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Dhanayoga Global Investment Advisory Services Presentation


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Dhanayoga is pleased to launch Global Investment Advisory services for Citizens from any country to invest and benefit. Investments can be done via money remittance from your local currency into any one of the 19 base currencies namely USD, EUR, JPY, AUD, SEK, CHF, CZK, NOK, CNH, ILS, CAD, GBP, HKD, MXN, NZD, HUF, DKK, SGD and RUB.

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Dhanayoga Global Investment Advisory Services Presentation

  2. 2. Table of Contents  Who We Are  What We Do  Investment Philosophy  Investment Process  Portfolio Philosophy  Our Performance  Why Dhanayoga  Contacts
  3. 3. Who we are?  Dhanayoga (Sanskrit धनयोग) means an astrological combination (or) state that bestows earnings, wealth accumulation, prosperity and life long financial stability  We are a Wealth Management firm  Founded in 2016 by Sethu V, a serial Entrepreneur and founder of Virtue Corporate Group who has launched and scaled five profitable business ventures (View profile)  He has 25+ years of experience across various industry and functional roles and lives by transparent, ethical and value centered principles in managing businesses  He is a strong believer, passionate follower and practitioner of “Value Investing” approach propounded by Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffet
  4. 4. What we do?  Dhanayoga helps our clients to earn significantly better returns than conventional investment avenues  We deliver it by identifying and help investing your money in high quality, risk managed, “Value driven” equity, mutual fund, fixed income and alternative assets  We follow a very disciplined investment philosophy and approach  We currently target investing both in Indian and International equity, fixed income, natural resources and alternative assets - Direct and via ETFs or Mutual Funds  We target investments in the following sectors, that we well understand  Engineering and Capital Goods  Banking and Financial Services  Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals  Manufacturing and Automotive  Information Technology  Media and Entertainment  Consumer Goods and Retail  Business Services and Logistics
  5. 5. Our Services Financial Analysis Debt Counselling Investment Planning Insurance Planning Tax Planning For more information on above services, visit
  6. 6. Global Investment Portfolios Dhana Videza Dhana Vikalpa Dhana Uttama Invest Globally Suitable for Salaried, Self-employed, Business, Trusts, Family Offices and NRIs Invest Monthly (or) Lump sum Initial Investment: USD 5,000 or more Tenure: 5 Years or more Alternative Investments Suitable for Salaried, Self-Employed, Business, Trusts, Family Offices and NRIs Invest Lump sum & Earn Better Interest Initial Investment: USD 5,000 or more Tenure: 3 months or more Customized Multi-Asset Portfolio Services Suitable for Salaried, Self-employed, Business, HNI, Family Offices and NRIs Invest Monthly or Lump sum Investment: USD 25,000 or more Tenure: 5 Years or more
  7. 7. Investment Philosophy  We seek high-quality businesses, assets and asset classes that we can purchase at a significant discount to their intrinsic value  We build a focused yet adequately diversified portfolio of multi-assets  We focus on the Long term, yet can provide flexibility for regular income, liquidity and tax loss harvesting, if you need it  We provide both Regular and IRA Account based investment portfolios  We advice on Equity, Fixed Income and Alternative asset classes globally High Quality assets and businesses which are patiently acquired at favorable prices lessen the risk of capital erosion and increase potential returns
  8. 8. Investible Asset Classes The Portfolio Equity Fixed Income Natural Resources Real Estate* Alternatives
  9. 9. Asset Class – Equity (US & Global Equity) Equity Mutual Funds & ETFs US Equity Large Cap Mid Cap Small Cap Micro Cap Growth Style Value Style Tax Exempt Funds International Equity LATAM Europe Asia Pacific Emerging Markets Frontier Markets Sector Equity Direct Equity US Stocks International Stocks * To be launched
  10. 10. Asset Class – Fixed Income (Govt.) Fixed Income Mutual Funds & ETFs Tax Exempt Bond Taxable Bond Corporate Bonds Bank Loan Preferred Stock Government Bonds (Federal & Municipal) Money Market Ultra Short Duration Short Duration Intermediate Duration Long Duration Inflation Protected High Yield Non-Traditional Close Ended Income Bonds Structured Products * H / UH – Currency & Interest Rate - Hedged and Un-Hedged
