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Launch of Vanilla App for Android and iPhone Platform

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Final Vanilla App Ppt01

  1. 1. vanilla app (For Android / iPhone)
  2. 2. index• Mobile Market Mania• Traditional App Development v Our Vanilla App Approach• Vanilla App Intro• Vanilla App Features• Few examples to demonstrate App Usage
  3. 3. • Some of the statistics about Upcoming mobile market is: – Over 500 million mobile users worldwide – Growing very rapidly – Uniform Marketing since audience coverage from 15-64 years old – A cost effective means as compared to full fledged website marketing – Quickly mobile web browsing is replacing traditional web browsing largely due to Android and iOS platform – This medium is growing very fast owing to reduce handset prices, attractive internet facility and easy usability for a customer
  4. 4. Traditional: Our Newest Approach:• List down and Give your complete requirement • Our experience suggest most 90% SME’s have a making sure you don’t miss anything similar kind of requirement• Selected vendor will quote as a custom app , • Basic offerings are provided like About us, Images defining your each point gallery, content stack and email opt in form which are required by almost all firm• You request a admin interface to manage the app • In addition you will also be provided with admin interface to manage the content on the app , plus• Checking and final modifications made industry standard features for scalability to be able to fully grow in a mature application• App finally goes live and you give a handsome amount for it as it’s a customised app for your needs • We also provide other advanced features for your special case requirements• On an average this above process takes approx 1 month and $1000-$3500 • Hassle-free process and you just concentrate on design aspect• Its a cumbersome process for any company in today’s age • What’s amazing all our basic features including admin panel only for $399 (Price applicable only for introductory offer)
  5. 5. Main objectives of Our App are: » Enhance you Brand Image » Reach to wider range of audiences » Stay offline on your clients phone » Providing up-to-date information » Newer and exciting way to promote your services » Fastest way for displaying offers and schemes » You can view our Vanilla App-Demo
  6. 6. AppFeatures 1) App – About Us, Gallery, Blog/Services and Contact Us – This icons can be modified to suite ur needs – All the content in this app is controlled from central admin 2) About Us – briefly describes about industry, your company’s offerings and team 3) Gallery – This section displays images of your company or portfolio or your personal pics , images are equal to 1000 words , this sections can be renamed and used for you many requirements 4) Blog/Services – This icon displays your company’s upto date info about latest offers/services/schemes, content services or news , FAQ etc 5) Contact us – This page includes contact form, address and social media icons etc
  7. 7. Few examples to demonstrate App Usage:
  8. 8. Hotel and Restaurents• To provide detail info like about us, images, our services and contact us• Helps to increase user database• User friendly and easy to use• A perfect platform for running any promotional campaign
  9. 9. Retail industry• To provide detail info like about us, images, our services and contact us• Location is a heart for any Retail outlets and this App helps you provide detailed info• Captive audience is possible• New offerings/services/offers- all can be easily communicated
  10. 10. Multi-Plexes• To provide detail info like about us, images, our services and contact us• New Releases, Show-timings, Rate and Seat availability- all can be conveniently describe• Major target audience for any multiplexes is youth and youth are mostly targetted by this app• The best way to promote your services
  11. 11. Educational Colleges• To provide detail info like about us, images, our services and contact us• Describing course, curriculum, faculties and major courses of specialization• Directly promoting your institute to the students• Best way to stay connected with your audience
  12. 12. Automobile Sector• To provide detail info like about us, images, our services and contact us• Description of newly launch models, car accessories and tools and info about service outlets will be provided• Festive season offers, benefits and other latest happenings easily described• Helps in building brand loyalty
  13. 13. Tourism Industry• To provide detail info like about us, images, our services and contact us• Festive season offers, benefits and other latest tours can be conveniently described• Easy means to reach wider audiences across the globe• Can be updated timely for providing latest tour info
  14. 14. Contact Us:• For further details, you can contact us on following mediums: – App Demo: Vanilla App – E-mail ID: – Skype ID: archisys.dhaval – Company URL: – Contact: +91 8866635153 [GMT +5.30]