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Network UniverCity- OU Lounge

  1. 1. Network UniverCity CIAM Urbanism II - UniverCities ; Bauhaus Kolleg ; 2009-2010 Group : Open University, UK Dharmesh Gangani (India)
  2. 2. Spatial Technologies Primary question: How can we address the spatial aspects of technnologies in an institution involved in providing distance education ? * OU situation in London Where is OU ? How does OU operates ? What kind ot technologies does OU use ? Where are OU students ? How do they learn ? How does the community interaction takes place ?
  3. 3. shift in education system Conventional Education Distance Education [ THEN ] real [ NOW ] real + digital hardware software Position : Access of knowledge using new media and web assistive technologies has led to shift in educa- tion system from textbook and typical classroom setup to infotainment and fluid networked learning spaces.
  4. 4. ubiquitous scenario ubiquitous : being exist everywhere at the same time Books, Laptop : Study center Books, PDA : Tube, Transportation Pesronal Computer : Home Books, Laptop : Public PDA : Anywhere Position : Knowlege is accesible in real and digital environment. Interesting opportunities arise when real start merging with digital.
  5. 5. OU Organization Organizational Hierarchy Numbers Academics Students Technology Head Quarter 1 Regional Center 13 Tutorial Centers ( London ) 20 Personal Learning Environments 25000
  6. 6. personal learning environment (PLE) [self] Learned Motivated Disciplined Organized [problems] Nature of EDUCATION Studying alone- Lack of community interaction Character of the BUILT ENVIRONMENT Flawless, Haphazard Upgradation of TECHNOLOGIES Struggle to cope with the advancements of technologies (hardware + software) Objective is to redefine learning evironment with seamless integration of user friendly and easy to upgrade ICT solutions
  7. 7. OU Organization Organizational Hierarchy Numbers Academics Students Technology Head Quarter 1 Regional Center 13 Tutorial Centers ( London ) 20 OU Lounge ? 200 Personal Learning Environments 25000
  8. 8. OU Lounge micro institution brand value administrative support chain embedded ICTs teaching assistance community interaction
  9. 9. Scenario exercise Leicester Square, Public Space Hounslow, Suburban Housing White Chapel Road, Commercial Street Regional centre Canary Warf, Study centres / Libraries Business District Events Exam Centres Events E1 - National Trust E2 - Shakespeare’s Globe E3 - The Science Museum E4 - The British Museum E5 - Museum of London Libraries L1 - Croydon Central Library L2 - Kingsington Library L3 - Chelsea Library Exam Centres X1 - Emmanuel Centre X2 - Porchester Hall X3 - City Temple X4 - Queen Mary College Regional center of London conducts tutorial sessions in the study centers with partnership institutions. OU lounge is an alternative definition of such partnership.
  10. 10. potential sites White Chapel Road Commercial Street Lounge Corner Site Approach 1 Ground Floor Existing Space Shop front (Shop) Canary Warf Business District Office Building Intermediate Floor OU Lounge Leicester Square Public Square Approach 2 New Building Corner place (Pavilion) Next to shop front Hounslow Suburban Housing Demolition of property In-between plot Next to tube station OU lounge can be realized in various forms by adapting to site specific requirements. It can be conceived by same architectural language to create holistic brand value.
  11. 11. leicester square
  12. 12. pavilions: visual inventory Serpemtome (2009) Serpemtome (2010) Shanghai-UK (2010) Shanghai Polish (2010) Shanghai Danish (2010) Kazuyo Sejima Jean Nouvel Thomas Heatherwick WWA BIG BMW (1999) Serpemtome (2001) Serpemtome (2002) Son O House (2004) Burnham (2009) Franken Architekten Daniel Libeskind Toyo Ito Lars Spuybroek Zaha Hadid Barcelona (1929) Philips (1958) Ahmedabad Gufa (1993) IBM (1984) Parc de la Villete (1987) Mies Van der Rohe Le Corbusier B.V. Doshi Renzo Piano Bernard Tschumi
  13. 13. circulation pattern Vehicular Pedestrian
  14. 14. axis + landscape + circulation four green islands with diagonal and paripherial circulation circulation green axis landmark Islands along the axis can be treated with hardscape which changes the circulation from diagonal to radial pattern
  15. 15. redifinition koisks act as a barrier between the sterrt and the square kiosks circulation green axis landmark prominent connection between the street and the square along the axis by creating kiosk plaza at the corners
  16. 16. redifinition paviion is position on the axis pavilion kiosks circulation green axis landmark multiple circulation routes increase the foot fall inside the pavilion
  17. 17. program % Spatial Element Function Character Private 30 Personal Learning Environment Gain Knowledge - Formal - Individual Study Pods Semi- Public 50 Group Learning Environment Exchange Knowledge - Formal - Group discusssion - Can be arranged to conduct a tutorial session 10 OU Services Store Knowledge - Library of books, multimedia - Educational material - OU Brochures - Administration - Utilities Public 20 Media Wall Transmit Knowledge - Real time data streaming facade - Live RSS feeds of educational content hosted on OU, BBC, Google websites Cafeteria/ Plaza Share Knowledge - Formal- Informall seating - Cafe/ Music - Landscape/ Hardscape - Urban furniture
  18. 18. metaphor broadband wireless connections web of information
  19. 19. form : web plate crack fold web surface tessellation web is created by interlocking of bends (mathematical rule) continuous folds in the bend defines the transition from wall to floor by using same bend # web created out of folded plates represent the spatial form of internet # RSS feeds of various educational websites are streamed in realtime using 3D imagining system. This can be realized as a symbiotic partnership between the OU and service providers (such as BBC, wiki, google etc)
  20. 20. guiding principles site location and circultion form and aesthetics programmatic function Personal Learning Environment Group Learning Environment OU Services Media Wall Cafeteria/ Plaza
  21. 21. OU Lounge landscpae media surfaces GLE PLE cafe circulation
  22. 22. OU Lounge