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My Activa 401


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My Activa 401

  3. 3. INTRODUCTIONThe Honda Activa is a motor scooter madeby Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India and Hondade México. It was launched in India in 2000.Production in Mexico began in 2004. It is a 102 cc,7 bhp (5.2 kW) scooter. The vehicle has the option ofkick- and self-start, includes the puncture-resistant"tuff-up" tyre and tube combination.
  4. 4. CONFIGARATIONRide and HandlingOverall, Honda Activa feels capable and powerful, and is energeticfrom the moment you start it up. It’s certainly one of the best-performing bikes of this type, particularly when weaving in and out ofdense city traffic. The bike’s weight, while inconvenient when storingor raising it.Tyre SizeFront and back, the bikes tyres are metal alloy wheels. Its largewheelbases offer greater safety while riding by ensuring a better gripon road surfaces and improved stability in motion.Shades Available in Honda ActivaThe Honda Activa is available in a range of eye-catching colors,including Purple, Black, White, Grey and Red.
  5. 5. Honda Activa SuspensionThe bike’s suspension is, on the whole, well designed and performs toa high standard on ordinary road surfaces. It includes competentshock absorbers on the front and back tyres. The front tyres havebottom link suspension with spring-loaded hydraulic dampers.Honda Activa BrakesThe brakes system of the Honda Activa is another strong feature. Thebrakes feel solid and are responsive to the squeeze of your hand,showing significant improvement on the previous generation ofHondas thanks to the inclusion of a new Combi Brake System(CBS), which applies the front brake at the same time as the backbrakes, resulting in greater balance and a shorter stopping distance.
  6. 6. Honda Activa MileageHonda promotes the Activa as offering a mileage increase of 15%.However, when put to the test the bike’s performance places it as merelyaverage in its class: you can expect to get roughly 45km/ltr in inner cityareas, and 60km/ltr on highways.Safety FeaturesThe Honda Activa Deluxe comes complete with a key shutter, to help toinsure it against theft. The tyres of both the Deluxe and Standard modelsfeature tuff-up tubes, which incorporate a double layer insulated withfluid that makes the tyre significantly more resistant to punctures.Storage SpaceStorage space is one of the bike’s unique selling points, with a generousallowance that all drivers will appreciate when on the go.
  7. 7. Engine and GearboxThe Honda Activa is powered by a 109cc dream mileage engine.It generates maximum power of 8 bhp at 7500 rpm andmaximum torque of 8.74 nm at 5500 rpm. It boasts v-maticfour-speed transmission.Acceleration and Top SpeedOn this gearless scooter, the acceleration is capable of pushingyou from 0 to 60 kmph in 10.2 seconds, which is a respectableperformance for this type of scooter. Even when heavilyweighted down with a pillion and on-board luggage, theacceleration responds admirably.
  8. 8. WHY ACTIVA IS BEST1. Downfall of Bajaj scooters lead to the rise ofHonda Activa - Bajaj was the undisputed leader in Indianscooter market as all its products like Chetak and Super was ahuge hit in Indian market but after the middle class boom inIndia during 2003-04 sales of Bajaj scooters decreased anddemand for bikes and cars increased tremendously at that timeHonda Active enters into Indian market with its good looks, andsolid performance through which it start snatching Bajajsmarketshare. After 5-6 years of struggle Bajaj finally shutdownscooters production and market Honda Activa is declared as anew leader of Indian Scooter.
  9. 9. 2. Honda Activa is a complete family vehicle - Unlike Bajajsscooters which are mainly targeted to male community, Honda Activatargets the complete family so the biggest advantage of Honda Activaover other vehicles is that every member of the family can drive itwithout any hurdle as Activa is gearless which makes it easy to driveeven for females and at the same time powerful enough to attract malecommunity. Activa has a simple design which looks good both onmales and females which makes Activa a complete family vehicle.3. Complete value for money - Priced around Rs 50,000/- Activa is acomplete value for money product as the maintenance cost of Activa isvery low and also the resale value of old Activa is pretty high incompared to other vehicles which means owning cost of Activa is verylow. Some people will argue that mileage of Activa is not good butaccording to me considering the performance of Activa a mileagefigure between 40-45kmpl is quite good.
  10. 10. 4. Excellent built quality and ride quality of Activa - Anyone who has drive Active will tell you why they love it. Honda Activa is superb gearless scooter with excellent built quality and ride quality. Driving Activa is smooth and fun thats why Honda Activa is very popular among youngsters.5. Brand Honda Trust and assurance - Honda is synonym with quality in automobile space thats why when Honda launched Activa in Indian markets, customers doesnt hesitate to buy it because of Brand Honda. After all these years Brand Honda has become even more stronger.So these are the five major resons for the huge success of Honda Activa in Indian market where Bajaj Chetak was ruling for decades. 
  11. 11. IN PRESENTHonda Activa Variants    The original Honda Activa model, released back in 2001, is no longer available for purchase. Instead, Honda’s current model comes in two variants: the Honda Activa Standard, and its premium version the Honda Activa Deluxe.Distinctive Features of Honda Activa    The bike’s front locking system includes a protective lock shield.Value for Money    The Honda Activa is a powerful scooter with plenty of driver-friendly features that put it ahead of the competition, making it good value for the asking price of around INR 46000 (may vary). Its viscous air filter now offers a longer interval between services than previous models, which will help to keep the bike’s running costs low.
  12. 12. Honda Activa vs Honda Dio vs TVS Wegovs Hero Maestro vs Suzuki Access 125The reasons for the above options:Honda Activa - Reliability, After Sale, Good Service Network (In the city at least where else would I take my scooter !)Honda Dio - For the new scooters looks, I know it does not have the best build quality in comparison to the activa but it does look smart.TVS Wego - Has been tough competitor like Micromax vs Samsung but yet to gain a lot of groundSuzuki Access - Heard a lot about it - good at mileage bad at service, pickup, etcHero Maestro - Have not ridden it yet but just curious to know if anyone has & has any feedbackBTW weight of the bike is also a concern here as my mom also wants to ride it, not sure if she will take it up as a daily ride but count it as occasional for now.As we see its complete family scooty.