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Wimax connection


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Wimax connection

  1. 1. DONE BY : DHARCCANADEVI TITLE : PRACTICE OF WIMAX (IEEE802.16d) Communication Objectives: i. To understand the process of setting the interface between access point and terminal. ii. To understand the interface setting between terminal and host computer. iii. To practice programming the communication between access point and terminal. iv. To practice programming the communication between terminal and host computer. Equipments: i. WiMAX AP ( base station) ii. WiMAX UE ( terminal) iii. Notebook installed with Microsoft Windows 2003 Server (monitor states of WiMAX AP) iv. Notebook installed with Montavista Linux (running for WiMAX AP) v. SMA cables vi. USB to Ethernet vii. UART cable Theory WiMAX, meaning Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, is a telecommunications technology that provides wireless transmission of data using a variety of transmission modes, from point-to-multipoint links to portable and fully mobile internet access. The technology provides up to 20 Mbps in real world end-user throughput without the need for cables. The technology is based on the IEEE 802.16 standard ( also called Broadband Wireless Access). The name “ WiMAX” was created by the WiMAX Forum describes WiMAX as a standards based technology enabling the delivery of last mile wireless broadband access as an alternative to cable and DSL.
  2. 2. DONE BY : DHARCCANADEVI 1. Test Environment of the WiMAX training set 1.1 Tx_1 port and Tx_Q port in UE were connected individually,and Rx_1 port and Rx_Q port in UE were connected to TX_1 port and TX_Q port in AP separately with SMA cable 2. Environment of WiMaX AP 2.1 Ethernet1 port (1) of AP was connected to LAN port (2) of Window 2003 server & AP terminal PC, and UART port (3) of AP to USB port (4) of Window 2003 server & AP terminal PC.
  3. 3. DONE BY : DHARCCANADEVI 3. Installation of WiMAX UE 3.1 Ethernet1 port (1) of terminal (WiMAX UE) was connected to LAN port (2) of HP notebook PC,and Ethernet2 port (3) of terminal to USB to Ethernet LAN port (4) linked with notebook PC. 3.2 UART port (5) was connected to USB port (6) of Montavista Linux notebook PC. 4. Streaming Server Setup 4.1 “Manage this streaming media server” was selected
  4. 4. DONE BY : DHARCCANADEVI 4.2 “Publishing Point” was expanded and “<Default>(on-demand)” was selected 4.3 The Source tab was pressed which was right beside the Monitor tab. .wmv.file was selected which was executed and was double clicked.
  5. 5. DONE BY : DHARCCANADEVI 4.4 The moving images were not executed with the following message displayed.Then we clicked “OK” in the Warning Message box. 4.5 The server name was then changed into (local loopback address for streaming server verification).Then,the moving images were executed
  6. 6. DONE BY : DHARCCANADEVI Observations : The server name did not appear at first ,then we used the PC’s IP address to track the server’s name which was POLI-50der t Use .wmv file to execute the location of the video and we applied Then a message appeared in order to play the video The video was executed and moving images was played 5. Terminal Practice device Environment Setup 5.1 HyperTerminal window was opened in the Montavista Linux notebook PC, and made the port settings as below:
  7. 7. DONE BY : DHARCCANADEVI 6. Downloading process 6.1 Bash shell was executed 6.2 ‘autorun’ was executed for NFS server (by entering ‘./autorun 6.3 ID input screen appeared on the HyperTerminal window,whenMontavista booting process was completed.’root’ was entered as the ID
  8. 8. DONE BY : DHARCCANADEVI 6.4 ‘WiMaxSS’ was executed by entering “./WiMaxSS”. 6.5 The downloading process was successfully completed when the phrase ‘modem_driver_fd(6) at MODEM_TX_MOD_ENTRY’ and it was possible to execute the application programs
  9. 9. DONE BY : DHARCCANADEVI 7. Process for executing the loaded application programme 7.1 “WiMaxCtrl.exe’ was executed 7.2 ‘Initial Ranging’ was selected, ‘Normal procedure’ was clicked and then ‘OK’ button.’OK’ was clicked when the application program operated manually. 7.3 Step 7.2 was repeated by selecting ‘Negotiation’, ‘Authentication’, ‘Key Distribution’, ‘Registration’ and ‘Call Activation’ and result was checked
  12. 12. DONE BY : DHARCCANADEVI 8. Program Operating Process 8.1 After ‘Call Activation’ was completed,the session between WiMax terminal and AP was created,so it was possible to access the Internet directly.Windows Media Player was executed. 8.2 “Open URL” was selected in Windows Media Player. mms:// to the address window ( thatwas,mms://live image server address/file name).
  13. 13. DONE BY : DHARCCANADEVI Observations We need to get the same video as in AP Bash shell was executed and command prompt was then configured till autorun.exe written Booting process was then completed and ‘root’ was entered as the login ID Then in order to play the video,we used the local loopback address to play the video DISCUSSION 1. List the WiMax protocol which has been implemented in steps 7 and briefly explain each. Initial Ranging Negotiation Authentication Key Distribution Registration Call Activation 2. State 2 differences between WiMax and HSPDA technology wiMAX HSDPA Mobile WiMAX has been framed in such a way that it is able to work in different channel BW's ranging from 1.25 to 20 MHz. The data transmission is up to 8-10 Megabits/sec over a bandwidth of 5MHZ. The security service in a WiMAX is used by an operator to gain benefits from this service as there is always a chance of theft of sIDervice in connections, bandwidth and so on. Hence the security service is divided into two parts namely the encryption and the authentication/key derivation. In HSDPA, users are authorized by their SIM (or RUIM) cards. HSDPA does not provide any additional security functions.
