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Impact Assessment for Climate-Smart Cities


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Invited talk at the Low Carbon City Forum Medellin, LoCal Side Event on Innovative Financing, 10.-12.10.2016

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Impact Assessment for Climate-Smart Cities

  1. 1. Text Text Carbon Track and Trace – CTT Impact Assessment for Climate-Smart Cities Dirk Ahlers, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway Low Carbon City Forum, LoCaL Innovative Financing Medellín, 10.10.2016
  2. 2. t [Wikipedia]
  3. 3. t Cities need insight to drive mitigation [Carl-Erik Eriksson, Trondheim Kommune]
  4. 4. t Carbon Track & Trace – CTT • Monitoring, Evaluating, Reporting, Understanding of city-level greenhouse gas emissions • Both emission inventories and real-time local measurements Sensor Network Inventory Workflow Emissions Monitoring
  5. 5. t Impact Assessment for Climate Finance • Cities need better tools to measure the impact of their Climate Strategies & Actions • Data-driven Emission Monitoring for Impact Assessment • Integration into City Decision Support and Planning • Better GHG accounting leads to better prioritization of mitigation actions • Linking investments (public and private) to demonstrated reduction impacts Measured Data Emission Monitoring Impact Assessment Mitigation Prioritization Targeted Financing GHG Reduction
  6. 6. t Dirk Ahlers
  7. 7. t
  8. 8. t CTT Value Chain Citizens Politicians Planners VisualisationAnalysisCloudAntennasSensors