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Vighnaharta, rice bran oil


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The Best Edible Oil in the World Rice Bran Oil

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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  • Most Imp. responsible factor for HEART DISEASES: Atherosclerosis due to  High Cholesterol High bad cholesterol (LDL) Low good cholesterol (HDL) MEDICAL - How cholesterol clogs your arteries very nice oil .
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Vighnaharta, rice bran oil

  1. 1. Fat to B y U s in g R ic e B r a n O il VIGHNA-HARTA Prepared and Presented by Dr. Arvind Singh Panwar, M.D. Pharm acologist, M ed ical Ad visor & Trainer, F ITDhanwantari Distributors pvt.ltD
  2. 2. Effect of Modern Life StyleIn 19th century , the leading causes of deaths wereinfectious diseases like: Tuberculosis, Influenza, Small pox etc.While in 21st century the leading causes of deaths are: Heart diseases, Stroke, Cancer, Diabetes etc.
  3. 3. Why ? Why there is increased incidences of:• Heart diseases like hypertension, angina, MI and strok etc.• Diabetes• Cancers etc..
  4. 4. Responsible factors: Junk or dead food eating habit High CholesterolThe largest contributor to High bad cholesterol (LDL)this is TRANS FAT. Low good cholesterol (HDL) Cigarette Smoking Obesity Sedentary ( modern) life style Stress (Distress)
  5. 5. Most Imp. responsible factor for HEART DISEASES: Atherosclerosis due to  High Cholesterol High bad cholesterol (LDL) Low good cholesterol (HDL) MEDICAL - How cholesterol clogs your arteries (atherosclerosis) - YouTube.flv
  6. 6. As per according to National Institute of Health in United State Cholesterol: The CulpritAs per according to National Institute of Health in United StateSr. Cholesterol Type Normal or Range (Risky)No. Safe range1. Total Cholesterol 150 – 180 mg / dL > 200 mg / dL2. LDL (Bad cholesterol) 90 – 120 mg / dL > 130 mg / dL3. HDL (Good Cholesterol) 40 – 60 mg / dL < 30 mg / dL
  7. 7. A myth: Fat / oil make you fat, Increases your cholesterol ……… henceNo S a y N O t o O IL /F A T
  8. 8. Actual fact:1. First, fat provides calorie density to the diet.2. Secondly, fats are essential in the diet for the absorption and mobilization of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, E, & K and fat-soluble antioxidants.3. Thirdly, vegetable oils are the only sources of Essential Fatty Acids to the body i.e. Omega6 and Omega3 .4. Fourthly, fat in the diet imparts certain textural qualities, taste and palatability of the food.
  9. 9. What happens in absence or deficiency of fat in diet 1. First, caloric density of the diet reduced. 2. Secondly, there occurs deficiency of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, E, & K and fat-soluble antioxidants and therefore various vit. dif. Disorders. 3. Thirdly, deficiency of Prostaglandin like substances as EFA’s are the precursors of Prostaglandins that are synthesized in the body and therefore PG def. disorders. 4. Fourthly, Food with NO textural qualities, taste and palatability.
  10. 10. Low fat diet…………….Hampers digestion and nutrientsabsorption leading to “mineraldeficiencies”
  11. 11. Recent Scientific factsregarding recommendations and use of Cooking oil in our diet.•Therefore it is very essential to use oil / fat in the dietBut you have to be very particular about its QUALITY and QUANTITY.
  12. 12. Ideal Quantity of Fat: 20-30 grams/day (average) Max upto 50 grams / day depending upon physical activityReference: Report of WH O -N IN Workshop on D ietary Fats and N on-C om m unicable D iseases, July 7-8, 2005, held at N IN , H yd erabad
  13. 13. Latest Guidelines : According to Latest Guidelines issued by ICMR based National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, India:. The use of hydrogenated fat (Vanaspati) should be strictly avoided as it is now considered much more harmful than any other oil as they contain trans fatty acid which are known for increasing bad cholesterol and reducing good cholesterol.
  14. 14. Quality of oil / fat : 1Intake of Saturated fatty acids (SFA):In general, SFAs are known to increase serumcholesterol levels, therefore SFA intake should notexceed 8 – 10% of total energy.
