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  • Darrell, Thanks for favoriting this PowerPoint presentation about your MARL Class VI International Study trip to Morocco. It was great traveling with you and putting together this PowerPoint for your class. It has been rewarding to watch you and your class mates give presentations to interested groups. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, Dan Hoffman - MARL Executive Director
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  • Depart MSP to Paris/de Gaulle on Delta #220 (flight time=8 hrs 45 mins) 8 AM on Day 2 (Feb. 20) Arrive Paris/Charles de Gaulle
  • Paris sights: Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris, Arc de Triomphe, Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Montmartre district, Tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower)
  • 4:10 PM Depart Paris/Orly to Fez on Royal Air Maroc #655 (flight time=2hrs 45 mins) 5:55 PM Arrive Fez Meet Guide – Ibrahim Aghraz Bus to Hotel Wassim Traditional Moroccan Dinner
  • View from the hotel balcony in Fez (Hotel Wassim)
  • 9 AM American Fondouk, “The Donkey Hospital” founded in 1927 that has hosted UM College of Veterinary Medicine students for internships, Gigi Kay, Director Bus Tour of Fez Walking Tour of a Medina Meeting with 8 study abroad students
  • Left: Overview of Fez Right: Entrance and plaza of the medina in Fez. Medina – is a distinct city section found in many north African cities. The medina typically is walled and contains many narrow and maze-like streets. Some medinas were used to slow down invaders because of how narrow and winding they are.
  • We saw many little shops such as this bread baker and meat market in the medina in Fez.
  • From old to new, nearly everything is available in a medina.
  • Farm of Mr. Ouzzani, halfway between Fez and Meknes Peach Trees (top); Pear Trees (bottom) – replanted because fire blight destroyed previous fruit orchard Irrigation Lagoon (right) – water is the key to a crop in Morocco Met Dr. Mohammed Boulif, National School of Agriculture, Meknes (pictured) Met Dr. Hassan Ahmed, USDA Foreign Agriculture Services, Rabat
  • Dinner Theater and Belly Dancer in the Fez medina.
  • 7:00 a.m. Bus leaves for Meknes (travel time Fez to Meknes – 1 hr) 9:00 a.m. Visit Campus of the National School of Agriculture, Meknes [Dr. Bev Durgan Dean of Extension, University of Minnesota’s contacts] Dr. Mohamed Sadiki, DEAN, PRESIDENT HASSAN II Dr. Rachid Bouabid, Soil Scientist and Dr.Hakima Bahri Plant Breeder; Tour of agronomy department at Ag Institute with heads of Plant Breeding and Soil Science Web site: Visit National School of Agriculture Research farms
  • Top and bottom left: Olive research and promotion Top right: Camels Bottom left: Sheep
  • Lunch at plantation and old winery previously owned and run by the French.
  • View from the top of the old winery and unused wine-making equipment.
  • House at a vineyard (notice solar water heater on roof). Jane Wilcox Hardwick with orange tree and dates. Grape vines.
  • 3:00 p.m. Bus leaves for Rabat (travel time Meknes to Rabat -2 hrs) 5:00 p.m. Check in to hotel Mercure Sheherazate 7:00 p.m. Dinner with US Ambassador, Sam and Sylvia Kaplan at the Home of the Ambassador Top photo – Lara Durben presenting friendship pin to Ambassador Kaplan. Bottom photo – Dan Hoffman presenting gift from MARL to Ambassador and Mrs. Kaplan.
  • MARL Class VI at the Ambassador’s home.
  • 8:30 a.m. Arrive at US Embassy (Note: No photos at embassy) http:// / - Meeting with Dr. Hassan Ahmed, Agricultural Attaché, USDA Foreign Ag Service; US Embassy mission briefing ; Deputy Chief of Mission; Judith Chammas (MN native); Briefing by Directors: Political Affairs, Agriculture, Economic Affairs 3:00 p.m. Drive to Kenitra (drive time = less than 1 hour) Top left photo – Shantytown within viewing distance of the school in the photo on the top right. Bottom left – class for women and children to learn to read and write Bottom right – Abrahim and Hussan presenting a gift to MARL Program Director Mike Liepold.
  • Nature preserve Dinner at Adil’s home for dinner and conversation about life in Kenitra. 9:00 p.m. Bus returns to Hotel in Rabat
  • 9:30 a.m. Bus tour of Rabat/free time 1:00 p.m. Bus departs for Casablanca (drive time= 2hrs); City Tour of Casablanca Mosque in Casablanca.
  • Mosque: 600M Euro to build; 6 years to build; completed in 1993; one of very few mosques that allow non-Muslims to enter; paid 15 durhim for admission
  • Street vendors in Casablanca. 7:30 p.m. Bus arrives Casablanca Airport 9:25 p.m. Depart Casablanca to Ouarzazate on Royal Air Maroc #461 to Ouarzazate 10:20 p.m. Arrive Ouarzazat
  • Visited a Kasbah which means “rich house” or “fortress.” Seven to eight families would have lived in it. This Kasbah was built by a man who was assigned to watch over the area by the French. He took advantage of the position, however, by implementing taxes on people (mostly Berber) traveling to and from Timbuktu, Mali (a 52-day trek crossing the Sahara). He also forced the building of multiple Kasbahs. This one was built of adobe made with straw. All Kasbah architecture has meaning. For instance, the small windows at the top of this Kasbah are meant to moderate temperatures inside. This Kasbah has not been lived in since 1956. Orliander wood is used in ceilings because it is poisonous to pests. The “Rules for Engagement” movie was filmed here. Arches over the doorways are meant to signify the direction to “Allah, to the top, to good.”
  • Visited the Atlas motion picture studios which opened in 1983. The first film to be set here was “Jewel of the Nile” in 1984. Other movies he mentioned, included “The Way Back,” “Gladiator,” “Alexander the Great,” “Passion of the Christ,” “Ben Hur,” “Kingdom of Heaven,” “Pope John,” “Ten Commandments,” “The Prince of Persia.” Ouarzazate is known of the “Hollywood” of Morocco. Oddly, there are no movie theaters in town for residents to actually see the movies. Rich Miska and Jim Sieben ride camels.
  • Top left photo – 7 x 10 ft. table. Top right – irrigation ditch carrying snow melt from the mountains Bottom left – Berber climbing a palm treet Bottom right – Alfalfa field
  • Top left – children playing checkers with pop caps Top right – Darrel Ingvaldson presenting friendship pins to boys Bottom left – colorful spices at a market Bottom right – Aaron Kaiser presenting Minnesota coins to Moroccan child with Jim O’Connor in the background.
  • 8:00 a.m. Drive to Agadir (Drive time = 6hrs) Photo of oasis in the desert where the group had lunch
  • Feedlot visit. Traditional livestock operations emphasize food and modern operations emphasize infrastructure like at this new cooperative feedlot. Feed for the animals is only partly produced in Morocco and imports from Europe and the United States fill in the gaps. Corn, DDGS & soybean meal are imported from the U.S .
  • Top and bottom left: Feedlot visit. Top right: Desert hills along the road Bottom right: Overview of town in the desert
  • National School of Applied Science; IAV Horticulture Complex (Note: No photos included) Morning free – Visit open air market – varieties of beans and other produce 12:00 noon Bus departs hotel for Airport
  • 3:40 PM Depart Agadir Airport Royal Air Maroc #662 to Paris/Orly 8:05 PM Arrive Paris/Orly Overnight in Paris
  • 10:15 AM Depart Charles de Gaulle on Delta #219 for Minneapolis
  • Morocco presentation hoffman 03 10-12 comp

    1. 1. MOROCCO MARL Class VI International Study Tour February 19-29, 2012
    2. 2. Location Northwest Africa
    3. 3. General InformationKingdom of Morocco Government: - constitutional monarchy Capital: Rabat Time Zone: 6 hrs ahead of MN Area: 446,550 sq km (172,413 sq mi) – slightly larger than California Coastline: 1,835 km (1,140 mi) Climate: Mediterranean, becoming more extreme in the interior
    4. 4. Society Population: 32M (MN 5.3M) Median age: 27 years (US 37 yrs) Ethnic groups:  Arab-Berber 99%  Other 1% Languages:  Arabic (Official)  Berber dialects  French - business & government Religions:  Muslim 99% (Official)  Christian 1%
    5. 5. DemographicsStatistics Morocco USPopulation Growth Rate 1.054 0.899Birth Rate (per thousand) 18.97 13.68Death Rate (per thousand) 4.76 8.39Obesity Rate 16% 34%Literacy Rate – Adults 15+ 52.3% 99%Literacy Rate – Males 66% 99%Literacy Rate – Females 40% 99%Unemployment 9% 9%Gross Domestic Product $5,100 $48,100(per capita)
    6. 6. Agriculture and Natural Resources Arable Land:  Natural Resources: 19% (US – 18%)  Phosphates Products:  Iron ore  Barley  Manganese  Wheat  Lead  Citrus Fruits  Zinc  Grapes  Fish  Vegetables  Olives  Salt  Livestock  Wine
    7. 7. February 19, 2012 Minneapolis to ParisDay 1/2: Travel Paris Minneapolis
    8. 8. February 20, 2012Day 2: Paris
    9. 9. February 20, 2012 Paris to FezDay 2: Travel Paris Fez
    10. 10. February 20, 2012Day 2: Fez
    11. 11. February 21, 2012 American Fondouk,Day 3: Fez “The Donkey Hospital”
    12. 12. February 21, 2012Day 3: Fez
    13. 13. February 20, 2012Day 3: Fez - In a Medina
    14. 14. February 20, 2012Day 3: Fez – In a Medina
    15. 15. February 22, 2012Day 4: Orchard – Fez/Meknes
    16. 16. February 22, 2012Day 4: Palace of the Medina
    17. 17. February 23, 2012Day 5: Fez/Meknes
    18. 18. February 23, 2012Day 5: Meknes
    19. 19. February 23, 2012Day 5: Meknes
    20. 20. February 23, 2012Day 5: Meknes
    21. 21. February 23, 2012Day 5: Meknes
    22. 22. February 23, 2012Day 5: Meknes/Rabat
    23. 23. February 24, 2012Day 5: Rabat
    24. 24. February 24, 2012Day 6: Kenitra
    25. 25. February 24, 2012Day 6: Kenitra
    26. 26. February 25, 2012Day 7: Rabat/Casablanca
    27. 27. February 25, 2012Day 7: Casablanca
    28. 28. February 25, 2012Day 7: Casablanca/Ouarzazate
    29. 29. February 26, 2012Day 8: Ouarzazate
    30. 30. February 26, 2012Day 8: Ouarzazate
    31. 31. February 26, 2012Day 8: Ouarzazate
    32. 32. February 26, 2012Day 8: Ouarzazate
    33. 33. February 27, 2012Day 9: Ouarzazate/Agadir
    34. 34. February 27, 2012Day 9: Ouarzazate/Agadir
    35. 35. February 27, 2012Day 9: Ourzazate/Agadir
    36. 36. February 28, 2012Day 10: Agadir
    37. 37. February 28, 2012 Agadir to ParisDay 10: Travel Paris Agadir
    38. 38. February 29, 2012 Paris to MinneapolisDay 11: Travel Paris Minneapolis
    39. 39. Dan Hoffman MARL Executive Director Mike Liepold MARL Program