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Emotions & moods organisation behavior

This presentation is on Organisation Behavior-Emotions & Moods.
Covers all the relevant topics..!!

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Emotions & moods organisation behavior

  1. 1. Emotions & Moods A Presentation by: Dhaval GurnaniK.S.School of Business Management Ahmedabad.
  2. 2. EMOT I NS AND M DS
  3. 3. What is Affect?Affect is a broad range of feelings that people experience.
  4. 4. AffectEmotions Moods
  5. 5. What are emotions and moods? Emotions are intense feelings that are directed at someone or something. Moods are feelings that tend to be less intense than emotions and that lack a contextual stimulus.
  6. 6. DurationEmotions are very brief (seconds or minutes)Moods lasts longer thanemotions(hours or days)
  7. 7. Orientation Emotions are Action oriented.Moods are cognitive in nature.
  8. 8. CausationEmotions are caused by specific event.Cause of mood is often general & unclear.
  9. 9. ExpressionEmotions are accompanied by distinct facial expression. Moods are generally not indicated by distinct expressions.
  10. 10. DimensionEmotions are specific & numerous in nature. Moods have only twodimension ; i.e., Positiveeffect or Negative Effect.
  11. 11. Feeling of pleasure, contentment due to fortunate event is ‘Happiness’
  12. 12. Yes..!!Tomorrowis Sunday..!!
  13. 13. A feeling of expectation & desire is ‘Hope’
  14. 14. Hope..!! Professoris ABSENT today..!!
  15. 15. Feeling envious of someone else’s possessions, achievements, or advantages
  16. 16. Rahul got77% and I gotonly 75%.....
  17. 17. To discover suddenly the unexpected,then we are ‘Surprised’
  18. 18. Friends at 00:00 towish me Birthday wida cake.Wat a pleasantsurprise..!!
  19. 19. ‘Anger’ is a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure or hostility
  20. 20. No off onSunday…grrrrrr
  21. 21. An intense feeling of deep affection is ‘Love’
  22. 22. Oh wow..!!She loves metoo….
  23. 23. Feeling Dissatisfaction & a lack of fulfilment leads to ‘frustration’
  24. 24. AnotherASSIGNMENT….I am sofrustrated….!!
  25. 25. An unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger,pain or harm is ‘Fear’
  26. 26. I think Mamwill ask me the‘CASE FACTS’
  27. 27. Feeling of sorrow or unhappiness is ‘sadness’
  28. 28. Kisi kaASSIGNMENTnahimila…!!*sob*
  29. 29. When you are not included in group,you feel ‘left out’
  30. 30. Feeling of Intense dislike for or strong aversion leads to ‘Hatredness’
  31. 31. When you go through a sudden upsetting event,you are ‘shocked’ What..?? Only 20 sms per day..!!
  32. 32. Felt EmotionsAn individual’s actual emotions.Example—Yuvraj Singh had tears of happiness immediately afterwinning the World Cup .
  33. 33. Emotions of Raju Rastogi in 3 idiots when he got his placement….were ‘felt emotions’
  34. 34. Displayed EmotionsEmotions that are organizationally required and considered appropriate in a given job.
  35. 35. Displayed Emotion
  36. 36. Air Hostess or Stewards in Aviation Industry
  37. 37. At Funeral
  38. 38. At Wedding Procession— ‘Baarat’
  39. 39. Surface Acting Hiding one’s inner feelings andforgoing emotional expressions in response to display rules.
  40. 40. Surface ActingA car salesman is hiding his‘anger’ towards a customer who had long test driveand still does not purchase the car. Still the Car Salesman smiles and says ‘Come Again Sir..!!’
  41. 41. Deep ActingTrying to modify one’s true inner feelings based on display rules.
  42. 42. Doctor trying to genuinely feel more empathy for his patients is ‘deep acting’