Coffee Shop Manager Version 3 Highlights


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Learn what's new in the latest version of Coffee Shop Manager, the industry's leading point-of-sale solution for Coffee retailers.

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Coffee Shop Manager Version 3 Highlights

  1. 1. Coffee Shop Manager Version 3.1 Highlights CSM Version 3.1
  2. 2. Photos On Buttons Choose from a wide assortment of photos or clip art to use on your buttons. Need a Mocha button? Set the Mocha on the counter, using a connected Webcam tap the Take Photo button, now the button shows the captured photo. Compatible with any existing BMP, GIF or JPEG clip art. A menu can now be anything from a single photo of an item, to rows of photos, to rows of text buttons similar to Classic CSM. CSM Version 3.1
  3. 3. Multiple Builder Screens Our Espresso Builder system has been enhanced to allow any number of builder screens to be utilized, such as one for hot drinks and one for smoothie drinks, wine builder, ice cream builder, pizza builder, etc. CSM Version 3.1
  4. 4. Expanded Tabs & Buttons The number of tabs is limited only by screen space. You may designate up to 1/3 of the top portion of the screen to contain tabs which may each contain Multiple Builder screens, (a page of 66 buttons), the Order Queue and required Register Screen. In addition, a 1024x768 mode is available to allow additional items on pages and more screens. CSM Version 3.1
  5. 5. Time Based Menus Screen shot goes here. Set up different menus to be displayed for breakfast, lunch and dinner, happy hour or any time you specify. Menus switch in just seconds, once the current transaction is completed. CSM Version 3.1
  6. 6. Item Prompts / Prompt Designer This feature replaces the Food Modifier system with a more flexible with a much easier to set up prompt system. The new layout presents options such as “Conditional Modifiers” and the layout can be free form. This feature can make full use of photos and graphics CSM Version 3.1
  7. 7. Improved Card System All types of card transactions may now be grouped into a single sale. You can purchase any number of new cards and charge up any number of existing accounts right along with purchasing your drink, all with one easy transaction. Customer accounts may be easily combined with just a swipe of the old and new cards. You may now charge a tip to a customer account, regardless of tender type used. CSM Version 3.1
  8. 8. Promotional System Screen shot goes here. Enables the store owner in setting up frequent buy promotions. Promos in addition to the Espresso Buy X get Y can be based on a points or be creative and set up additional Buy X get Y options. CSM Version 3.1
  9. 9. Enhanced Discounts & Coupons Discounts can be planned for in advance and set on a schedule, or allowed directly in the register as a discount key. Discounts can be assigned to coupons. Coupons you have running in various media can now be tracked to measure the effectiveness of your programs. The feature allows you to print coupons on receipts that can be item sensitive. CSM Version 3.1
  10. 10. Role Based Employee Security Security has been expanded to use roles, such as Cashier, Owner, Janitor, etc. You may set permissions separately for an individual employee for menu items and features , or assign the employee to a role for instant set up. Edit the role settings to easily change permissions for that whole group of employees. CSM Version 3.1
  11. 11. Staff Center This is a new area devoted to keeping the employees well informed with features such as scheduling, store email, Message of the Day and help with the Upsell promotions. Personal Options allows the employee to personalize certain colors, input options and other settings. My Tips allows a clerk to see their tip totals by date range as well as their top customers. CSM Version 3.1
  12. 12. Employee Scheduling Based on the Outlook model, scheduling is now extremely simple: just point and click between the Employee photos and the calendar. Click between views of the day, Work Week, Month or Year. Click to print any viewed schedule. Employee security can be enhanced by requiring employees to be on the schedule to be able to log in. Employees can request days off in the Staff Center CSM Version 3.1
  13. 13. Employee Tasks Set up lists of recurring tasks to be displayed to employees, such as cleanup schedules. Set tasks to be displayed once, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Assign the tasks to a Role, such as the JANITOR role for the cleanup tasks. The employee who logs into the JANITOR role will be assigned those tasks at the appropriate time. CSM Version 3.1
  14. 14. Expanded Inventory System Inventory may now be tracked in greater detail, with Size, Color and Style capacity. Unlimited Price Levels allow you to create special price break levels for certain customers such as Wholesale or Club members. CSM Version 3.1
  15. 15. Expanded Recipe Level Inventory The Recipe system has been expanded to cover exact tracking of products, including Milk and Coffee consumption that changes on the fly to cover regular or decaf, whole or skim. Recipe ingredients automatically convert to whatever units they are stored in, including metric system. CSM Version 3.1
  16. 16. Purchase Orders Assists the store owner in determining which items are low in inventory to allow accurate and timely ordering them from the appropriate vendor. PO Receipts help move the order quickly into the on hand totals of the inventory system. CSM Version 3.1
  17. 17. Intuitive Reporting Reporting makes it easier to enter the dates for your reporting period such as the week, month or shift and then retain those settings as you work with various reports. Reports may be quickly exported to PDF, Excel or Word documents. CSM Version 3.1
  18. 18. Online, Mobile, Self-Serve Ordering Integrated online & mobile ordering allows your customers to place an order on-the-go and bypass the line anytime. Your own, branded mobile ordering app, online ordering website, and self-serve ordering iPad kiosk in the shop will improve convenience and customer loyalty CSM Version 3.1
  19. 19. Tablet Support Looking for the convenience of a mobile, handheld order entry device? Or looking to free up counter space? The streamlined Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet is a great solution and gives you access to all of Coffee Shop Manager’s features. CSM Version 3.1
  20. 20. Coffee Shop Manager Headquarters 3.0 What’s New: • Rewritten for state of the art communication technology • Stores Push & Pull Data to Central Server • Real-time Communication • Better control for corporate • Role Based User Level Security Coffee Fest 2013
  21. 21. Why Coffee Shop Manager HQ? • Easily manage your entire organization • Make better business decisions • Simplify labor management • Boost sales & maximize profits • Grow your customer base Coffee Fest 2013
  22. 22. Loyalty Marketing Integration Kick up your loyalty program with our integrated SalesBuilder marketing program. Go beyond in-store rewards and incorporate automated e-mail or text message marketing based on customer behavior triggers, such as achieving a reward or forgetting to visit in a while. CSM Version 3.1
  23. 23. System Requirements To be eligible for a Version 3.1 upgrade, the following system requirements must be in place: • Valid support subscription • Hardware Minimum Requirements Met • Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent (or better) processor • 2-4 GB Ram • 250 GB Hard drive • Windows XP Pro, Vista Busines or 7 Pro – 32 bit only. If you need assistance upgrading on any of these items, please contact your Account Team at 800-750-3947. CSM Version 3.1
  24. 24. Getting the Update Ready to update? Please complete the upgrade request form here: We’ll be in touch to review your individual requirements and schedule the update! CSM Version 3.1