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Dhawal Ajmera Profile

  2. 2.  Food cost champion for the yearSustained food cost at 20% against the budget of 20% Headed kitchen team in the ICC cricket world cup catering and catered to Mumbaimatches at the Wankhede Stadium Designed Atomization chart for down the line staff, making all responsible for theultimate output Kitchen training in charge of the unit and obtained 10 Training Hour/ Associate Created self sufficient service design for the Banquets operations Won Silver medal at the National Chef’s Competition held by Western India Chef’sAssociation
  3. 3. Revenue :• Food Promotions to contribute to the budgeted Food & Beverage Revenue of the hotelQuality:• Sustained Guest Satisfaction Index of 93% for the department• Innovative food promotions for sustainable development• GREEN BANQUETTING initiative : Introduced slow food movement in banquets, as a pioneer we have also introduced the concept to the banquet contract (concepts like Locavore, Slow food, reducing the carbon foot prints etc)• International Dishes crafted with the Locavore ingredients is a part of our latest addition towards Sustainable Luxury initiative. Effort is to create dishes with Lower carbon foot printsCost:• Food cost champion for the year, sustained food cost at 20%• Atomized food cost budget to each chef and each outlet for better control• Food Cost allocation for each day for sustenance as per the revenue budget of the day
  4. 4.  Times now with Kunal Vijaykar for the Foodie show Promotional shoot for with Matt Preston from the fame of Master Chef Australia Stories in various news papers about the food for Monsoon Story on one pot dishes with Mumbai Mirror with Sonal Ved Brand endorsement in the capacity of Brand Ambassador Chef for the KOI newly launched product, “KOI master chef collection Masala Mixes”- TV shoots and news paper, magazine reviews for the same Various TV and news paper reviews in regards with our “Food for Urban Health” initiative Christmas turkey cooking video for Rediff.com for 2009 and 2010 Featured on the home page of the rediff.com on both the occasions Javed Gaya from the DNA wrote an article on “Tastes and Trends”, on the Vietnamese BASA promotion of the ITC Grand Central, and highly appreciated the new concept in the same Article with Mumbai Mirror for the recipes with Eggs called “Going the Eggstra Mile”
  5. 5. Kunal Vijaykar, Anchor, Times Now –The Foodiefeatured ITC Grand Central in two episodes - ChefFarooqui with North Indian dishes and Chef DhavalAjmera with international dishes with localingredients
  6. 6. Significant Achievement : Financial Performance
  7. 7. Cost benefits themes Budget allocated to every individual kitchen for the food cost as per the budgeted monthly revenue Kitchen wise Cost tracking  Cost for every segregated kitchen is being generated and is being tracked on daily basis. Helping each chef to focus continuously Daily tracing of the order of the day through HIMS “A” grade product are being tracked on periodically for the continuous focus Food consumption chart prepared for Banquets and Coffee shop Buffets Meat and perishable Indents signed by the department chef and counter signed by Executive chef for very strict controls on over production Segregation of consumables in different bits and chef attached to each for control on each for Atomization Product FPR  Vegetables and fruits Chef Sakshi  Meats and Butchery Chef Haroon/ Chef Dhawal  Groceries and others Chef Dhawal  Dairy and other perishables Chef Dhawal
  8. 8. Cost Savings Initiatives Cost Savings in LacsTo reduce the consumption of Hariyali Mawa 0.08To reduce the consumption of Gucci (morels) 0.52To reduce the consumption of almond flakes 0.07Reduction in the consumption of Ghole fillet 1.78Reduce the consumption of Buffalo tenderloin 0.11To reduce the consumption of cashew nut broken 0.35To reduce the consumption of Hungarian Salami 0.12To reduce the consumption of Lobster (700-900gm) 0.32Reduction in the consumption of prawns of 18-22 size for reduced cost 0.74To reduce the consumption of counter Malai paneer 0.20To reduce the consumption of grouper fillet 0.05To reduce the consumption of chicken breast boneless 0.30Reduce the consumption of Buffalo tenderloin 0.35To reduce the consumption of Lobster (700-900gm) 0.09To reduce the consumption of counter Malai paneer 0.27To reduce the consumption of chicken breast boneless 0.14To reduce the consumption of unsalted butter 0.82To reduce the consumption of Almond Flakes 0.04To reduce the consumption of cashew nut broken 0.02To reduce the consumption of Hariyali Mawa 0.06To reduce the consmption of Hungarian Salami 0.24Reduction in the consumption of prawns of 18-22 size 0.07Total Cost Savings 6.74
  9. 9. Month Festival type Theme Specially hand crafted Pasta brand was displayed on theMay 2011 Pasta promotion Coffee shop buffet New Winnovations from Chefs as theJun 2011 Andhra festival same would happen first time Lebanese FoodJul 2011 New idea through Voice Of Customers promotionAug2011 Parsi new year Looking at the Parsi community aroundSept 2011Oct 2011Nov 2011Dec 2011Jan 2012Feb 2012Mar 2012
  10. 10. Significant Achievement : Concept Development
  11. 11. Mexican Street SaladMEXICAN STREET SALADS, which aremade live and displayed for the coffeeshop and banquet buffets. The samehelps in upgrading the over allexperience and pairing it with the overall buffet. New concept would also bedwelled up on and whole new theme ofstreet Mexican cuisine to be developedand show case for the Banquets/ Coffeeshop experience
  12. 12. Korean Steak BarA high end steak bar was created for the hi profile Banquet event, where inthe meats were marinated with various Asian Spices and served grill to theguests with the traditional accompaniments. The same was a big Hit in theevent and would be standardize the same for up coming banquet events asinnovative LIVE counter.
  13. 13. Tapas BarAn innovative Tapas bar menu has been crafted and introduced in our coffee shop. Thisadds on as a part of our daily interactive live counters providing our guest an healthyoption as part of their appetizers and also customize it as per their preferences. The Tapasbar will be based on various themes such as Terra Madre, SPA cuisine etc which willenhance our coffee shop buffet spread
  14. 14. Lebanese Mezze & Antipasti FusionFor a very high end Banquet event chef had crafted Live Lebanese salad and Antipasti fusionbar which consisted of cold Lebanese salads and warm antipasti served with soft pita andtraditional accompaniments designed in a way that can go with either of the cuisines. Thesame was instant hit and best of best from both the cuisines was displayed together for theguest to choose from. The station was called “ Grand central fusion station”. The same ispart of the menu now and is sold at the premium for the Banquet events.
  15. 15. Locavore Juice bar for Terra Madre day Local product Broken wheat And display organic veg Pulao Whole wheat and Organic flour breads Training conducted by Chef and for Buffet Welcom lab regarding awareness World health day100 cities, 100 lives is the slogan statement for WHO’s year of health where the concentration would on URBAN LIFE STYLEAND FOOD HABITS. On the same lines we had celebrated world health day where in the guest was guided by the chef aboutfood habits for the urban life style and how would it change than otherwise. Special salads, main course, and desserts were created in the same manner displaying LIFE STYLE FOOD for more stressed life styles in today’s cities .
  16. 16. Food FOR Urban HealthFor our regular Banquet Corporate Guests we have taken the concept of FOOD FOR URBAN HEALTH to the next level by adding a healthy and fat free curry in the banquet food preparation, the same is also been tagged accordingly for educating the guests. It has been received very well by our regular guests.
  17. 17. Hearty Ravioli and Artisan PASTA Bar As our endeavor to continuously improve banquet buffet offerings we have introduced, Ravioliand pasta bar as Chef’s live counter. The counter consists of Ravioli with various stuffing and other had made artisan pastas with a large spread of Sauces and Condiments. The same is been offered in the high profile social events which has created WOW, as the old favorite pasta bar specially crafted for guests.
  18. 18. Hearty Ravioli and Artisan PASTA Bar
  19. 19. Cooking with Flowers
  20. 20. Significant Achievement : Business Development
  21. 21. Indep Parsi ende F estiv nce D al ay Oktoberfe st F estival @ H ornby’s Pavilion
  22. 22. Ice Cream S Ecuador Fo andwiches od Festival Hornby’s P @Promotion avilion @ Hornby’s
  23. 23. Grill IT Grill IT Health Food Health Food Passion called pasta Passion called pastaNew Year New Year Father’s day Father’s day Maharashtra Day Maharashtra Day
  24. 24. Terra Madre (Mother Earth) Daycommemorates slow food movement& Locavore to encourage local foodproduce and to reduce the carbonfootprint. Grand Central observed10th Dec as Terra Madre Day at theHornbys Pavilion to spreadawareness 30
  25. 25. Local product display Locavore Juice Bar Live Salad bar with Organic ingredientsSemolina and spinach Gnocchi Broken wheat & organic veg Terra Madre Day Buffet tags Pulao
  26. 26. Whole wheat and Organic flour breads for BuffetWhole wheat and Organic flour breads for Buffet
  27. 27. Hornby’s Pavilion24*7 with a Divergence
  28. 28. • Choices of western breakfast dishes / health offerings for the international traveler• Scrumptious Indian offering in the • A designated steward on the go and serve oven fresh breakfast bakeries from table breakfast, are being served with to table the Hornby’s elegant touch and care • Breakfast rolls served fresh from the
  29. 29. • Live Sandwich Bar part of the lunch buffet• Most celebrated ITC Biryani to • Different “Roast of the day” for the delicate curries & delectable the Dinner buffet desserts
  30. 30. Ideate post Mid nightSizzling Tuesday All your Tuesday’s here at Hornby’s would be on fire with our selection of sizzlers. Don’t miss the most traditionalWonderful Wednesday Sumptuous and sinful dessert for the ladies night across the cityGo the Eggstra Mile Thursday Eggy mid night spread on a weekday, consisting of humongous variety of dishes made with eggs and served with traditional accompaniments