  14. 14. DONE BY : DHARCCANADEVI CONCLUSION Advantages of WiMAXtechnology : WiMax as a new wireless technology has greatly overcome the gaps left by the WiFi. The major drawback with the WiFi technology was that it was not able to cater the needs of far off users. This technology operates in the licensed frequency spectrum which gives it much signal strength and less attenuation. The scope and future of WiMax technology is expected to increase. Hence it is also anticipated that WiMax is efficient enough to cover an entire conurbation. 1. WiMAX Coverage The single station of Wimax can operate and provide coverage for hundred of users at a time and manage sending and receiving of data at very high speed with full of network security. 2. Wimax High Speed The High speed of connectivity over long distance and high speed voice makes it more demanded in hardly populated areas plus compacted areas. 3. Multi-functionality within Wimax Technology Wimax Technology perform a variety of task at a time such as offering high speed internet, providing telephone service, transformation of data, video streaming, voice application etc. 4. Potential and development Wimax Technologyis a great invention for new Era because Wimax has enough potential for developing and opportunity to offer various types of services for new generation. Now you can connect internet anywhere and browse any site and make possible online conference with mobile internet, multimedia application never let you bored, IPTV stay you up to date etc. 5. Stay in touch with end user Wimax network always keep stay in touch with your friends and all others using same Wimax network because it provide absolute communication service to the end users to make possible rich communications. 6. Wimax Infrastructure Wimax infrastructureis very easy and flexible therefore it provides maximum reliability of network and consent to actual access to end users. 7. Wimax, cheap network
  15. 15. DONE BY : DHARCCANADEVI Wimax is a well known wireless network now days because it provide a low cost network substitute to internet services offered via ADSL, modem or local area network. 8. Wimax Rich Features Wimax Technology is offeringrich featureswhich make it useful. Wimax offers separate voice and data channel for fun, the semantic connection make your network more secure then before, fast connectively, license spectrum, liberty of movement etc. 9. Wimax and Wifi TheWimax networkproviding much higher speed and very long range as compared to WiFi Technology. 10. Smart antenna and Mesh Topology The use of smart antenna in Wimax network offering high quality widest array which enable you to make possible communication on long route without any encryption. It offers 2.3, 2.7, 3.3, 3.8GHz frequency ranges. The use of Mesh topology in Wimax network for the expansion is an extensive spectrum of antennas for commercial as well as for residential users. 11. Ultra wide Band The unique and excellent infrastructure of Wimax is offeringUltra-Wideband. Its exclusive design is providing range from 2 to 10 GHz and outstanding time response. 12. Homeland Security · Security options of Wimax Technology also offer very high security because of encryption system used by Wimax. The Wimax is providing exclusivehomeland security. Now you can exchange your data on whole network without any fear of losing data. 13. Lack of history The best advantage of Wimax vendor technology is lack of history within mobile industry for protection. Wimax push the existing technologies and forward on steady stream. Only Wimax technology offers first major mobile standard to all mobile broadband infrastructures. It is a foremost mobile transporter. WiMAX technology support both wireless and wired network including cable operator which are now successful due to core networks of Wimax. 14. Single station can serve hundreds of users. 15. Much faster deployment of new users comparing to wired networks. 16. Speed of 10 Mbps at 10 kilometers with line-of-site. 17. It is standardized, and same frequency equipment should work together.
  16. 16. DONE BY : DHARCCANADEVI 18. WiMax Support to Internet Backbone WiMax is the only wireless technology which can be directly linked to the basic internet backbone with the help of optical fiber cable. This would not only increase the efficiency of the network, but also enables to provide internet access to those users where it is not possible to take traditional internet set up. This is the reason why major telecommunication and mobile companies are trying to merge WiMax with other cellular networks. This combination would not only increase the velocity and capacity of mobile signals but also is cost friendly. The WiMax technology does not hold any additional royalty charges if they are blended well with 3G technologies. Besides being convenient to use people are still reluctant to adopt it as a major wireless technology. 19. The High Signal Strength of WiMax The WiMax technology works in the licensed radio frequency spectrum this gives WiMax a way to generate strong signals. This strong signal can also be contributed to the time slot distribution to the various WiMax vendors. Hence one vendor cannot enter into the spectrum of others. This stops the overlapping of the signals hence they are delivered on time to their respective destinations. The WiMax revolution has also brought some really smart devices with it like the smart antennas. These antennas help in Line of sight service for wireless connection, the fixed antennas are implanted on the roof top for improving signal strength. The WiMax technology is considered as a last mile broadband access due to its ease of installation. 20. General Benefits of WiMax Technology The major benefit of this technology is that it comes with the simplest architecture. One only has to employ a WiMax tower and the connection can be established. This technology is really helpful in establishing sudden and fast network connections in remote areas where a connection can not be established. Many WiMax networks were instantly established to handle the communication needs in the time of disaster and catastrophe. In 2005 when Katrina typhoon struck Florida, WiMax networks were there to serve the communication needs of the people and volunteers. Also WiMax can be greatly used to develop the WLAN network; this is because both the technologies make use of OFDM. In addition to this WiMax is greatly adopted due to its long range coverage of more than 30 miles. It is also cost effective because it can provide the people in remote areas with a T1 connection at affordable prices. This technology can be used along with other mobile technologies to increase their versatility. It is capable enough to t ransfer data, voice, video and VoIP signals. This wireless technology can replace the expense and multifaceted use of wires with single WiMax tower. A single WiMax connectivity can support 60 businesses because it is capable of sharing data rates of up to 70bits/sec. the current speed and bandwidth of WiMax signals can be extended using Line of sight and non line of sight technology. Moreover the specific devices like smart antennas are now used to increase the strength of signals to maximum.