Stand out on the web essentials for a great site


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Stand out on the web essentials for a great site

  1. 1. Stand out on the Web: Essentials for a Great Site Dustin Hartzler Twitter Hashtag: #wccbus
  2. 2. About Me✓ My Name is Dustin Hartzler✓ Full-time WordPress developer and podcaster✓ I study the website industry
  3. 3. Worksheet✓ Download at:
  4. 4. Assumptions as we begin✓ I’m going to assume that you already have a WordPress website✓ I’m going to assume that you know how to make changes✓ Some things you might need a developer to help you with✓ Tons of great actionable information is coming up NOW!
  5. 5. ARE YOU READY?
  6. 6. Overview✓ #1 Priority for Every Website Owner✓ Necessary Pages✓ Don’t Make Me Think✓ Immediately Remove Items
  7. 7. #1 Priority What Do You Want Visitors to Do?✓ This should be the Number #1 priority to think about when developing / redesigning your website
  8. 8. Pick One Thing
  9. 9. Hick’s LawT = b * log2(n + 1) ✓ The time it takes for a person to make a decision as a result of the number of possible choices.
  10. 10. What would you do here?
  11. 11. Focus - Examples
  12. 12. Focus - Example
  13. 13. Case Study - Old
  14. 14. Case Study - New
  15. 15. What’s my Focus Now?
  16. 16. Overview✓ #1 Priority for Every Website Owner✓ Necessary Pages
  17. 17. What Pages to Have✓ Home (that should be obvious)✓ About✓ Contact✓ Archived Blog Posts
  18. 18. Order of Pages Home About Services Blog Contact Add More if Necessary Here
  19. 19. Home Page✓ Purpose of the page: ✓ Get email sign ups, Facebook Likes, +1’s ✓ Second goal - easy navigation
  20. 20. About Page✓ Second most visited page✓ If you are running a business, also create a “Meet the Team” page✓ Have fun with this page, show people your personality
  21. 21. About Page✓ Picture of You ✓ List top posts✓ Show how your site / blog will ✓ Biography Information help them ✓ Contact Information✓ Tell how often you show up on your blog✓ Have a subscribe button
  22. 22. About - Examples
  23. 23. About - Examples
  24. 24. Contact Page✓ Give your readers and opportunity to contact you✓ Put every type of account you know how to use✓ Contact Page Items: ✓ Email / Phone ✓ Live Chat ✓ Address ✓ Interactive Map ✓ Hours of Operation ✓ Social Media ✓ Web Contact Form ✓ An FAQ page
  25. 25. Contact Page - Examples
  26. 26. Contact Page - Examples
  27. 27. Contact Page - Examples
  28. 28. Archived Blog Posts✓ Make it easy for people to find your old content.✓ Helps people to stumble on to other content they are interested in.
  29. 29. Archived Blog Posts - Examples
  30. 30. Archived Blog Posts - Examples
  31. 31. Archived Blog Posts - Examples
  32. 32. Overview✓ #1 Priority for Every Website Owner✓ Necessary Pages✓ Don’t Make Me Think
  33. 33. Don’t Make Me Think✓ When designing your website, you job is to get rid of the question marks
  34. 34. Link Your Logo to Homepage
  35. 35. Add Breadcrumbs✓ Breadcrumbs or breadcrumb trail is a navigation aid used in user interfaces.✓ It allows users to keep track of their locations within a website
  36. 36. Make buttons look like buttons
  37. 37. We Don’t Read, We Scan
  38. 38. White Space✓ Don’t try to jam everything down a customer’s throat✓ White Space is Good✓ What is the Number #1 website used in the World?
  39. 39. White Space✓ Don’t make the mistake that Yahoo! did with their early 2000 version of their home page.
  40. 40. Do You Need a Mobile Site?✓ Look at the design of your site through the eyes of your viewers
  41. 41. ✓ Are you learning anything yet?✓ Do you have any actionable items written down yet?
  42. 42. Overview✓ #1 Priority for Every Website Owner✓ Necessary Pages✓ Don’t Make Me Think✓ Immediately Remove Items
  43. 43. Immediately Remove Items✓ Items that should be removed on most sites
  44. 44. Negative Social Proof✓ Everyone love the share buttons, but don’t display the information until you start getting a lot of shares
  45. 45. Social Profile Buttons✓ Remove buttons from above the fold content✓ I like them in the footer✓ Also, when people sign up for my newsletter, I include the images there
  46. 46. Floating Buttons✓ Get rid of the buttons that cover up part of your mobile site
  47. 47. Clutter✓ We talked about white space before✓ Don’t be a Yahoo!
  48. 48. Sidebar Content✓ Do not take people to different website✓ If you must, open up a new tab
  49. 49. Sidebar✓ Get rid of the bazillion widgets you are using✓ Don’t let the widgets go longer than your content (on average)
  50. 50. Pop Up Overlays✓ The most annoying “feature” that I see on websites is the pop-up box that wants you to sign up for your list.You have stumbled upon this site and you are looking for great information and all of a sudden, you are interrupted by this large overlay that causes you to not be able to read all of the rest of the content on the page
  51. 51. Pop Up Overlays✓ IF YOU MUST USE THE OVERLAY:✓ Have it delay popping up for at least a minute✓ Or only show it if someone has navigated to more than one page✓ If the user clicks the ‘X’ make sure it sets a cookie to remember the users choice.
  52. 52. Action Items✓ Determine Focus of Your Website✓ Update / Add Necessary Pages✓ Make your site easier to use by implementing “Don’t Make Me Think”✓ Remove the “Immediately Remove” items
  53. 53. Worksheet✓ Download at:
  54. 54. Any Questions?
  55. 55. Thank you! ✓ For more free WordPress information: ✓ Listen to Your Website Engineer Podcast ✓ Go to ✓ What do you want to learn? Email: