Hirasuna 1 Page Resume


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Hirasuna 1 Page Resume

  1. 1. Donald Hirasuna 2821 Ottawa Ave. So. St. Louis Park, MN 55416 (952) 848-0685TYPE OF POSITION SOUGHT To use my managerial, decision-making, communication, regulatory enforcement, research and quantitative skillsSKILLSManagerial • Identifying key issues by seeing the big picture and identifying risks  Communicated new area of research by working with university researchers on early childhood education issues noting they should simultaneously consider the effect of policies on interrelated outcomes. For example, the outcomes for at-risk female teens of graduating high school, become a teen parent, and ending-up on welfare are interrelated and correlated  Early identification of decreased applications for home purchase loans, especially among minorities, and the effects of prolonged slow employment growth for the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis  Identified and produced much work related to earnings inequality and other current issues • Develop and implement strategic plans  Developed and implemented a plan for reviewing credit risk models for Basel II for US Bank  Helped lead a Minnesota legislative task force developing a transparency procedure for the award of economic development subsidies. Adopted by 47other states across the nation • Lead Others  Recruited, managed and trained staff  Kept contact with former employees  Revitalized volunteer organizationsCommunication • Communicates well with technical and lay audiences • Recognizes the needs of the customer • Excellent writing skills  Author of 8 journal articles, editor of a special issue in a journal and author of over 30 policy briefs  Cited in academic writings and magazines like BusinessWeek • Strong public speaking skills  Invited speaker to presentations such as seminar on the making of policy  Presented research at academic seminars for national associations  Presented before non-profits, testified before state legislators and taught college level courses • Negotiation skills  Helped representatives negotiate politically sensitive plans by providing information
  2. 2. on the costs and benefits. Several efforts by legislators were written into State Law  Gained access to highly sensitive private data by negotiating with several state agenciesResearch • Asks useful questions-praised by the IRS, US Census Bureau and others • Conducts logically sound, nonpartisan, non-agenda driven research • Conducts research independentlyQuantitative Analysis • Qualitative dependent response models • Binary and multivariate regression models • Selection bias techniques including inverse probability weighting and Heckman techniques • Quasi-experimental techniques including regression models, nearest neighbor matching, propensity scores and clustered sampling problems • Single and simultaneous equation models • Fixed and random effects models • Survival analysis • Computable general equilibrium and input-output models • Linear and nonlinear programming • Loess smoothing and generalized additive modelsSUBJECT AREA EXPERTISE • Long, consistent history of taking on new subjects and making substantive contributions relatively soon including early childhood education, mortgage discrimination, Basel II regulations, healthcare, smoking bans, and tax policy • Welfare and low-income policies • State and local economic development • Regulatory compliance • Public policy and legislationEDUCATION1994 Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Agricultural and Applied EconomicsPROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE • 2010–present. Researcher, Human Capital Research Collaborative, University of Minnesota • 1994–Present. Legislative Analyst, House Research Department, House of Representatives, State of Minnesota • 2009-2010. Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis • 2007-2009. Senior Risk Manager, U.S. Bank