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Derek Hatchett Portfolio 2010 Rev2


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Derek Hatchett Portfolio 2010 Rev2

  1. 1. DEREK HATCHETT – Design Portfolio of Selected Projects
  2. 2. IDEXX Lasercyte Bloodtester : Led the design and development effort of a client’s veterinary blood testing apparatus. Responsible for over fifty plastic, sheet metal, and mechanical sub-assembly components. Managed the design, engineering, prototype fabrication, tooling design, documentation and quality control. Worked closely with client over the course of four months to design a mechanically prudent, injection-moldable, and easily assembled product that exceeded expectations for quality, reliability, and cost. TRUSTWORTHY
  3. 3. EMO LABS Thin-Film Audio : Leading the design and development of a completely novel audio technology in a multi-million dollar venture-backed startup company. Responsible for determining company’s strategic direction, managing product design efforts, analyzing technical issues, managing external consultants, interfacing with technical counterparts at customers, identifying and qualifying domestic and overseas vendors, cost estimation, manufacturing support and debug, reliability and performance life testing, product planning and market research. GROUND-BREAKING
  4. 4. BOSTON ACOUSTICS Pro-Series .5 : Led the product design and development effort of Boston Acoustics’ flag-ship automotive product line the ‘Pro-Series’. The product line consists of six different die-cast aluminum baskets ranging in size from 4” to 12”, a revolutionary tweeter, and four corresponding cross-over networks. Eleven products released within a six-week time period. Built prototypes, worked closely with numerous suppliers, DFM/DFA, designed packaging, and literature. Expected sales generation over the product’s lifetime is estimated at $30 million. Patented subwoofer design. POWERFUL
  5. 5. US GENOMICS GENE ENGINE : Responsible for the design and development of a client’s DNA Analyzer – unit analyzes DNA molecules optically, using five onboard lasers to identify markers and map the majority of the molecule in a single test. Responsible for the design of all internal and external user-interaction points, power and pneumatic control layout, temperature regulation, and vibration isolation. Managed all aspects of prototype/production assembly. Six-month project that exceeded the customer’s expectations for cost, serviceability, and aesthetics. Winner IDSA award. FOCUS
  6. 6. LOGITECH QuickCam® Pro 3000 : Led the design and development effort of Logitech’s high-end monitor-top camera. The industrial design called for an organically sculpted base unit that was sturdy enough to hold the camera head in its precise location. Extremely difficult cost constraints and an even tighter development timeline. Design was completed over the course of two months. Awarded design patent. ORGANIC
  7. 7. BOSTON ACOUSTICS Avidea Home Theater System : Led the design and development effort of Boston’s flagship home theater system. The system consists of a console, five aluminum extrusion satellite speakers and center channel, a subwoofer, touch-screen RF remote control, stands, and brackets. Heraled as a simple-to-use, hassle-free system that appealed to men, women, audiophiles and technophobes. Project lasted six months and required coordination with contract manufacturers on three continents. SIMPLICITY
  8. 8. LIFE-SAVING LABNOW Diagnostic Instrument : Led the design and development effort of LabNow’s point-of-patient HIV/AIDS diagnostic instrument. Funded by the Gates Foundation and incorporating micro-fluidic technology from the University of Texas, the instrument was portable, rugged, inexpensive and fast so that in-field health providers could instantly diagnose a patient’s CD4 count and viral load. This vital information can be used to determine a patient’s treatment protocol while tracking progress. Micron-level optical resolution, three-axis motion control, vibration isolation and micro-fluidics are just a few of the technical challenges that needed to be solved.
