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You've designed your application, built it up, and it's working great. One of the last features to implement is searching and reporting. You've put it off because you really don't want to deal with SQL Server Full-Text Indexing - maybe it's not your cup of tea or maybe it's just intimidating. But there are alternatives to Full-Text Indexing that can be just as powerful and fairly simple. SOLR is one such tool to help you with your application's searching needs. We'll take a look at the SOLR product, how you can get it up and running very easily, how you can install it as a Windows Service (as opposed to a command window), and how you can use to program against it.

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Do Some Solr Searching

  1. 1. Do Some SOLR Searching in .NET DAVID HOERSTER
  2. 2. About Me C# MVP (Since April 2011) Director of Web Solutions at RGP Co-Founder of BrainCredits ( Conference Director for Pittsburgh TechFest Past President of Pittsburgh .NET Users Group Organizer of recent Pittsburgh Code Camps and other Tech Events Twitter - @DavidHoerster Blog – Email –
  3. 3. Take Aways What is SOLR When You May Use SOLR How to Integrate SOLR in a .NET Application Strategies for Managing RDBMS and SOLR transactions
  4. 4. Agenda Searching in Apps Hello SOLR Installing and Running SOLR Admin Interface Using SOLR in .NET ◦ Retrieving Data ◦ Modifying Collections ◦ Interesting Features ◦ Highlighting, Snippets, Facets
  5. 5. Searching in Applications
  6. 6. Searching in Applications How do we accomplish these? ◦ Stored Procs? ◦ Bunch of LIKE’s? ◦ SQL Server Full-Text? ◦ Something else? Lots of solutions SOLR could be one
  7. 7. SOLR Open Source Search Service Platform Built on Lucene Provides a number of features, such as ◦ Full Text Indexing ◦ Hit Highlighting ◦ Faceted Searches ◦ Clustering and Replication HTTP REST-like interface, providing results in JSON, XML, CSV, and other formats Written in Java and runs within the JVM
  8. 8. Why Use SOLR? Small application or prototype environment Mixed environment or maybe non-SQL Server environment NoSQL usage that doesn’t have full-text indexing Features required such as faceted search, highlighting, more-like-this Extensible search features and data types
  9. 9. SOLR Deployment (Basic) Application (e.g. web server – port 80) SOLR Service (port 8983) Client Application may or may not connect directly with SOLR SOLR Service runs within JVM Usually not best to publicly expose SOLR HTTP
  10. 10. Some Things to Remember SOLR does not have authentication built in ◦ Treat it as a service to your application ◦ Do not expose externally unless you want the world to search SOLR is not a document database in the league of MongoDB ◦ Some NoSQL features ◦ Flat structures (MongoDB has some depth) ◦ Some examples use SOLR like a DB… ◦ More for expedience and simplicity ◦ Not a recommendation
  11. 11. My Implementation of SOLR Web Client Web Server (PHP) SOLR Instance Content Database (postgreSQL / SQL SOLR Indexer (.NET) GIT Repository Fetch Get Create / Update Search Get Internal NetworkPublic Internet HTTP Remote Repo
  12. 12. Installing SOLR Very simple to quickly get up and running Assumes you have JRE installed Download SOLR from Extract ZIP file to a directory of your choice ◦ I chose C:SOLR as my SOLR root From a command prompt, navigate to the examples directory and start the Jetty server ◦ cd c:solr4.4.0examples ◦ java -jar start.jar That’s it – SOLR is ready to go! Default “collection1” core is set up (but you’ll probably want to delete it)
  13. 13. SOLR Administration Interface Admin UI available out of the box Check status Add/Remove Cores Issue Queries Check Logs Modify Schemas Lots more!
  14. 14. SOLR Collections, Schemas and Documents Collection is a group of similar items ◦ Like a table in SQL Document is a single item in a collection ◦ Defines an item to be searched ◦ Contains fields ◦ Document is like a SQL row Fields are individual properties of a document ◦ Like a SQL column ◦ Has a type and a value Schema defines the structure of documents in a collection ◦ Defines fields, types, keys, dynamic fields and copy rules Schema basic structure: <schema> <types> <fields> <uniqueKey> <defaultSearchField> <solrQueryParser defaultOperator> <copyField> </schema>
  15. 15. Document Fields Area in schema most likely to alter Various data types available built-in ◦ int, float, string, date, … Fields have a number of properties ◦ can be single or multi-valued ◦ fields like ‘text’ are great for concatenating fields together for aggregated searching ◦ you can choose to index a field, store the field value, or both <field name="lahmanId" type="int" indexed="true" stored="true" required="true" multiValued="false" />
  16. 16. Querying Let’s Get Some Data!! SOLR is based on Inverted Index concept ◦ Instead of ID’s mapped to entries, words are mapped to ID’s. ◦ Analyzers then traverse inverted index and evaluates relevance Admin UI provides a quick and dirty interface to retrieve data Most query options available Can also specify format Once parameters issued, URL is available as reference
  17. 17. Querying Basic parameter is `q` ◦ http://localhost:8983/solr/<collection>?q=<field>:<value> Other basic parameters include: ◦ Query Fields (qf) – selects the fields to return ◦ Sorting (sort) – specifies the fields to sort on and direction ◦ Row Offset (start) – which row to start with when returning results (default is 0) ◦ Caching (cache) – tells SOLR whether to cache the results (default is true) ◦ Rows to return (rows) – how many rows to return in the call (default is 10) These are all query string parameters.
