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Narative style of three stories by R.K. Narayan


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  • I really don't know much about style and technique of R.K. Narayan's writing but what ever you presented there, was definitely understood by me as well as all other students.. good way to define by images of particular text and paragraphs. nice one
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Narative style of three stories by R.K. Narayan

  1. 1. Narrative Style of three stories by R.K. Narayan 1. The Watchman 2. The Snake in the grass 3. The Mute Companions Name :Mahesh Dholiya Roll No. – 06 Part II, semester IV Year 2010 – 2011 Paper: A Study of Special Author: R.K. Narayan as a Writer
  2. 2. 1. Informative and Subjective • The Watchman (Narayan, 39) • The Snake in the Grass (93) • The Mute Companions (149) • Probability and Possibility
  3. 3. 2. Omniscient Narrative• The narrative style sounds like the narrator knows everything about the character. He must be familiar with the main character and the surrounding area that prepares proper setting.• The narrative dialogues mentioned in the story holds an opinion that characters act according the narration.
  4. 4. • Neither serious nor comic, live narrative but suspicious in disguise• Repetition makes readers concentrates on what just the characters have spoken.• Analogical description- Shifting from one character’s sorrow to other character’s.
  5. 5. • Parable narrative- The narrator goes on an intention of providing some moral message.• Complicating the matter and developing the narrative part: Blame- Mechanism in the story like The Snake in the Grass wherein the neighbours blame Dasa instead of suggesting him what to do to catch the cobra.• Half narration of the three stories always bring the state of confusion to sketch the characters.
  6. 6. Accidently encounter and departure – Best ornament to intensify the narrative style• In The Watchman, the character himself accidently encounters with an unknown lady at the time of night. At the end, after many years, he encounter with the lady with children and her husband (probability).• In The Snake in the Grass, the family members unknowingly meet with dangerous cobra in their compound and at last they again encounter with that creature.• In The Mute Companions, Sami, like a clown, entertaining the people of the village with his companion monkey, meets accidently at the corner of the Town Hall and loses him unknowingly.
  7. 7. Tone of the narrative• Skeptic tone makes language as well as the narrative twisting. It is plot twister.• Abrupt words but say a lot and give many interpretations at a time. It may also bring debate or discussion among the learners.
  8. 8. References
  9. 9. • Thanking you,Guide: Dr. Gijan Sir