  9. 9. P&G Baby Care Product Line-up Strategy : Design strategy project for P&G’s Baby Care division that lasted nearly six months. Project included in-depth consumer research and learning on three continents, integration with P&G’s highest-level marketing, engineering, and manufacturing leaders, and identification of a long-term product introduction strategy. Presented a ten-year Pampers product roadmap which established a clear strategic line differentiation, a long-term design language vision, and a cohesive technological innovation stream. Initial product launch using this design strategy was Pampers Cruisers, which was heralded as the most successful new product launch in Pampers’ history. STRATEGY
  10. 10. CHAR-BROIL Gas Grill Product Line-up : Led the design and development of Char-Broil’s domestically produced line of gas grills. The product lineup consists of four distinct design families for different retailers (Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, etc.) Each product family has different cooking and storage options ranging in size, number, and features. Entire lineup was conceived and developed over the course of four months exceeding client’s expectations for cost, manufacturability, and delivery. Particularly noteworthy about this effort is that it allowed a US-based production facility to remain operational. PLATFORM
  11. 11. TELETROL ebuilding HVAC Controller : Led the design and development effort of a client’s flag-ship HVAC controller unit – a web-based facility automation system Design consists of a removable controller module that interfaces with a stationary power module. Responsible for all aspects of the mechanical design, prototyping, and production coordination. Design was done over the course of four months and exceeded the customer’s expectations for quality, cost, and aesthetic appeal. Winner IDSA award. INNOVATIVE
  12. 12. BOSTON ACOUSTICS BA635 : Led the product design and development effort of Boston Acoustics’ BA635 (a three-piece multi-media speaker system). Design was completed over the course of three months. Built working prototypes, worked closely with toolers and vendors, DFMA within a strict cost-constrained environment, designed packaging and literature, created ten-member QC team, developed SOPs, and balanced factory line workflow. Extensive overseas travel throughout Asia was required. Expected sales generation over the product’s lifetime is estimated at $40 million. IMPACT
  13. 13. PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOLS : Use a vast array of proven communication and evaluation tools to ensure that the right development projects are undertaken, that they stay on time/task/budget, and that they provide the greatest chance of project success. Ranging from highest-level strategic plans, to product-specific project timelines and budgets, to the finest granularity of task-specific checklists. Effective communication while employing the appropriate tools with personnel at the right time is crucial to project success. TOOLS
  14. 14. INSULET Diabetic Insulin Injection Remote : Led the design and development of a start-up company’s diabetic insulin injection remote control. The controller wirelessly communicates to a body-mounted pump which doses insulin based on the patient’s intake of meals, for example. Responsible for all mechanical and electro-mechanical aspects of the project. Developed aesthetic and functional models for client approval. Coordinated the procurement of all parts, while overseeing tooling, design for assembly and short-term production. HAND-HELD
  15. 15. VOCOLLECT High-noise and Lightweight Headsets : Led the design and development effort of a client’s premier introduction of headsets into the voice recognition market. The high-noise headset must withstand -20 degree temperatures and complete water immersion. The lightweight headset must be comfortable, and shares a “plug-in” module from the high-noise version for economies of scale. Responsible for all ergonomic, mechanical, acoustic, and ruggedness aspects. The headsets are currently in production. ERGONOMIC
  16. 16. DIXIE-NARCO Glass-Front Vending Mechanism : Tasked with developing a cost competitive, glass front vending machine with X-Y, gentle delivery system that allowed for mechanical motion, large product variation, and “release-and-grab” for multiple column. All new design elements were required to reside within the current machine’s interior envelope and be less expensive. Led the design and development effort for the picker bucket subsystem – consisting of a motor, cam, actuator arm, guide rail, product bucket, pc board, illumination, and several switches. MOVEMENT
  17. 17. AMERICAN EXPRESS: Led the design and development effort for Amex’s Butterfly card. Team went through numerous design iterations to create the perfect user experience – open the case and the card flips open. Once unfolded, the card may be swiped, dipped, or rolled depending on the cardholders’ preference. Stainless steel case provided means to protect the card and an integral clipping mechanism. Long-term reliability testing was imperative. All production processes were novel to the credit card manufacturing industry. Also served as an integral team member and technical lead for manufacturing issues related to Amex’s Centurion (Black) card. ELEGANT
  18. 18. MACHINE DESIGN : Have led numerous efforts to create completely novel machines ranging from measurement systems with onerous software linkages, to elegantly simple production equipment such as jigs and fixtures, to fully-automated production lines both domestic and overseas. Much consideration is given to the product’s manufacturing and assembly method during its’ design. Leverage existing manufacturers expertise and knowledge when possible. PROCESS
  19. 19. MIT eBusiness Award : MIT’s Sloan School of Management asked Continuum to develop an intriguing design for their annual eBusiness awards presentation. The concept was a six-foot aluminum staff that illuminated when the recipient grasped the handle. Led the design and development effort of all mechanical and electro-mechanical systems. Design was completed over a four-week period and exceeded client’s expectations for originality, cost and execution. PRECISION
  20. 20. TOY TRAIN CONCEPT: Asked to devise and develop a toy concept centered around trains. The deliverable consisted of several “train worlds” in the form of sketches and posters, along with a working train set. Several remote controls and “detonation plungers” were wired-up to bring this quarry concept to life. Motion elements employed a novel type of miniature actuation technology under investigation by the client. Responsible for the design and fabrication of entire set over the course of two months. FRIENDLY
  21. 21. CHAPIN Sprayer Handle/Pump: Led the design and development effort of a client’s new line of plastic sprayer handles. Traditional steel handles proved too costly, and the existing plastic variety was outdated and uncomfortable to use. The new handle is ergonomically shaped to fit all hand types and imparts richness to the product line, yet is inexpensive enough for the client’s lower end products. To create the desired form, a novel manufacturing process was investigated and employed. FORM
  22. 22. DIREX Triptor Table : Led the design and development effort of a client’s updated line of medical examination tables. Using the existing mechanical sub-systems, created a more modern-looking machine that improved performance, reduced overall weight and cost, and enhanced the machine’s primary function which was mobility. Project was completed over the course of two months. OPTIMIZE
  23. 23. BOSTON ACOUSTICS Generator Series Automotive Subwoofers : Led the product design and development effort of Boston Acoustics’ 8”, 10”, 12”, and 15” Generator Series car subwoofers. The design features a patented cooling system dubbed DirectVent™ COOL
  24. 24. DEREK HATCHETT Email: [email_address] Mobile: 617-216-4799 Website: Under construction CONTACT INFO