  11. 11. Asset Class – Fixed Income (Corporate) Fixed Income Mutual Funds & ETFs Tax Exempt Bond Taxable Bond Corporate Multi-Sector Emerging Market (Local-Currency) (H/UH *) Emerging Market (USD Denominated) High Yield Bank Loan Preferred Stock Government Bonds (Fed & Muni) Non-Traditional Interest Rate Hedged Long-Short Close Ended Income Bonds Structured Products * H / UH – Currency & Interest Rate - Hedged and Un-Hedged
  12. 12. Asset Class – Natural Resources Natural Resources Agriculture Energy Industrial Metals Precious Metals Broad Basket Inverse & Leveraged (Single & Multi- Commodities) Exposure to Indian and Global Commodity MFs, Index Funds, ETFs and Sovereign Gold Bonds only
  13. 13. Asset Class - Alternatives Portfolio Inverse (E/D/C *) Leveraged (E/D/C *) Long-Short (C/E #) Managed Futures Market Neutral Single & Multi- Currency Options- Based Multi- Alternatives * E / D / C – Equity / Debt / Commodities # C / E – Credit / Equity
  14. 14. Asset Class – Real Estate Real Estate Residential Commercial REITs Exposure to US and International REIT MFs and ETFs
  15. 15. Asset Class – Goal Alignment
  16. 16. Asset Class - Correlation
  17. 17. Investment Philosophy – Equity  What is a “High-quality business”? (Equity)  Predictable Prospects / sustainable competitive advantage  Strong balance sheet  Strong free cash flow  High returns on invested capital  High promoter stake  Steady and Reasonable growth  Excellent, high-integrity management who allocate capital sensibly
  18. 18. Investment Process  Search a data base of listed securitiesEQUITY UNIVERSE IDEA GENERATION VALUATION & ASSESSMENT PORTFOLIO CONSTRUCTION MONITOR INVESTMENTS MONITOR WISH LIST SELL DISCIPLINE  Screen securities based on stringent qualification criteria  Study & analyze 10+ years financial and business performance  Identify excellent investments and build concentrated portfolio  Track ongoing performance, news and developments  Monitor potential new investments opportunities  Sell on adverse developments or if it gets overvalued
  19. 19. Portfolio Philosophy  Characteristics of Dhanayoga’s approach  Intelligent concentration of investment with high conviction  Patient and prudent deployment of capital  Ownership of quality businesses  Only invest in companies we thoroughly understand  Ensure quick and adequate liquidity, in the event of client needs  Character and Choice of businesses is given highest consideration
  20. 20. Why Dhanayoga?  Understands your needs and builds appropriate equity portfolio  Rigorous investment after due diligence and analysis (safeguards against loss of capital)  Discipline in our investment approach. “Value driven wealth” is our investment approach - past, present and future  Truly merit based and un-biased investment decisions (We DO NOT seek or receive brokerage or commissions from mutual funds (or) investment companies to push or sell their products to you, hence NO conflict of interest)  Win-Win “Performance linked compensation” structure – No Performance, No Pay  Personalized service and advisory guidance, aligned to each client with real-time online portal to track your portfolio performance Dhanayoga is well positioned to help you create sustainable “Value driven wealth” by effectively managing the challenges and risks presented by today’s environment
  21. 21. Our Assurance Dhanayoga's offers “fee only” advisory services that is 100% independent, unbiased and solely aimed at delivering best value to our clients We DO NOT receive any commissions or incentives (one time or trail) from any Mutual Fund, Insurance, Bank or any other financial entity. We DO NOT ask our clients to transfer any money or funds to our account. All client funds, assets and investments always stay in client's own account or with reputed institutional custodial accounts at all times
  22. 22. Disclaimer The investment returns referenced in this presentation are indicative of our performance results as a whole. Results for individual client accounts may vary. Returns are expressed gross of investment management fees. Past performance is not indicative of future performance The information contained herein is derived from sources which are believed to be reliable. Any opinion expressed herein is solely based on the presenter’s current analysis and interpretation and is subject to change.
  23. 23. Dhanayoga VALUE DRIVEN WEALTH INDIA M: +91 98840 83363 INDIA T: +91 44 4214 5981 UK: +44 703 187 4952 USA: +1 732 328 8347 E: SVR@DHANAYO.GA W: WWW.DHANAYO.GA A VIRTUECG FIRM