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dk digest 180513


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ITC/TEPC Workshop 1 on Researching and Analysing Export Markets.

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dk digest 180513

  1. 1. dk digest 180513 www.dkompany.bizITC/TEPC Workshop 1May 14 – 17, 2013Develop trade advisers andexporters’ capacity toidentify attractive marketsand understand the keysuccess criteria to enter atarget marketResearching and Analysing Export MarketsThe fours days (May 14 Tues – May 17 Friday, 2013) workshop cumtraining programme on Researching and Analysing Export Markets,jointly organized by International Trade Centre (ITC) in Geneva andTrade and Export Promotion Centre (TEPC) in Nepal, concluded on ahighly productive note, yesterday.This capacity building initiatives on market analysis and research forexporters, trade analysts and staff of Trade Support Institutions (TSIs) inNepal, is part of USAID’s and the E.U.’s overall partnership with the ITCto improve global transparency of international trade, directlyempowering SMEs, trade advisers and policy makers to make bettertrade related decisions.The objective of this programme that includes a series of 3 face-to-faceworkshops and remote mentoring over the period of next three monthsis to reinforce the capacities in:• Identifying potential markets using a quantitative market scanningmethodology, and• Preparing a piece of market research to support an export strategyIt is expected that trade advisers and market analysts after completingthis training programme will provide better advice to their exportingcompanies, and exporters will obtain greater knowledge to researchinternational markets by developing an actionable market researchreport of immediate relevance to their company’s products or services.For more information, visit www.intracen.orgLet’s stay connected