. Website URL: http://www.aegisglobalacademy.com2. Campaign Source: utm_source=newsletter’3. Campaign Medium: utm_medium=email4. Campaign Term: utm_term=business school‘5. Campaign Content: utm_content=homeVerA‘6. Campaign Name: utm_campaign=pgpbm201314‘
  11. 11. Helpful Information Custom Campaign parameters to your URLs Required. Use utm_source to identify a search engine, newsletter Campaign Source name, or other source. (utm_source) Example: utm_source=google Required. Use utm_medium to identify a medium such as email or Campaign Medium cost-per- click. (utm_medium) Example: utm_medium=cpc Campaign Term Used for paid search. Use utm_term to note the keywords for this ad. (utm_term) Example: utm_term=business+school Used for A/B testing and content-targeted ads. Use utm_content to differentiate ads or links that point to the same URL. Campaign Content Examples: utm_content=logolink (utm_content) Or utm_content=textlink Used for keyword analysis. Use utm_campaign to identify a specific Campaign Name product promotion or strategic campaign. (utm_campaign) Example: utm_campaign=pgpbm201314
  12. 12. Tracking E-mail Links
  13. 13. Tracking CPC Links
  14. 14. Tracking Embedded Links
  15. 15. Tracking Social Media Campaigns
  16. 16. URL shortenerhttp://www.aegisglobalacademy.com/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social%2Bnetwork&utm_content=verB&utm_campaign=pgpbm-2013-14
  17. 17. Basic visitor interaction model in GAVisitor  the client that visits the site.Session  the period of time during which the visitor is active on the site.Page  activity on the users behalf which sends a GIF request to the Analytics servers. This is typically characterized by a pageview, but it can include: a pageview an event (e.g. click on a movie button)
  18. 18. Introducing Custom Variables _gaq.push([_setCustomVar(index, name, value, opt_scope)]);Index The slot for the custom variable. Required. This is a number whose value can range from 1 - 5, inclusive. A custom variable should be placed in one slot only and not be re-used across different slots.Name  The name for the custom variable. Required. This is a string that identifies the custom variable and appears in the top-level Custom Variables report of the Analytics reports.Value  The value for the custom variable. Required. This is a string that is paired with a name. You can pair a number of values with a custom variable name. The value appears in the table list of the UI for a selected variable name. Typically, you will have two or more values for a given name. For example, you might define a custom variable name gender and supply male and female as two possible values.opt_scope  The scope for the custom variable. Optional.  the scope defines the level of user engagement with your site. It is a number whose possible values are 1 (visitor-level), 2 (session-level), or 3 (page-level). When left undefined, the custom variable scope defaults to page-level interaction.
  19. 19. Introducing Custom VariablesCustom variables are name-value pair tags that you can insert in your tracking code in orderto refine Google Analytics tracking. With custom variables, you can define additional segments toapply to your visitors _gaq.push([_setCustomVar(index, name, value, opt_scope)]);Scopes Visitor(1) - labels the visitor for future visits Session(2) - label applies to the duration of visitors session Page(3) - labels tracked event, page view or e-commerce transactions
  20. 20. Using Custom Variables Landing PageThankyou Page
  21. 21. Summary E-commerce Tracking with _addTrans, _addItem, _trackTrans Social Interaction Tracking with _trackSocial Campaign Tracking with campaign URL‘s Labeling activity with Custom Variables using _setCustomVar
  22. 22. Thank YouFor Further Questions & Answers, connect withAegis Global Academy - INSTITUTE OF CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENThttp://www.aegisglobalacademy.com/ http://goo.gl/TR5WQ http://goo.gl/HQPTb http://goo.gl/uL2g4 http://goo.gl/uI5Ma 1800 209 8777, + 91 422 6651 107, + 91 422 6651 108