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Visual Studio tricks every dot net developer should know


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Debugging is hard - this is a fact of life. Unfortunately, it’s never planned nor expected. It takes too much time, time we could have spent doing cool stuff - like developing new features for our customers.

But while there are many articles and productivity tools aimed at writing better code – faster, it seems as though it’s impossible to find resources that teach you how to effectively debug your code.

In this talk we’ll explore Visual Studio’s more powerful but lesser known debugging capabilities. We’ll also showcase OzCode and explain how it helps finding and fixing bugs faster.

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Visual Studio tricks every dot net developer should know

  1. 1. Visual Studio debugging tricks every .NET developer should know Dror Helper | | @dhelper | @oz_code
  2. 2. OzCode’s Technical Evangelist Developing software since 2002 Clean Coder & Test Driven Developer Pluralsight author B: T: @dhelper About.ME
  3. 3. Focus on relevant data Instantly analyze exceptions Focus on relevant data Search and Filter collections Get deep insights into your program Automate Common Debugging Tasks
  4. 4. “The process of finding and resolving of defects that prevent correct operation of computer software or a system” Debugging is:
  5. 5. Complicated Never planned Frustrating Stressful Time consuming Debugging is:
  6. 6. Know your tools
  7. 7. Debugging time wasters Cannot reproduce the bug Not knowing where to start Start-to-POI time Multiple restarts during debug
  8. 8. What caused the problem? When was the last time it worked? What have changed? What is the difference? What input caused the problem?
  9. 9. Breakpoints Pause execution - where I tell you So I can inspect my code • Always • Conditional • Trace
  10. 10. Fix – Build – Run cycle To understand how we got there Because we’ve just crashed Why we restart debugging?
  11. 11. Edit & Continue Bad: Fix-Build-Run cycles Good: Fix bugs without stopping debugging Better: In a single debug run Even Better: Avoid stepping over the bug
  12. 12. Working with Data is Hard Problem: Data is usually complex • Huge objects • Hierarchies • Collections Learn More at:
  13. 13. LINQ Debugging
  14. 14. Give it a Try
  15. 15. Thank You! @oz_code @dhelper