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Awareness Program Tex.pptx

  1. 1. TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY INTERVENTION Dr.R.Kanniga Devi Principal Investigator Assoc. Prof./CSE KARE Dhesinghraja J Project Assistant DST SEED STI Hub KARE Establishment of STI hub for Production of Eco-friendly and Economical Products to Improve The Socio-economic Status of SC population in Srivilliputhur Block, Virudhunagar District, Tamil Nadu.DST File no. DST /SEED/ SCSP/ STI/ 2019/127 1 Dr.Muthukannan Co-Principal Investigator Prof./Civil KARE Jayalakshmi Field worker DST SEED STI Hub KARE
  2. 2. Free Awareness Program to Produce Eco Friendly & Economical Natural Textile Fiber based Products
  3. 3. DST -STI Hub Objective To Establishment of STI hub for Production of Eco- friendly and Economical Products to Improve The Socio- economic Status of SC population in Srivilliputhur Block, Virudhunagar District, Tamil Nadu. DST File no. DST /SEED/ SCSP/ STI/ 2019/127
  4. 4. Natural Textile Fiber based Product awareness Program  In Textile Technology ,the awareness program will be given to the beneficiaries regarding Natural Textile Banana , bamboo ,Sisal and Pine apple fiber made products  It is an eco friendly products , good for our atmosphere and protect our skin from the climatic conditions  We can get the product easily around this place ,Even it is the waste Materials after the cultivation and usage  Can be used only vegetable fibers which is natural one and not harm for us  It is the best alternative for synthetic fibers and their by products  Jobless People will get job around this place
  5. 5. Natural Fibers  Banana Fibers  Bamboo Fibers  Pine apple Fibers  Sisal Fibers  Coir /Jute Fibers  Cotton Blend with banana and bamboo fibers
  6. 6. Materials  Banana Sheaths  Bamboo  Sisal Leaf  Pine Apple Leaf  Cotton  NaOH /H2O/CH3COOH
  7. 7. Machines for Banana/Sisal/Pine Apple Banana Stem Cutting Fiber Extraction Machine
  8. 8. Handlooms Rope Making Machine
  9. 9. Stitching Machines Banana cup and plate making machine
  10. 10. Bio-degradable Pot Making Machine (Banana/Sisal/Pine apple waste)
  11. 11. Bamboo Product Making Machines Cutting and Splitting
  12. 12. Slicing and Stick Making
  13. 13. Stick Cutting and Polishing
  14. 14. Tooth Pick machines
  15. 15. Banana/Sisal/PA Fiber Preparation
  16. 16. Bamboo Stick and Tooth Pick Process Cutting Splitting Slicing Stick making and Sizing Polishing Tooth Pick Sharpening
  17. 17. Natural Fibers by Products  Handicraft Product  Babies pampers ,women pad and napkins  Technical and industrial Textile Product  Hygienic Textile Product  Medical Textile  Bathroom Textile  Home Textile  Automobile Product
  18. 18.  Contraction Material  Fiber reinforced and composite materials  Tyre Products  Sports wears and Electronic gadgets covers  Packing Materials  Food Products
  19. 19. Advantages of Natural fiber Product 1. Easy Process and Manually can do it 2. Make our traditional products 3. Natural fiber clothing is more comfortable than synthetic fibre. 4. Natural fiber is less harmful to the environment or less harmful to the environment. 5. There is no harm in the body or human skin.(Non-Allergic) 6. Low cost ,robustness, Strength , durability & availability 7. Bio degradability & Environmental friendly 8. Easily mix with cotton and other fibers to make blending cloths
  20. 20. Comparison with other Fibers ( Banana , Bamboo Sisal and Pine Apple ) Natural fibers Synthetic Fibers Come from Nature Completely Man Made Length Nature Length man made Stable or filament Mostly filament Good GSM Less High Quality and low quality As per man made High Strength Less Less cost and process High (both) No required for chemical Process Need for all Process No Spinning Process Must need Spinning Anybody can do it Only Industrialist can Low Investment Very high Naturally decompose Not decompose (Harmful to nature)
  21. 21. Advantage of this Program  Get awareness about natural fibers and application  Understand about the demand of Banana and other Natural fiber products  Can make cluster arrangement because This place is the cultivation hub of Banana  Make them hope to prepare and sell the natural products as commercial Products  More people will get job during the recession time  Able to make commercial product and teach them how to sell it in the market as fiber and product and manufactures as fiber
  22. 22. Feedbacks Has taken from the Trainees  The training is moderate  This is the first time they are hearing banana and bamboo  Classes and facilities are good  Trainers are good and guide them well  Get hope for earning especially ladies  Thanks for arranging Vehicles to reach locations  Contacted the markets and buyers
  23. 23. Conclusion This research work is part of Department of science and Technology (DST)– Science for Equity, Empowerment and Development (SEED) Division– Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Hub Project (DST File no. DST/SEED/SCSP/STI/2019/127) and would like to thank DST for the sanction of the project and also like to thank Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education for the support to carry out the research work.
  24. 24. Thank you
  25. 25. Training Program Plan Pre Training (1 Day) Training (3 ½ Days) Post Training (1/2 day)
  26. 26. Merits of Sisal and Pine apple
  27. 27. Comparison Advantages
  28. 28. Day and Session Plan Date Morning First Session (9.30 am to 11.00 am) Tea break (11.00 am to 11.15am) Morning Second Session (11.15 am- 12.45 pm) Lunch break (12.45 pm to 1.45 pm) Afternoon First Session (1.45 pm– 3.15 pm) Tea break (3.15 pm to 3.30 pm) Afternoon Second Session (3.30pm -5.00 pm) Not Confirmed SESSION 1 SESSION 2 SESSION 3 SESSION 4 Not Confirmed SESSION 5 SESSION 6 SESSION 7 SESSION 8 Not Confirmed SESSION 9 SESSION 10 SESSION 11 SESSION 12 Not Confirmed SESSION 13 SESSION 14 SESSION 15 SESSION 16 Not Confirmed SESSION 17 SESSION 18 SESSION 19 SESSION 20
  29. 29. Pre Training Schedule (Day 1) Step 1 • Inaugural address • Introductions Step 2 • Cultivations • Product Specifications Step 3 • Real Commercial Products • Ideas to become Entrepreneurs
  30. 30. Training Process Plan ( 3.5 days ) Banana Tree Structure and Cultivations (Day 2 FN) Banana Fiber Extractions (Day 2 AN) Banana Thread Conversions (Day 3 FN) Banana Fabric and Stitching (Day 3 AN) Bamboo Fiber Exactions (Day 4 FN) Bamboo Products and Machines (Day 4 AN ) Banana and Bamboo Handicrafts (Day 5 FN)
  31. 31. Post Training(1/2 Day) MSME Program Commercial Product Application Sales Plan & ideas Demand of Eco friendly Products Economic and socio Status and developments Queries and Feed Back Valedictory Functions
  32. 32. Program Actual Plan Beneficiaries Team (Max.50 Nos. Per Team ) 5 Days Pre -Training (1 Day) Training (3 1/2 Days ) Post Training (1/2 Day) Team 1 (East Block) Inaugural & Introduction Banana & Bamboo Machines Queries and Valedictory Team 2 (West) Inaugural & Introduction Banana & Bamboo Machines Queries and Valedictory Team 3 (North) Inaugural & Introduction Banana & Bamboo Machines Queries and Valedictory Team4 (South) Inaugural & Introduction Banana & Bamboo Machines Queries and Valedictory Team 5 (Central) Inaugural & Introduction Banana & Bamboo Machines Queries and Valedictory
  33. 33. Banana By Product Training Field Visit Structure Sheath Extractions Types of Sheaths Fiber Extraction Drying Handlooms ,Cloth and Stitching Twist and Rope Pot making and Sap Water
  34. 34. Bamboo By Products Training Step 1 • Bamboo cutting • Normal Fiber Extractions Step 2 • Splitting and Slicing • Round Stick and Cutting Step 3 • Polishing • Sharpening ,Packing
  35. 35. Development and Achievements Wastage Management Learn fibers Collect Pseudo-Stem Earnings Entrepreneur Social Status Economically Develop