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Measure Customer Service in Realtime


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Gustometria permits you to measure and track customer and employee satisfaction in realtime. Not only does it bridge the offline and online worlds, but it allows you to adapt on the fly and analyze your results with sophisticated business intelligence reporting.

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Measure Customer Service in Realtime

  1. 1. Reading Customer Minds March, 2009
  2. 2. “The three most important things to measure in any business are customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and cash-flow.” Jack Welch
  3. 3. Let’s face it... Unsatisfied Customers go away and they DON’T COME BACK Apathetic Customers go away and they DON’T COME BACK Valuable Employees quit, go to work for competitors, and COST BIG MONEY …AND YOU NEVER KNOW WHY!!
  4. 4. Measuring Satisfaction... It should be easy to: Ask questions the right way Ask all the right questions Analyze all the answers and reach conclusions Act on those conclusions
  5. 5. The truth of the matter... It’s not that easy: Traditional Methods just don’t work. Consumers don’t want a college kid with a clipboard bothering them. Nobody fills out surveys on their own. When you finally get results – it’s too late. Printed surveys are rigid, un-customizable, and expensive. It’s easy to cheat.
  6. 6. “Gustometria” is real time measurement of Customer Satisfaction.
  7. 7. Benefits... Gustometria enables you to: Listen to ALL your clients in real time. React immediately to product problems and poor service perceptions. Quickly and easily customize and change questions to meet changing responses and gain valuable market intelligence. Receive profound analysis of the responses in the form of high level business intelligence reports
  8. 8. The Gustometer Easy, intuitive and fun. Touch screen. So sophisticated you don’t need a manual.
  9. 9. Leading Edge Consumer Survey Technology
  10. 10. Is it Easy to Use?
  11. 11. Survey Management So sophisticated you don’t need a manual. You don’t need servers, technicians or complicated installations.
  12. 12. Online Analysis Tools
  13. 13. Online Analysis Tools
  14. 14. Online Analysis Tools
  15. 15. Online Analysis Tools
  16. 16. Direct Customer Feedback
  17. 17. Will my customers participate?
  18. 18. Customer Participation... YES! Follow our proven methods and you will: Increase utilization significantly Understand your employee and customer needs and wants better Lower your research and data gathering costs exponentially Manage in real time
  19. 19. Can the System be Cheated?
  20. 20. Cheating? Employees may try to cheat the system but.. Our technology will catch the cheaters. Cheating or “skuing” the system is very difficult because the gustometers are in very public, high traffic areas. Any cheating that does get through will be statistically insignificant due to high utilization rates.
  21. 21. Is this solution expensive?
  22. 22. Expensive? NO! Compared to your current costs Compared to a newspaper ad Compared to the cost of losing one single customer... ABSOLUTELY NOT. Considering the level of customization Considering the robust reporting capabilities …AND – you control it!!
  23. 23. Does anything similar exist?
  24. 24. No one in the world... Gustometria is an internationally unique product designed and built in Spain. It’s protected by international patent law. As far as we know, there’s no alternative.
  25. 25. Engagement... How we are engaged… Small monthly fee. We can outsource gustometers. We can help you build great surveys. We can facilitate integration projects. We offer turnkey solutions customized to meet your specific needs.
  26. 26. Who are we? Company founded in 2004. Technology developed by Intelligent Data Systems of Valencia, Spain Protected by International Patent Law Offices in Orlando, Florida; Valencia and Alicante, Spain
  27. 27. Our customers... Gustometria product placements in Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Italy and Spain. Tremendous client diversity ranging from Hospitality to Education to Healthcare and beyond. It doesn’t matter what you make, sell, or service; Customer and Employee Satisfaction are critical to success.
  28. 28. What they say about us... “...using the gustometer, we’ve achieved two important goals: we immediately know our customer’s opinion and can react accordingly and we’ve proven our great respect for the natural environment.” Abel Matutes Prats CEO, Fiesta Hotel Group (Hosteltur 23-06-2008)
  29. 29. You can keep on guessing... or take the risk of finding out.