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Hirasuna Recommendation General


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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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Hirasuna Recommendation General

  1. 1. Research Department MinnesotaPatrick J. McCormack, Director House of600 State Office Building RepresentativesSt. Paul, Minnesota 55155-1298651-296-6753 [FAX 651-296-9887] June 30, 2011 TO: Interested Parties RE: Letter of Recommendation for Donald Hirasuna Dear Sir or Madam: We are writing to recommend Donald Hirasuna. Don worked for the House Research Department as a Legislative Analyst from 1994 through 2008. During this period one or both of us was his supervisor. (From 2008 through June 30, 2011, Don retained an affiliation with House Research, as a part-time research assistant, to allow him to continue his research using State of Minnesota human services and tax datasets.) Don is an accomplished and highly skilled economics analyst. In his role as a Legislative Analyst, he worked on a wide variety of issues, ranging from economic development issues, the economics of public subsidies for sports facilities, the economic effects of smoking bans, unemployment benefits, and similar. A good part of his time and work, as evidenced by his extensive body of published work, was on the economics of human services and welfare programs, such as MFIP, and child support, along with the associated tax-based programs, such as the earned income tax and dependent care credits. Don is an expert in the parameters and features of these complex human service and tax programs. His research also led him to understand many of the behavioral and policy dynamics involved with these programs and their various interactions. This type of knowledge would serve anyone well who is seeking to design administrative mechanisms, policies, and practices to improve service delivery under these programs. Like many from our office, Don developed strong communication skills. He often communicated with legislators and senior personnel explaining the essential aspects of complex issues. He worked with legislators, executives from state agencies, leaders from non-profits and staffed task forces and hearings. Don is a good public speaker having testified before committees and presented before a variety of academic and policy oriented audiences.
  2. 2. Research Department June 30, 2011Minnesota House of Representatives Page 2Don is a dedicated and hard worker who takes great pride in the quality of his work. AlthoughDon’s position in House Research did not involve management responsibility, Don did leadseveral projects and we understand from Don that some of his other positions have, includingone which he undertook while on a leave of absence from his House Research position.In conclusion, we recommend that you give Don strong consideration. Please feel free to giveeither of us a call if you wish to talk about Don’s qualifications.Sincerely yours,Patrick McCormack Joel MichaelDirector Staff Coordinator651-296-5048 651-296-5057PJM/JM/ct