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Phonics kn,wr,mb,gh


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Phonics lesson for silent kn, mb, wr, and gh.

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Phonics kn,wr,mb,gh

  1. 1. Phonics 5
  2. 2. Silent kn, wr,mb,and gh  When the letters kn are together in a word, the k is silent as in knee.  When the letter wr are together in a word, the w is silent as in write.  When the letters mb are together in a word, the b is silent as in lamb.  When the letters gh are together in a word, sometimes they are silent as night
  3. 3. knee knock knob knight  wrist  wrestle  wrong  answer  write kn silent words: wr silent words:
  4. 4. comb bomb thumb limb sight light night fight knight mb silent words: gh silent words: