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Lightning Talk given at the JISC 12/11 Digital Preservation Meeting on 19th-20th January 2012

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  1. 1. DataSafe ProjectAim• To create a training programme to increase the data management and preservation knowledge of university support staffObjectives• Reviewing existing guidance and advice for support staff on management of data• Developing a number of scenarios and use cases for data management issues• Creating decision tree and mobile app to provide information about responsibilities for specific data types• Pilot with University of Bristol support staff• Share materials and experiences with wider community IT Services R&D / ILRT
  2. 2. DataSafe Project• 2,500+ non academic support staff at Bristol• Project working closely with IT Services and Staff Development• Building on existing work at University around information security and Data Protection• Close links with data.bris project• Pilot with IT services staff• Plan to include course as part of ongoing training and staff induction process IT Services R&D / ILRT
  3. 3. DataSafe ProjectProject Team• Debra Hiom – Project Manager• John Hargreaves - Trainer• Virginia Knight – Researcher• Paul Smith – Technical DeveloperAdvisory Group• Steve Condliffe, IT Training Manager• Caroline Gardiner, Academic Research Facilitator• Stephen Gray, data.bris Digital Collections Officer• Richard Hopkins, Information Security Manager• Alison Leggett, Staff Development Manager• Simon Price, Acting Deputy Director, IT Services R&D/ILRT IT Services R&D / ILRT
  4. 4. DataSafe Project Please feel free to get in touchWebsite: Email: IT Services R&D / ILRT