Best Buy Internal Perception Campaign


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Best Buy Internal Perception Campaign

  1. 1. HP. Making it Happen. “Working hard to make YOUR job easy.”
  2. 2. ON THE FLOOR… 2.44 GHz? Or 2.66 GHz? Lookalikes and workalikes. So many SKUs. Customers are waiting...
  3. 3. ON THE BENCH… 10 -14 days to fix my laptop? Really?!
  4. 4. ON THE BENCH… Only 83 more setups — for today!
  5. 5. We asked how we could help. You gave us an earful. We listened.
  6. 6. Because we want to be your premier partner!
  7. 7. Instead of making promises, we took action. Dug in. Made it happen.
  8. 8. ON THE FLOOR… “Put numeric keypads back in HP Pavilion dv6.” Done! Re-engineered dv6. Keypad’s back. “Give us more models with Beats Audio. Easier to sell.” Done! Beats now in all metal 15.6” & 17.3” models. “Make it easier to demo Beats. No headphones.” Done! Beats internal quad speakers now on all metal 15.6” and 17.3” models. Rear pair tilts up!
  9. 9. ON THE FLOOR… “Matte finish on HP ‘g’ laptops—not enough eye appeal.” Done! Latest g-series models have glossy new look. “CoolSense, SimplePass, ProtectSmart—hard to demo.” Done! – Demo these awesome features with quick videos. – Look for the videos soon on Archie. – Great “tie-breaker” features. Sell more laptops, faster!
  10. 10. ON THE BENCH… “Initial boot takes too long.” Fixed. – Special key lets you bypass much of this process: Just press Fn + f4 – Reduces setup time from minutes to seconds! “Burning recovery DVDs on HP laptops takes too long.” Fixed. – Pre-loaded software reduced by nearly 40%. – New disk-burning app rolls in with new platforms on 3/20  50% faster! – HP burn time should match or better our competitions’  let us know.
  11. 11. ON THE BENCH… “Takes too long to repair ANY laptop brand. Customers upset.” Fixed. – True in-store repairs enabled for HP laptops • Order parts direct from HP’s corporate system. • Parts rushed to you overnight. • HP laptop repair turnaround slashed from 10-14 days to 2-3 days!  Faster repair enabled at GSC repair depots. • Commonly used parts consigned by HP and stored at repair depots. • You can repair immediately with commonly used parts.
  12. 12. AND IN THE OFFICE… “Help us improve productivity on the sales floor” Differentiated HP features make selling quicker and easier. “Help free up our Geeks for more value-add activities.” Shortened time to setup HP laptops and burn recovery disks. “Help us boost our customer satisfaction ratings.” Soon, HP laptops repairs in as little as 2 days! Feel the love!
  13. 13. AND IN THE OFFICE… “Margins on HP notebooks seem low…” – Process update: Add’l points on notebook sales netted out at store level, so you can compare our program with others’ without having to do the math. “We need help with… “ – We staff 90% of your stores with sales reps every week  all year long  helping you sell HP.
  14. 14. Making it happen. Aiming to be your premier partner. Always.
  15. 15. We’re still listening. Still making things happen. Let’s stay in touch.
  16. 16. Thanks.
  17. 17. Deliverables  Playbook: Key messages for use by all who interact with Best Buy  Use venue: Best Buy Achiever’s Club flyer  Slides: Key messages with graphics for in-person delivery  Use venue: Computer Council meetings  Self-running slides: Key messages for delivery through online methods  Use venues: HP InfoLab, Best Buy Learning Lounge (File available in zipped folder)  2-page flyer  Use venues: Attach to online training courses; In-Aisle Connection