Its all about your brand


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A good brand is a kept promise. Brands define your organization, create a personality for your product and services, and offer a unique and consistent look and feel for your communications. Over time, brands create a loyal following and support that in times of turmoil are unwavering. This presentation identifies key brand attributes and examples of brands who may have changed their look but their focus always remains the same.

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Its all about your brand

  1. 1. It’s All About Your Brand
  2. 2. What is Brand Identity?• A promise that gets kept consistently• Defines your organization• Creates a personality and life for your product or services• A unique and consistent look, feel, tone and voice for all communications• Over time, it builds awareness of and an attitude towards your organization
  3. 3. About Herd Strategies• After serving over twenty years in the non-profit and corporate communications world, Denise Herd founded the Herd Strategies, a full- service marketing and communications firm. – Herd is responsible for new business development, training and education, creating and guiding clients through the implementation of marketing and communications strategies and managing daily operations. – Through her leadership and vision, Herd Strategies has quickly developed its reputation on a local and national level as a solutions-driven marketing communications firm providing companies with training and strategic communications planning through honest, straightforward advice and counsel. – Provided training and education for AT&T, McDonald’s, Indiana Repertory Theatre and numerous non-profit and corporations throughout the Midwest.
  4. 4. What is Brand Identity?• Strengthens the impact of all messages• Paves the way for new customer relationships• Provides employees with a greater sense of commitment• It’s essential to your success in the marketplace• No business is too small and no product too generic to develop a brand identity
  5. 5. Key Brand Elements• Brand Name – name, tagline, logo• Brand Position – description of your organization• Brand Promise – The single most important thing your organization promises to deliver every time• Brand Personality – What you want your brand to be known for (serious, fun, forceful, imaginative, etc.)
  6. 6. Key Brand Elements• Brand Tone – edgy, humorous, conservative, subtle• Brand Story – your organizational history and how it adds value to the brand, highlights how your products and services grew from that background and how your methodology impacts what you offer• Brand Association – colors, taglines, images, fonts, uniforms, signage, equipment, etc.
  7. 7. Brands . . . Evolve in time
  8. 8. Determine the Purpose of your Brand• Each marketing vehicle requires a unique tweak of the brand to fit the medium – Brochures need more marketing copy and detail – Social Media and Websites are a quick read and interact with the audience – Ads are mini billboards, only the most critical info is needed – Multimedia is entertainment/educational
  9. 9. How Much Does it Cost?• It depends on what you want• The cost range for branding is broad and will be determined based upon the scope of work• Don’t buy the low bid - in all things in life you get what you pay for
  10. 10. Branding Steps• Step One – Learn your marketing objectives and strategy – Prioritize projects – Audit existing and competitive materials and strategies – Interviews/focus groups – Create a timeline
  11. 11. Branding Steps• Step Two – Develop Concepts/taglines – Start visual research – Review initial creative approaches
  12. 12. Branding Steps• Step three – Develop an outline for your concept – Explore design concepts – Begin creating visual materials
  13. 13. Branding Steps• Step Four – Write full copy draft – Revise and write final copy – Start layouts
  14. 14. Branding Steps• Step Five – Review final design• Step Six – Develop final files for use
  15. 15. Developing my Brand
  16. 16. Final Thoughts• One big question to answer is “what does your brand stand for?”• Is it: fearless, unexpected, bold, radical, dreamy, resolute, poetic, secure, undaunted, classy, daring, adventurous, gentle, futuristic individual, powerful, passionate, unwavering, provocative, visionary, wild, dynamic, brave, unorthodox, innovative, curious, intriguing, cool, joyful, fun, smart, etc .
  17. 17. Herd Strategies, llc 245 East 11th Street Indianapolis, IN 46202