  15. 15. Quality of oil / fat : 2 Intake of Polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA): Intake should be 8–10% of total energy intake which must be split into Omega6 (N6)or LA: 6–8% of total energy intake Omega3 (N3) or ALNA: 1-2% of total energy intakeNote: The ideal ratio between N6/N3 should lie in between 5 - 10
  16. 16. Quality of oil / fat : 3Intake of Monounsaturated fatty acid(MUFA): The intake should be 10 -12% of the totalenergy intakeAdditional natural anti-oxidants :Tocopherol, Tocotrinols and Oryzanol should be there etc(The antioxidant stability of the oil should be maintained even whenheated at frying temperature).
  17. 17. Fat composition desired to ensure recommended fat intake:Saturated Fatty Acids (SFA) : 27-33%of total fat intakePoly-Unsaturated Fatty Acids(PUFA) : 27-33%of total fat intakeMono-Unsaturated Fatty Acids(MUFA): 33-40%of total fat intake
  18. 18. Agenda of the Presentation : Why to use only Rice Bran Oil?
  19. 19. FAT COMPOSITION OF COMMON EDIBLE OILS Vis - a- Vis CURRENT RECOMMENDATIONS Fatty Acids % by WeightRecommended by National Institute of Mono- Remarks Saturated Poly- Nutrition, unsaturated Fat ( SFA) unsaturated Fat Hyderabad Fat ( MUFA) 27-33% (PUFA) 27-33% 33-40% Palm Oil 50 10 40 High SFAButter Fat/ Desi Very high SFA, Contains 67 03 30 Ghee undesirable cholesterols.Hydrogenat-ed Very high SFA, Contains fat/ Vanaspati 60 00 40 undesirable Trans-Fatty Ghee Acids
  20. 20. Fatty Acids % by WeightRecommended by National Saturat Institute of Poly- Remarks ed Fat Mono- Nutrition, unsaturated unsaturated Fat Hyderabad Fat (PUFA) ( SFA) ( MUFA) 33-40% 27-33% 27-33% KardiOil/Safflower 9 78 13 Very high PUFA OilSunflower Oil 12 69 19 Very high PUFA Corn Oil 13 59 28 Very high PUFACotton Seed 26 55 19 Very high PUFA Oil Sesame Oil 13 46 41 High PUFASoya bean Oil 15 61 24 Very High PUFA
  21. 21. Fatty Acids % by WeightRecommended by National Institute of Mono- Remarks Saturated Poly- Nutrition, unsaturated Fat unsaturated Hyderabad Fat ( SFA) Fat (PUFA) (MUFA) 27-33% 27-33% 33-40% High levels of undesirable Mustard Oil 3 29 68 Erucic acid Very high Omega-3, hence not Canola Oil 6 32 62 good for frying Low smoke point, hence not Olive Oil 16 11 73 good for frying Groundnut Ideal fat composition, better 22 33 45 Oil frying stability Ideal fat composition, better frying stability and uniqueRice Bran Oil 24 34 42 nutrients i.e. Oryzanol and TocotrienolsNote :- Value of Fat composition of different oils are based upon literature values.
  22. 22. What externally appears?Out of available cooking oil in the table, on thebasis of comparative data: Kardi /safflower, sunflower oil, Soya-bean oil, Mustard oil, Canola oil, Olive oil, Groundnut oil and RICE BRAN OIL appears to be best
  23. 23. Actual Fact: 1 Latest studies show, use ofTOO MUCH PUFA MAY CAUSECANCER cooking oil containing high level of Poly unsaturated fatty acidEdible oil ads oncholesterol –free trails to (PUFA) as a sole cooking oilbe barred. such as kardi /safflower, sunflower oil, soya bean oil-CFTRI Professor may cause many health-[ Central food and Technology complications such asResearch Institute, Maysore ] ARTHRITIS and even CANCER.
  24. 24. Actual Fact: 2Recent studies also suggest that Olive oil has very low smoke point (1800C) and Canola oil contains very high content of unstable alpha linolenic fatty acid (10%), therefore both olive oil and canola oil are not good for frying. Hence these oils are not suitable in Indian context, as we mainly use edible oils for frying and not for salad dressings as in Europe.For reference: John Campen in the USA Rice federations Houston offoice (713) 270-6699.
