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NFC Marketing


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Marketing with NFC tags is the newest way to connect brands with their mobile audiences using digital content in the physical world. NFC will change the way marketing campaigns engage consumers in the real world by creating a bridge between offline and online media. If you're planning to take advantage of this exciting new technology, you're going to want to make sure you get it right the first time, as new technologies require the right solutions to execute properly.

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NFC Marketing

  1. 1. Use of NFC Technology in Marketing and Advertising Presentation by SmartTouch
  2. 2. Are you looking… To generate more leads  Via one touch Special Offers  Touch to Call/SMS facility  One touch Brochure download Provide information digitally, any time any where  Product/Course/Lecture Videos  Course/Lecture/Notes PDFs  Location Map/Directions to your center Real time tracking of your ROI  Number of leads generated  Number of lead converted  Geographic Campaign success analytics …NFC can do this for you
  3. 3. What SmartTouch can offer? NFC Enabled - Smart Posters/Brochures/Magazine Pages/ Kiosks etc.  Promote Specials & Capture Leads  Let your customers know about special deals, publish digital coupons, and announce promotions. Use our mobile lead capture form to let business prospects contact you  Video & Photos  Make printed articles and features come alive with videos and photos that extend your story far beyond what can display on any piece of paper. Visitors touch your NFC tag and instantly view rich media that literally tells your story in the palm of their hand. Upload your own photos or graphics or embed your favourite video clips directly from YouTube
  4. 4. What SmartTouch can offer?  Social Media Sharing  Drive customers to your social media channels where they can engage them with your brand. Centralize all of your social media channels in one place for easy access to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Social-sharing features also make it easy for visitors to share your content with their own friends and social networks for additional exposure  Interactive Contacts at-a-Touch  Customers can jump from your printed advert to make direct contact in an instant. All your contacts are a touch away with SmartTouch, making it easy for visitors to reach you with click-to-call, text messaging, email or contact forms
  5. 5. What SmartTouch can offer?  Mapping and GPS  Mapping features make it easy to pinpoint locations to your office or store locations. Visitors with GPS-enabled can get turn-by-turn directions  Advanced NFC Tag Analytics  After your NFC Tags are published our proprietary system tracks tag taps & collects advanced analytics data over time. View tap activity on each NFC tag to see how the tag is performing, including total and unique taps, date and time of each tap, geo-location information, and user device types
  6. 6. We not only help you enrich your marketing campaigns but also help to track your return on marketing investment Contact us for more details and a personalised demo