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  2. 2. GSM CONTROLLED HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM Tushar Mongia(9910102241) Kamal Handa (9910102194) Introduction to the TopicAutomation is the process of automatically performing everyday functions aroundthe home to save you time, energy, money and at the same time offering improvedsecurity.The automation’ is performed by a central controller. This can be either astandalone unit or a piece of software on a PC. Both options have theiradvantages. The controller can carry out a number of functions: ObjectivesHome Automation Saves Money by lowering your monthly utility bills with theremote & scheduled control of lights, appliances, sprinklers and your airconditioning  Never walk into a dark home again.  Have the porch light automatically turn on when you open the front door after dark. Lighting and audio controls can make a vacant home look and sound occupied.  You could set your Omni home control system to automatically call you at work when your child comes home from school and keys in his security code into the security system.  Call your home control system over the phone to make changes to your system.  Log into your home control system over the Internet via Snap-Link or Web-Link II and change your temperature settings.  Set the temperature setting on your Omnistate to automatically turn up when the security system is armed in the morning. It is then 2
  3. 3. GSM CONTROLLED HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM automatically turned down one-half hour before you normally get home in order for you to arrive home to a comfortable house.  If you are leaving early from work, you can call into your home control system to manually set the temperature to where you want it to be when you get home. Basic idea of Home automation using Telnet is conceivedfrom router configuration. As we use a remote terminal to access router instead ofconsole to configure it, we have used the same way to control our controllerinstead of router to control our Home Appliances. The controller 89c51 which isprogrammed such as that when it receives the command through Telnet itprocesses on it and turns ON or OFF the appliance as per command receive.Telnet server is used for interfacing. Server connects controller with telnet remotePC through serial port i.e. DB9 and connects controller with remote pc throughinternet medium i.e. TCP/IP. 3
  4. 4. GSM CONTROLLED HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM ApparatusSr.No. Component used Quantity1 89C51microcontroller(base+ic) 12. LM358(base+ic) 43. 3mm IR TX-RX pair 44. L.E.Ds 65. 4.7K resistance 26. 10K resistance 27. 10K potentiometer 27. 150 ohm resistance 28. 330 ohm resistance 29. Crystal Oscillator(12 Mhz) 110. Reset switch 111. 2-pin connector 112. General purpose grid PCB 213. Connecting wires -14. Ceramic Capacitor(33 pf) 215. 5volt power supply 116. LCD 117. Stepper Motor 218. Temp sensor ic ds1621 119. Transistor 1 4
  5. 5. GSM CONTROLLED HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM Different Home Automation Appliances1- Heating, Ventilation and Air ConditioningHeating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning solutions include temperature andhumidity control (climatic). This is generally one of the most important aspects toa homeowner. An Internet-controlled thermostat, for example, can both savemoney and help the environment, by allowing the homeowner to control thebuildings heating and air conditioning systems remotely.2- LightingLighting control systems involves aspects related to controlling electric lights. • Extinguished general of all the lights of the house • Automation of switched off / ignition in every point of light • Regulation of the illumination according to the level of ambient luminosity3- Natural lightingNatural lighting control involves controlling window shades, LCD shades,draperies and awnings. Recent advances include use of RF technology to avoidwiring to switches and integration with third party home automation systems forcentralized control.4- AudioMajor companies associated with Audio Distribution include: There are threecomponents that allow the consumer to listen to audio throughout your home, orbusiness: 5