  25. 25. Actual Fact: 3The lawA breach of the 1977 Erucic Acid in Food Regulations Recent ICMR based applies when:(a) Erucic acid is more than 5% of the fatty acid content of studies and few European any oil or fat or mixture of the two, or(b) for foods with more than 5% total fat content, the Erucic studies suggest a link acid comprises more than 5% of the fatty acid content of all the oil or fat in the case of a food to which oil and/or fat has been added. between use of mustard oil(c) where a product to which oil and/or fat have been added is aimed explicitly or implicitly at young children and infants, the same conditions in (b) apply except and heart attack as Indian there is no minimum fat level, all such foods must comply irrespective of total fat content. mustard oil contain highAll the following products in the latest Food Alert are subject to a trade withdrawal. levels of erucic acid (48%) …………… ref. next slide
  26. 26. Erucuc acid update:
  27. 27. Actual Fact: about Groundnut oilTitleContamination of cereal Aflatoxin, hepatitis andproducts and animal feeds byaflatoxins. worldwide liver cancer risks. Henry SH, Bosch FX, Bowers JC.Authors SourceLafont, P.; Lafont, J. U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Washington, DC 20204, USA.Journal AbstractFood and Cosmetics Toxicology 1970 Vol. 8 Aflatoxins are among the most potent mutagenic and carcinogenicpp. 403-408 substances known. Differential potency of Aflatoxins among species canAbstract be partially attributed to differences in metabolism; however, current information on competing aspects of metabolic activation andAflatoxin was demonstrated by thin-layer detoxification of aflatoxin in various species does not identify an adequatechromatography in 167 of 380 samples of animal model for humans. Risk of liver cancer is influenced by a numbercompound foods, or the primary materials, of factors, most notably carriage of hepatitis B virus as determined by thefrom two factories. Compound foods presence in serum of the hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg+ or HBsAg-). About 50 to 100% of liver cancer cases are estimated to bewere more frequently associated with persistent infection of hepatitis B (or C) virus. Thecontaminated with aflatoxin Bi potency of aflatoxin in HBsAg+ individuals is substantially higher (about a factor of 30) than the potency in HBsAg- individuals. Thus, reduction ofthan primary materials; among the intake of aflatoxins in populations with a high prevalence of HBsAg+the latter, Soya-bean cake and individuals will have greater impact on reducing liver cancer rates than reductions in populations with a low prevalence of HbsAg+ individuals.Groundnut cake were most The present analysis suggests that vaccination against hepatitis B (orfrequently contaminated, maize protection against hepatits C), which reduces prevalence of carriers, would reduce the potency of the aflatoxins in vaccinated populations andand wheat less frequently. reduce liver cancer risk.
  28. 28. Facts about Rice Bran Oil:Refined Rice Bran Oil has the optimum PUFA/SFA ratio ascompared to any other oil - Page 29, CSE REPORT
  29. 29. Facts about Rice Bran Oil: Effect of lowering serum cholesterol level by various vegetable edible oilsDifferent Oils rice bran safflower corn oil Sunflower -40 -30 -20 -10 0 percentage decrease of serum cholesterol This graph indicates the percentage decrease of serum Cholesterol concentrated against anti-ingestion after Taking 60 grams of vegetable edible oil per day for a Week. (Source:- Japanese Journal of Nutrition Vol 20,No 4, page 11-13)
  30. 30. Facts about Rice Bran Oil:A Rice Bran Oil Diet Increases LDL-Receptorand HMG-CoA Reductase mRNA Expressions and Insulin Sensitivity in Rats with Streptozotocin / Nicotinamide-Induced Type 2 Diabetes Chia-Wen Chen* and Hsing-Hsien Cheng* Graduate Institute of Pharmacy and School of Public Health and Nutrition Science, Taipei Medical University, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC To whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail: .
  31. 31. Facts about Rice Bran Oil:Physically Refined Rice Bran Oil showed greaterreduction in bad cholesterols as compared to Canola Oil.Animal studies conducted by Reputed Scientists of Tufts University, Bostonand University of Massachusetts Lowell, Lowell, USA(Source:- Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry 16 (2005) 521-529)Rice Bran oil has significantly better cholesterol loweringproperties than popular Olive Oil.Human clinical studies conducted in the University of Lowell, USA(Source:- Arthrosclerosis, volume 88, Issues 2-3, June 1991, pages 133-142)
  32. 32. Rice Bran Oil: Actual factsHuman trial conducted in NIN, Hyderabad, have confirmedsignificant reduction in total cholesterol by using RBO in just30 days.Studies conducted in Taipei Med. University, Taiwan, have shownthat rice bran oil (RBO) can help to control Type II diabetes.Studies conducted in Japan have shown that some componentspresent in Rice Bran Oil (RBO) can help to lower high bloodpressure level.D K K Tlwr, D r. . . a a irector PI ( ha a ) alea Crdiolog recom ended use of onlyR B n G C ndig rh ding a ist m ice raO ( B) il RO
  33. 33. Health benefits of Rice Bran OilAntioxidant stability Studies have shown that the antioxidant stability in rice bran oil remains almost constant even when heated at frying temperatures.
