Open Source is good for you


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Slides for my talk "Open Source is good for you" at ACCU 2012.

With this talk, I tried to introduce open source to people working in a closed source environment - especially those that may be afraid of open source. Therefore, the talk simplifies things a bit and also tells people to stay away from the GPL for now, as the licence implications may get you into trouble in such an environment.

Note: I'm not advocating against the GPL. In fact, I'm involved in an open source project that's released under the GPL. All I'm saying here is that if you try to "sneak" the idea of open source into a corporation, the GPL is probably not the sort of licence you want to start with.

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Open Source is good for you

  1. 1. Open Sourceis good for you Dirk Haun, ACCU 2012
  2. 2. We need softwarethat does X ...
  3. 3. write it yourself ...
  4. 4. buy /licence
  5. 5. Open Source
  6. 6. Stopreinventingthe wheel!
  7. 7. Benefits of Open Source?less vendor dependency 44% lower cost 22% better customization 17% better security 3% no advantage 14% 0 10 20 30 40 50, "not a scientific sample"
  8. 8. You could benefit fromother peoples work* * by following some simple rules
  9. 9. Lets talk about ... Licences
  10. 10. proprietory Open Source
  11. 11. copyleft permissive
  12. 12. proprietoryGPL OS licences BSD,LGPL Apache, etc.
  13. 13. look for an OSI-approved licence &avoid anything with "GPL" (for now)
  14. 14. @dirkhaun•Start with something small•Pick an OSI-approved licence•Avoid the GPL (for now)
  15. 15. CreditsPresentation: Dirk Haun,Tag cloud made with Wordle, based on a list from OSS WatchPhotos via Flickr, in order of appearance:"Sweet Summer Rainbow Fruit Salad" by D. Sharon Pruitt,"Black Sheep vs White Sheep" by Leon Riskin,"01 (227)" by Victor1558,"Typing" by Sebastien Wiertz,"£50" by Images Money,"return undefined;" by nyuhuhuu,"the shoe wheel bike" by emerson12,"I want you to be an Open Source Developer" by Lenz Grimmer,"Condoms" by Robert Elyov,"thumbs up" by anthony kelly,"Thank you" by Margherita J. L. Lisoni