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Sameer's b'day2


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Sameer's b'day2

  1. 1. Dostana Partner-1 No comments…!! IIM-L Marathi Connection Dostana Partner-2 MDI- G PGP-3 PGP-1
  2. 2. After 9 Months of fruitful -He CANT STAND onRelationship… his feet now…!!Bloody he dropped hisdirty JACKET in some - He found GOPI moreTam PGP1’S Room… !!! interesting than me ….!! “NOT FIT “Sameer :- “ I will burn that - ONCE UPON A TIME…!!!bloody Jacket “
  3. 3. IIML- After 2 Months of romanticrelationship…came to know she has BF& getting married soon..!!!Very confusing….Does shereally…!!Sameer:- but “ Our match is GOOD…” DM ( Girls name):- Sameer, You looks like Aamir..!! Sameer:- You looks like Bipasha….(too hot to handle) . Sameer to frinds- Yaar, I cant handle her…!!
  4. 4. Sameer:- “ Shelikes IDLI morethan POHA, butstill – “ NOCOMMENTS “
  5. 5. The Unconventional Love I want all guys in FII this time! Now we know why Sameer is the Publi PoC Result Mr. X says “Rain, bike ride and Sameer! Nothing gets better”
  6. 6. Yaar…log daaru kyun peete hai? Kya se kya ho Kitni buri cheez hai…Ram Ram Ram Gaya…!!! Abe PEG banao jaldi se!!!PANDA SCHOOLfor the boozically challenged
  7. 7. Plz come anddo the honorstonight!!