  19. 19. Working with SOLR in .NET solrnet library ◦ ◦ Source: WARNING: If you’re using SOLR 4+ ◦ Committing in solrnet will throw an error ◦ Need to download latest code from GitHub and compile ◦ Or download a package’s code and remove the initialization of the waitFlush property from solr/commands/parameters/CommitOptions.cs
  20. 20. Set Up Typed Entities public class Quote{ [SolrUniqueKey("id")] public String Id { get; set; } [SolrField("title")] public String Title { get; set; } [SolrField("articleBody")] public String ArticleBody { get; set; } [SolrField("year")] public Int32 Year { get; set; } [SolrField("abstract")] public String Abstract { get; set; } [SolrField("source")] public String Source { get; set; } }
  21. 21. Initializing solrnet Startup.Init<Quote>("http://localhost:8983/solr/historicalQuotes"); Startup.Init<Hitter>("http://localhost:8983/solr/baseball"); ISolrOperations<Quote> _solr = ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance<ISolrOperations<Quote>>(); Uses Microsoft p&p’s ServiceLocator class to get SOLR instance
  22. 22. Issuing a Query Basic query, as it selects everything: var quotes = _solr.Query(new SolrQuery("*:*")); Returns just those records with an id of 12345: var quotes = _solr.Query(new SolrQuery(“id:12345”)); Searches for specific text, and only returns 3 fields: var query = new SolrQuery("text:" + id); var options = new QueryOptions() { Fields = new[] { "id", "title", "source" } }; var results = _solr.Query(query, options);
  23. 23. Filter Queries ‘fq’ parameter Runs the filter against the entire index and caches the results Can help speed up searching if you know of common, recurring searches In solrnet, use the FilterQueries QueryOption _solr.Query(“*:*”, new QueryOptions { FilterQueries = new ISolrQuery[] { new SolrQueryByField(“HR”, “[50 TO *]”), … } }
  24. 24. Modifying Data in SOLR Using the existing SOLR instance to perform an insert… _solr.Add(theQuote); _solr.Commit(); Use the same instance to perform an update… _solr.Add(theQuote); _solr.Commit(); _solr.Optimize(); Commit writes your changes to SOLR’s index Optimize rebuilds the index ◦ More expensive ◦ Be mindful when called
  25. 25. Search Features (Query Options) Highlighting Highlight = new HighlightingParameters() { Fields = new[] { "articleBody", "abstract" }, Fragsize = 200, AfterTerm = "</em></strong>", BeforeTerm = "<em><strong>", UsePhraseHighlighter = true //, AlternateField = "source" } More Like This MoreLikeThis = new MoreLikeThisParameters( new[] { "articlebody", "source" }) { MinDocFreq = 1, MinTermFreq = 1 }
  26. 26. Search Features (Query Options) Faceted Search Facet = new FacetParameters() { Queries = FacetQueryCategories(minHomeRuns) } private SolrFacetQuery[] FacetQueryCategories(Int32 minHomeRuns) { var salaryFacet1 = new SolrQueryByRange<Int32>("salary", 0, 1000000); ... return new[] { salaryFacet1 }; }
  28. 28. Handling the Distribution for Mods Client Server SOLR RDBMS Send the modification to the RDBMS and to SOLR and hope for the best. Pretty optimistic!
  29. 29. Handling the Distribution for Mods Client Server SOLR RDBMS Wrap the RDBMS call in a System.Transaction and Rollback if SOLR throws an exception. Rollback if SOLR error Check for error More cautious
  30. 30. Handling the Distribution for Mods Client Server SOLR RDBMS Drop a command into a queue for a Command Handler to pick up. Command Handler/Domain processes and raises Event which can end up in SOLR. More complicated, but more reliable. Queue Command Handler Persist Command More Message Oriented (CQRS???)
  31. 31. SOLR as a Windows Service NSSM can install SOLR quickly ◦ Non Sucking Service Manager ◦ ◦ Version 2.16 ◦ Hasn’t been updated in a little while Launch NSSM as administrator ◦ nssm install SOLR Java.exe is the executable Command Line args are (specific to my install directory): ◦ -Djetty.logs=C:/solr/logs/-Djetty.home=C:/solr/-Dsolr.solr.home=C:/solr/solr/ -cp C:/solr/lib/*.jar;C:/solr/start.jar -jar C:/solr/start.jar Name the service and hit install. Done!
  32. 32. What’s Next Other query techniques ◦ Boosting ◦ http://localhost:8983/solr/historicalQuotes/select/?defType=dismax&q=text&qf=source^20.0+te xt^0.3 ◦ Spatial ◦ Sounds like SOLR Cloud ◦ SOLR replication and sharding ◦ Moving to the enterprise space Extending SOLR Behaviors and Using Other Parsers Using Dynamic Properties Using SOLR in a full NoSQL Environment
  33. 33. Resources SOLR Reference Guide SOLR Tutorial Nice SOLR Walk-Through Books Apache Solr 4 Cookbook (Packt Publishing) Apache Solr 4 In Action (Manning – MEAP)