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  1. 1. Zamin Dharsi +763 234 6653 twitter: @dharsibrand planning & innovation
  2. 2. Zamin Dharsibrand planning & innovationHello, my name is Zamin Dharsi. ContentsI’m a brand anthropologist concerned withhuman factors and social-sustainability whobelieves in innovation. the braI’m deeply interested in how the design world is 1 sustainable product design and biomimicry researchreacting to modern cultural advances and design researchglobalism. I build systems that translate brandsto audiences.Logistically, I have a background in GraphicDesign and a degree in Branding, Marketingand Public Relations. I have spent a yearworking at an advertising agency in Dubai, tru2useveral years freelancing as a brand-strategistand designer, and the last year as the social- 2 ethical clothing business model & product designmedia administrator for MCAD. brand planningWhat do these all have in common?People.Whether I’m collecting stories to engage aninteractive audience, or doing quantitativestudies to pick a color-scheme for underwear, I kfaihave an intense curiousity for humanbeings. 3 integrated marketing campaign strategy & direct targetingHere is a small sample of work I’ve done, andthe well-conceived research behind it. project managementMy Process Every creative person has their own process. Some begin with sketching, other dive into online research, while few hit bound books to get a sense of how to approach their project. I believe every individual persons process says a lot about who they are, and how they solve problems. creative analytical6 testingI work to get feedback finally, 1 design of my background in design, I’ve found because while collecting archiving data to that this is the place I always start, just to get all cross-analyze in the future. my thoughts out.5 design round, to get it ready final design for finalizing and pre-production. 2 research the most expansive portion of the next comes project: research. Depending on the timeline, this can last from minutes to weeks. I usually begin with analytics and what the social-media world is saying about my subject matter, then moving into4 testingdoing 2 rounds one testing: i enjoy blogs for a more in-depth analysis. I then move to conducting a market assesment, which presents one with creatives/designers and itself in the form of quantitative and qualitative another with my target audience. 3 concepting options notes, which I filter through i’m a big fan of post-it interviews with the ideal demographic. key-words of the company’s mission statement to determine which concepts makes the cut.
  3. 3. The Brasustainable product designand biomimicry researchproject components design research sustainability market planning product design
  4. 4. The Bra The Problem The brassiere is a female undergarment that is 1 Health used by 3.3 billion women in the world. Gaining popularity in the Qing Dynasty of the 1600s, the 2 of the deadliest causes of women’s deaths in America are heart disease and breast cancer, Bra has not been redesigned since the early both of which have been shown to be contributed by blocking blood flow due to wearing bra’s 1900s, and although many health factors which are too tight. correlate with the garment-nobody has made significant stride in changing the paradigm heart disease breast cancer of how women dress. 75% This is a biomimicry study on the brassiere, resulting in a new product I designed simply women who wear bra’s 24/7 called, “The Bra.” cancer cancer-free 1 in every 3 women dies My design was selected to be featured at the of heart disease every Science Museum of Minnesota in an exhibition 34 seconds. .5% called “Visualizing the Future.” women who never wear bra’s project components sustainability 2 Comfort product design market research Oprah once said that “Freedom should be synonomous with bra’s, and not the other way campaign development around.” The problem relies mainly in underwire, which doesn’t support the natural fluctuation of a woman’s biology and hinders full-growth and development. Demographics What about size? Primary • Women • Ages 18-32 • Western Market 80% Secondary 80% of women • Women worldwide are wearing the • Breast Cancer wrong-size wrong size. This means that 2.5 • Obese million women, which is equal to the entire population of Jamaica.problem-solving Visualthe ideal solution would have to address 33 components to be truly holistic. Finally, It’s important to not forget that the main reason why women wear bra’s is for visual health appeal, in order to look and feel confident as well as sexy. A qualitative study of 12 women1 minimize risks of cancer and men, which I conducted, yielded these results. by reducing over-heating what is sexy? comfort2 ability to fluctuate in size and eliminate underwire 45% 10% 30% 15% Black White Nude Colors visual3 keep women feeling 75% confident and sexy 75% of men surveyed said the sexiest part of a bra is how easily it comes off, and favored a front-clasp.
