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Google Summer of Code 2011 (German)

My presentation (in German) at the Google Summer of Code infosession in Stuttgart, Germany. Explains what the program is, how it works, and provides tips for students and their application.

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Google Summer of Code 2011 (German)

  1. 1. $5000
  2. 2. Motivation
  3. 3. Für den Lebenslauf
  4. 4. Ist Google böse ?
  5. 5. Organisationenbewerben sich beiGoogle,Liste am 18. März
  6. 6. Studenten bewerben sichbei den Organisationen,28. März - 8. April
  7. 7. Bewertung der Bewerbungen,Liste der Studenten 25. April
  8. 8. Community Bonding Period
  9. 9. Coding Period23. Mai - 22. August
  10. 10. Evaluation
  11. 11. Erfolgsquote 2010 11 %89 %
  12. 12. "I figured, hey, theyknow Im a student so they must know I dont know everything yet... So I figured I would apply and see how it went."
  13. 13. Frühzeitigengagieren
  14. 14. Kontakt aufnehmen
  15. 15. Ideenliste vs.meine Idee
  16. 16. Die Bewerbung
  17. 17. Q&A
  18. 18.➟ GSoC 2011➟ Frequently Asked Questions Student Guide
  19. 19. Meet yourMentors
  20. 20. CreditsPresentation: Dirk Haun,GSoC Logo: Google,Linux Journal cover via KatherineD on,GSoC Mentor Summit group photo via google-opensource.blogspot.comOther photos via Flickr, in order of appearance:"Twenties" by The.Comedian,"Thinking..." by Klearchos Kapoutsis,"Creative hire Resume T-shirt by BlackBirdTees" (A + B) by SOCIALisBETTER,"Sleepy Queue Day ?" by surprise truck,"erin and i wait in line for the costume ball" by striatic,"Winners podium moves along to Stage 7" by MoBikeFed,"Anéis | Rings" by Jeff Belmonte,"first class" by DArcy Norman,"Meeting Lille Metropole" by fdecomite,"Good Morning with coffee" by,"Conversation" by atomicjeep,"Ideas never run out" by adihrespati,"Instructions" by flattop341,"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart" by katerha