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A Complete Guide to Market Mobile Application on Social media


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Here is the compete guide to market mobile application on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin and Pinterest

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A Complete Guide to Market Mobile Application on Social media

  1. 1. A Complete Guide to Market Mobile Application on Social media By Dheeraj Gopa
  2. 2. Top Social Media Platforms• FaceBook• Twitter• Youtube• Linkedin• Pinterest
  3. 3. Mobile App Marketing on FaceBook: Pre-Launch Strategy
  4. 4. Creating a page by choosing thesuitable segment for the application
  5. 5. Choose the most appropriate category for your app
  6. 6. Try uploading tailored graphics on profile picture and cover photo
  7. 7. Let your target users know about the app• By Facebook ads
  8. 8. • By Promoted posts
  9. 9. Talk about your app on similar interest facebook pages• For instance, if your app is related to health and fitness go to similar pages and talk about your app.
  10. 10. Mobile App Marketing onFaceBook: Post-Launch Strategy
  11. 11. Ways to engage users on FaceBook• By conducting contests
  12. 12. • Free give away of codes
  13. 13. Ways Keep your users updated• With all related news (Daily basis)• With all related articles (Weekly basis)• With app reviews (monthly basis)• With new versions of the app (On release)
  14. 14. Mobile App Marketing on Twitter
  15. 15. Create Twitter Page for your app
  16. 16. Tools To Find Potential Users for your application• With Twitter search (
  17. 17. • With Follower wonk
  18. 18. Ways to Promote Your App with Twitter AdsPromote Your tweet or page
  19. 19. Mobile App marketing on Youtube
  20. 20. Ways to Promote your App on Youtube• Create a channel for the app• Upload all the videos related to the app that includes trailers, demo and video review• Optimize the description of the videos with all possible keywords and web links ( Facebook page, Twitter page and iTunes or Google play links)
  21. 21. Ways to engage users on Youtube• Post app video link in all the possible social media platforms.• Request users to subscribe for further updates.• Respond to comments asap
  22. 22. Other Video platforms You Can Use to Get Maximum Exposure• Vimeo •• NetFlix •• Hulu • Veoh• Daily motion • Ustream• Metacafe • Video bash• My Space • OV guide• Yahoo! screen • Vevo
  23. 23. Mobile App Marketing on Linkedin
  24. 24. Way to Promote Your App on Linkedin• Join groups on Linkedin• Connect with people/companies you are interested in• Try using Linkedin Partner Message to engage more users
  25. 25. Mobile App Marketing on Pinterest
  26. 26. Ways to Promote Your App on Pinterest• Create a profile for the app• Pin all the possible screenshots and videos of the app and let users know about the app
  27. 27. Thank YouFor more tips on mobile app marketing please visit