  34. 34. Health benefits of Rice Bran Oil• It has the ideal ratio of saturated, mono- unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fatty acids and is the closest to World Health Organisation recommendation.
  35. 35. Health benefits of Rice Bran Oil The rice bran oil component γoryzanol is effective in relieving hot flashes and other symptoms of female menopause. Researchers found that 90% of the women found some form of relief from hot flashes after taking a rice bran oil supplement for 4–6 weeks.
  36. 36. Health benefits of Rice Bran Oil It is good for skin. It contains Squalene which improves skin tone and delays wrinkle formation. It has 4 hydroxy 3 methoxy Cinnamic acid which stimulates hormonal secretion and rejuvenates health.
  37. 37. Health benefits of Rice Bran OilIt has additional natural anti-oxidants :Tocopherol, Tocotrinols and OryzanolWhich has antithrombotic andANTI-CANCER property
  38. 38. Physical Properties of Rice Bran Oil: Golden yellow color Absolutely odorless Tasteless as such maintains natural flavor of food cooked in it Uptake is less by 5-15 %
  39. 39. What is “VIGHNAHARTA”?Vighnaharta is ……. A unique cooking Oil produced From riCE - D nwntabran pv ha a ri distributors
  42. 42. Cooking Advantages of VIGHNAHARTA
  43. 43. International processing standards ensuring world class food safety AND CERTIFIED as HACCP and ISO 9001:2008
  44. 44. Precautions for “Primary Oxidation”• Primary Oxidation is caused by the environmental oxygen exposure of the oil at the time of storage and packaging• We are completely providing the inert environment to the oil by purging and blanketing the oil with pure Nitrogen at the time of refining, storage and packaging. Nitrogen Generation Plant at A P Organics PVT LTD
  45. 45. Precautions for “Secondary Oxidation” Secondary Oxidation is caused by the Metal Contamination in the Oil at PPM level We are maintaining the Minimal levels of Metal contamination in our product by Installing high efficiency Metal Traps at each level of refining and packaging. High efficiency Metal Traps at A P Organics PVT LTD
  46. 46. In-House Container making facility:We have in-house containermaking facility to zero inchances of contamination inthe final product. In-House container making facility at A.P. Organics Pvt. Ltd.
  47. 47. Contract with Pest Control (India) Pvt. Ltd. (PCI)We have contractwith PCI to ensurezero rodents andpests inside thepremises.
  48. 48. First National Award – 2007Dr. A.R. Sharma,,Receiving FirstNational Award – 2007from Hon’ble PrimeMinister at VigyanBhawan, New Delhi on30th August, 2008
  49. 49. National Technology Award-2009Dr. A.R. Sharma,,receiving the NationalTechnology Award-2009from Hon’ble Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam onTechnology Day i.e. 11thMay, 2010 at New Delhi
  50. 50. First National Award-2009 for Outstanding Efforts in EntrepreneurshipDr. A.R. Sharma,,receiving the First NationalAward-2009 forOutstanding Efforts inEntrepreneurship from HerExcellency Smt. PratibhaPatil, Hon’ble President ofIndia on 31st August 2010at New Delhi
  51. 51. What is needed?Finally, in today’s "Health is Wealth"scenario, Dhanwantari’s VIGHNAHRTAOrganic Rice Bran Oil "Heart friendly"cooking Oil is the new way to effectiveheart care.The need of the hour is to promote this oilas Health Oil in India
  52. 52. This is Dhanwantari Distributors Pvt. Ltd.
  53. 53. Dhanwantari distributors Pvt. Ltd. & Welcome to the Happier, Healthier and Great future with Dhanwnatari’s Vigh nah arta
  54. 54. Dhanwantari distributors Pvt. Ltd. Contact For Detail & Purchase Manish Rathod 9979878090 Vadodara