  5. 5. The BraThe Solution interior coating of ‘urea’compund • natural cooling agent • erythromelagia • Catalyst with Moisture (Oxygen+Hydrogen) • Activated when sweating using air hollow-underwire frame + mesoglea liquid mold • Sea Anemone • Liquid that hardens • Malleable • Flexible • Biodegradable 3” front-clasp 1” • Easy-on • Easy-off spider silk counter-balance pockets • Lightweight adjustable hooks • Non-Adhesive Epoxy gel • Flexible • Enhance Cleavage when needed • Liquid goes to solid • Body-Contouring • “At-Rest” convertible phase • Ratio of 1x 3 inches = 1 lbs • Customization: 0 lbs - 6 lbs comfort health • Eliminate metal underwire • Reduces risk of cancer • Stretchable fabric • Increases lymph flow • Breathable padding • Easy excretion of toxins • Front-clasp • Lowers body-temperature • Body-Contouring wire • Decrease sweat • Personalized/Right size • Counter-Balance visual • Black and Nude • Opaque Lace • Strap-less converter • Cleavage enhancer • Slight push-up/padding the system and the objectives came together by understanding that most health risks are caused by 3 things: • biological breast size fluctuation • consistent sweating/obstruction • underwire chaffing By utilizing spider silk for the garment material, the fabric would fluctuate with the body. Using misoglea, an element excreted by animones which begins liquid and bolds into a moldable solid gel with exposure to heat, archaic underwire could be eliminated. Finally, counter-weight balance hooks in the back to eliminate back prob- We heard that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra-size. So we had one of two options: teach 3 billion women around the world how to correctly measure themselves, or reinvent a bra that does that automatically. We took the easy way out. a new way to look at comfort. Introducing The Bra with smart technology made with all-natural flexible fibers that contour the shape of your breasts and customize themselves to fit you perfectly. lems, and we’ve got the first health-promoting, sustainable bra.
  6. 6. Tru2uethical clothing businessmodel and product designproject components brand planning ethical clothing market research product design
  7. 7. Tru2u + HaitiThe Problem 1 The PriceIn the spring of 2010, a new company named“TRU2U” challenged us to redesign the In researching the demographic as to their underwear purchasing habits, we found one of twounderwear to be ethically and socially important factors that take place in decision making:conscious, in order to promote empowerment 1) Price-point at the point-of-purchasefor factory workers who make that underwear. 2) Brand-loyaltySimultaniously, earthquakes in Haiti broke outleaving over 1.5 million people homeless.We saw an opportunity. PACT $24We proposed an underwear, visually GAP $12.50competing with Gap Intimates, but at theprice-point of Hanes and Fruit of the Loom. TRU2U $10 In order to make the most impact, the decision was10% of the profits of each piece would godirectly to the factory worker in Haiti who HANES $6 made to price the product closer to retail brands such asmade the garment through a partnership with Hanes and Fruit of the Loom,“Verité,” who work to ensure postive workingconditions in factories around the world. FOL* $3 so as to increase sales.I was selected to travel to New York City to *fruit of the loom price shown as retail avg per pairpresent the design and campaign to boardmembers of Verité and Green Team.The underwear will be in stores Spring 2011. 2 The Look In order to set the brand apart from other retail brandsproject components Hanes (and our external competitors), the design of the underwear would match that of Gap Intimates, Pact and sustainability H&M. These companies would essentially be our product design internal competitors. We would then go a step further, TRU2U market research to not provide replica’s of last season’s design, but bold campaign development patterns, guest designers and artist collaborations. GapDemographics external competitor internal competitor (price-point) (fashion design) Primary • Women and Men 3 The Cause • Ages 18-24 • Shop Retail 10% of the profits of each piece would go directly to the factory worker in Haiti who made the garment through a partnership with “Verité,” who work to ensure postive Secondary working conditions in factories around the world. • College-Aged • BOBO Culture • Awakening Consumer comfort 10% = ability to fluctuate in size and eliminate underwireproblem-solvingWe decided the line would not be the price the look the causemade of organic fabric, giving up 1 keep the price close to 2 designed like Gap, to set us 3 10% of profit of every saleecological sustainability for social retail brands for more sales apart from retail brands goes to factory workerusing this 3 pronged approach.
  8. 8. Tru2u + HaitiThe Solution In our market research we found that most retail brands keep their underwear line clean and basic: white, black and the occasional gray. Big brands however splash the garment with an ever-changing seasonal design, however, the design only changes on the outside. So our solution was to have a basic solid on the outside, and an ever-changing design on the inside. Something that no other brand does. Why? Because its true to you, and not to anybody else. To further promote our message, we recommended that the print be designed as a comissioned piece by local Haitian artists. The artists would design their pieces inspired by Haitian proverbs, to help bring a community together and share their cultural pride during troubled times. For a better tomorrow.
  9. 9. Zamin Dharsi +763 234 6653 twitter: @dharsibrand planning & innovation