Plant diseases


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Some plant diseases

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Plant diseases

  1. 1.  Some micro organisms cause diseases in plants.The study of disease condition is known as PathologyThe Organisms that cause disease are called PathogensPathogens are present among bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa.
  2. 2. Spread of disease from one individual to another is called transmission.In some cases pathogen may be transferred by agents called Vectors.Study of diseases in plants is called Plant PathologyThe changes in the functioning of the bodies shown in disease conditions are called Symptoms.
  3. 3.  We will study few diseases affecting plants like Rice, Wheat, Sugarcane and Ground nut.
  4. 4. Leaf Blight in Rice : Leaf Blight in Rice Is caused by a bacteria. The disease occurs during the months of July to October It is characterized by the presence of a long yellow or straw coloured lines with wavy margins on leaf. The diseased leaf dries up from the tip to base. In severe infection, entire paddy crop gives a burnt appearance. Bacteria spread from affected leaves to healthy leaves through droplets of water or by direct contact of healthy leaf with an affected leaf. Even seeds are affected by this disease. Sowing of infected seeds lead to the reappearance of the disease in the next crop. Infected seeds should be treated with chemicals or hot water before sowing
  5. 5. In severe infection, entirepaddy crop gives a burntappearance
  6. 6. Blast of Rice : Blast of Rice Is produced by a fungus. Symptoms are prominent on leaves. Infection also occurs on leaf sheaths and stem parts including the grain. Steam and leaf are covered with fluffy white hyphae of the fungus. Plant cells in the infected area are killed by the fungus and the part with dead cells changes its colour to brown. Central part of the spot appear pale yellow with a dark brown border. If the leaves are infected early, they drop off. Grain falls off if the infection occurs below the grain. There will be a loss in total yield of the grain.
  7. 7. Silk fabrics are - bright strong and light in weight
  8. 8. Wheat Rust :Wheat Rust The most common fungal disease in wheat.Brown or rust coloured pustules appear on leaves and stem.Infection causes premature falling of leaves and reduces yield.variety of wheat resistant to rust diseases have been developed.
  9. 9. Red rot in sugarcane: A common disease in sugar-cane is red rot. Leaves are affected by disease. The inner part of cane become red in colour. Diseased cane should not be allowed to grow in the field. It should not be used for sowing in the next season. Sugar-cane plants with this disease should be taken out and burnt far away from the field. Disease resistant varieties should be used to prevent the attack of this fungal disease.
  10. 10. Tikka Disease :Tikka Disease is a common disease in ground nut .In the diseased condition, many circulars spots appear on the surface of the leaf .The conidia of the fungus present in soil or those present in the fruit shell is the source of infection.Use of fungicides controls the disease.
  11. 11. Presentation by:CVVMMK DhavejiSchool Assistant ScienceTaylor High SchoolNarsapur- 534275Andhra