  6. 6. GSM CONTROLLED HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM o Cat 5e/CAT 6 cable from Audio central unit. o 2 sets of speaker cabling (4ply from amplifier, and 2 ply from key pad to ceiling or wall speakers). o A keypad to control your volume and sources.This category includes audio switching and distribution. Audio switchingdetermines the selection of an audio source. Audio distribution allows an audiosource to be heard in one or more rooms. This feature is often referred to as multi-zone audio.5- VideoThis includes video switching and distribution, allowing a video source to beviewed on multiple TVs. This feature is often referred to as multi-zone video.Integration of the intercom to the telephone, or of the video door entry system tothe television set, allowing the residents to view the door camera automatically.6- SecurityControl and integration of security systems.With Home Automation, the consumer can select and watch cameras live from anInternet source to their home or business. Security cameras can be controlled,allowing the user to observe activity around a house or business right from aMonitor or touch panel. Security systems can include motion sensors that willdetect any kind of unauthorized movement and notify the user through the securitysystem or via cell phone.This category also includes control and distribution of security cameras • Detection of possible intrusion o sensors of detection of movement o sensors of magnetic contact of door/window o sensors of glass breaking o sensors of pressure changes • Simulation of presence. • Detection of fire, gas leaks, water leaks (see fire alarm and gas alarm) • Medical alert. Teleassistance. • Precise and safe closing of blinds. 6
  7. 7. GSM CONTROLLED HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM7- IntercomsAn intercom system allows communication via a microphone and loud speakerbetween multiple rooms. • Ubiquity in the external control as much internal, remote control from the Internet, PC, wireless controls electrical equipment. • Transmission of alarms. • Intercommunications.Using special hardware, almost any device can be monitored and controlledautomatically or remotely.8 - Plant Watering  Pool pump(s) and heater, Hot tub and Spa  Sump Pump (need info and links) Circuit Description 7
  8. 8. GSM CONTROLLED HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM Project Featutres• It provides many functions (CPU, RAM, ROM, I/O, interrupt logic, timer, etc.) in a single package• 8-bit ALU, Accumulator and 8-bit Registers; hence it is an 8-bit microcontroller• 8-bit data bus - It can access 8 bits of data in one operation• 16-bit address bus - It can access 216 memory locations - 64KB (65536 locations) each of RAM and ROM• On-chip RAM - 128 bytes (data memory)• On-chip ROM - 4k Byte (program memory)• Four byte bi-directional input/output port• UART (serial port)• Two 16-bit Counter/timers• Two-level interrupt priority• Power saving mode 8
  9. 9. GSM CONTROLLED HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM Benefits of the ProjectMost controllers will offer all of the above plus more. When you use controllersconnected in the appropriate fashion, you can realize all sorts of benefits, limitedprimarily by your imagination. For example:- • When on holiday or working late, have the lights come on automatically and draw the curtains. • Set room moods, i.e. one button push to switch off the main light, dim the perimeter lights and switch the surround sound system on ready to play a movie. • At dusk, check that the garage door is closed. • Switch on the electric blanket whilst youre sitting on your sofa. The controller can be either standalone or combined into a security system to give additional benefits. ApplicationsAn automated home is about the convenience of saving your time and effort byhaving your home automatically do routine functions such as watering your grass(but only if it has not rained recently), or turning off all lights, setting thethermostat to economy mode and arming the security system when you retire forthe night. 9
  10. 10. GSM CONTROLLED HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM Future Work of the project:The system being developed will focus an automating security and electronicappliances for homes and offices. This involves providing the feature of trackingthe status of appliances and manipulating them accordingly. It also involvesmonitoring and remotely the security related events. The scope is also consists ofsending remote messages to the user by any means. The proposed security andhome/office automation system will also focus on user remote system connectivityso that it can be manage by the user when he/she is outside.It also comes in boundary of the system, to detect unwanted motions throughdifferent intruder devices and maintain passed activities and event logs. Thesystem will target on controlling other home and office processes which are beingperform manually, controlling doors can be one of those processes and also willtarget on modern connectivity technologies to minimize the failure chance. Theproposed system will also subject on controlling home and office electricity flowremotely from different locations. • The system can be easily connected to the personal computer for further control. • Energy efficiency at various places like house, offices, schools, colleges etc can be enhanced . • By performing certain modifications in the project, a different level of energy conservation can be achieved. 10