  31. 31.  Live Shawarma with Extensive Mezze Bar Live Pasta/ Tossed Vegetables/ Western Grills Kebab Galore - Extensive Selection of Tandoori and Tawa Kebabs on Mahi Tawas served with Roomali Roti Kids Buffet - Selection of Chicken Hotdogs , Vegetable Burgers, Fried Vegetable and Non Vegetarian Nuggets served with Different Mayonnaise Based Dressing "Pizzaz with Pizzas" - A Selection of Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Pizza on Circulation Live Waffle, Pancake Station along with Sauces, Condiments Kids Cookie Counter - with Premade Cookies and Marzipan and rolled Fondant Decorative along with the Live Chocolate Fountain
  32. 32. Successful Completion of Projects
  33. 33. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY : : Food Cost Reduction EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Food Cost ReductionPROBLEM STATEMENT :Gross food cost for the duration (May to Jan) is 30%, Net food cost is 23% against the budget of 21%.Food cost per cover for the same duration is Rs.175 against the budget of Rs.169GOAL STATEMENT : Reduce food cost to the level equal or below Rs. 161 per cover
  34. 34. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY : :Kitchen Equipment Maintenance Schedules EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Kitchen Equipment Maintenance SchedulesUNIT : ITC Grand CentralLEADER: Dhaval AjmeraMEMBERS: Chef Gaurav Surve, Chef Ishmeet Singh , Chef Sumeet Rohela, Ram Shanker DhuriyaPROBLEM STATEMENT :At present there are 10 % of equipment that are notworking and 4 % equipment that are working withsome trouble. At present we are not having any daily ACTION PLANNING MATRIX- EQUIPMENT MAINTENENCEstatus checklist for equipment so we are unable to findout mean time between failure & also the mean time ACTION PLAN FPR STATUSbetween recovery of equipment. Coordination between Outlets – Chef’s & Engineering Chef in Charge/Area Engg Done personnel. SupervisorIMPROVEMENT IDEAS : Systematic checking & updation of History Card , Chef in Charge/Area Engg• Increase equipment handling knowledge/skills information sharing . Supervisor WIP• Reduction in down time if tracking is done on a Creating a checklist & daily updation – ensuring effective monitoring of equipment. Area Engg Supervisor WIP regular basis (equipment history maintenance) Locating local multiple vendor’s with available spares’ for Sriram/ Area Engg• Internal customer satisfaction existing equipment . Supervisor Initiated• Make a repertoire of supplier’s & products available Timely release of payment to vendor for spares supplied. UFC/Asst Chief Engineer Initiated with them• Improvement in production time & quality of food Monitoring usage & correct operating procedures . Chef in Charge Done• Reduction in costs’( time /energy/manpower) Coordinating with Engineering/DLC’s, creating SPL’s , DLC- Kitchen/Engineering On going• External customer satisfaction training plans and execution.
  35. 35. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY : :Rationalizing banquet food cost through menu costing EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Rationalizing banquet food cost through menu costingUNIT : ITC Grand CentralLEADER: Dhaval AjmeraMEMBERS: Sakshi Jalota, Manali Dadarkar RanePROBLEM STATEMENT :Banqueting contributes to a significant portion of the revenue of a hotel Food cost is one of the majorcosts involved in a banquet function which can impact the profits generated. There are no set guidelinesavailable for effective banquet buffet costing for optimization of profits & it is generally left to thediscretion of the banquet manager, hence the need to the do projectGOAL STATEMENT :•Keeping the food cost under 16% for the year•To design appropriate methodology for formulating Banquet menu in tandem with the rates to ensureconsistencyIMPROVEMENT IDEAS:• Banquet Chef’s Involvement through out the menu making process• Food cost related training to the banquet sales team• Assigning A and B Types to High and low costs dishes of the banquets by the banquet chefs• Structured matrix for banquet manager for better negotiation for banquet menus• Proper tracking of the rates offered and menu to be set. Overselling to be avoided in case of low rated menus After the implementation of the improvement ideas, the unit was able to control the After the implementation of the improvement ideas, the unit was able to control the Banquet food cost at 16% for the said period Banquet food cost at 16% for the said period
  36. 36. Short Listed for theBhikura m jainnational Artawards 2012