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Portfolio edited during the Account Planning Boot Camp in Miami Ad School Madrid.
Strategies for: PETA, El Corte Inglés, Vodafone.

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  1. 1. Donia HamzaouiACCOUNT PLANNERPORTFOLIO 2012
  2. 2. INDEX ELWith this portfolio, I would like to PETA CORTEdemonstrate my ability to: INGLÉS1.  Understand the Brand2.  Understand the Market VODA FONE RESUME3.  Understand the TargetI believe in a brands power to support, entertain and inspire."A brand is more than just a client. It is an identity with values. "It exists through and for its consumers. "If a brand has not yet reached its consumer, then we should give itconsistency and coherence in every touch point: from its employees to itsproducts and to its communication.
  3. 3. TeammatesUnderstanding Chelo Simón Eduardo Baigorri the brandWith a violent and radicalcommunication style, working onthe PETA brief was a challenge toovercome. Nevertheless, facing up to it waswhat helped us to elaborate anaccurate strategy and reveal thebrands essence. PETA Triggering the youth consciousness (20-30 years old) about abuse and mistreatment of fish.
  4. 4. Issue Problem Target Fish are not food. Young adultsPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Disappointed withAnimals (PETA) They are living the system. beings with theFirst global organization fighting for Worried about right to live. animal rights with more than 2 million their future.members and followers. PETA considers all animals to be equal Interaction Supportto each other and equal to humans. Social Rebel to the system consciousness Show the truthA fish has the same right to live as a Nonconformist Scientists expertise cat or a dog. Change needed Objective That young adults stop eating fish. This is an ambitious objective with a major goal to impact all behaviours toward animals. More powerful objective, more striking communication.
  5. 5. Showing elephants“Nestea crueltea plunge” abuses on humans In San Francisco, a woman body in a meat packagingHow do PETAcomunicate? With the help of celebrities to impact more
  6. 6. Message In the past 50We have to make people aware with a EATING years, 90% ofmessage as surprising and radical as FISH large fishPETA’s actions have always been. populations have KILLS been exterminatedTherefore, we will be confronting auniversal and intrinsically rooted belief:“eating fish is healthy." According to the Kills fishNo, we cannot change this belief. journal Science, in KillsHowever, we can make people think 2048, our oceans biodiversity about the consequences of consuming will be completely Kills us as afish. depleted. species Ambition To make this message a global and social issue, we want to encourage young people to drive change and create their own future.
  7. 7. CHANGE THE RULES! Eating fish kills. Graphic It’s killing fish, It’s killing biodiversity intention It’s killing us as species. CHANGE THE RULES Illustrate the Join PETA and fight for a world’s end with better planet an apocalyptic toneArgumentPETA fights against false beliefs and historically established rules. This is no game. The current situation has lead us to an inflection point and now we must act.We have to put our fists down!Social change has always been driven by youth. Let’s fight!
  8. 8. TeammateUnderstanding Rómulo Delgado the SpanishmarketFor two years I have been living inSpain. As a foreigner with a stronginterest in Spanish culture, I haveexperienced Spanish life andobserved consumer behaviours tobetter understand the Spanishmarket. EL CORTE INGLÉS And young adults from 18 to 25.
  9. 9. Issue Objectives Attracting them toEl Corte Inglés is a historical brand. the brandIt is part of Spanish life, but young Increase sales Make them awareadults do not feel connected to the about products andbrand. servicesNonetheless, El Corte Inglés has muchto offer them, including international Target Interaction Multitask Family experiencebrands and a large variety of products. Multichannel of the brand 23h/week on Stores are part of Internet the urban Community landscape. Opportunity Young people have many options to consume: Specialized Retail - Zara, H&M, Fnac or Brands stores – Diesel, Adidas. However, none of these stores but El Corte Inglés can offer everything in the same place: clothes, music, books, technology…
  10. 10. StrategyYoung people meet in front of El Corte Inglés.So, yes, in a way they are connected to the brand. Theproblem is they are not coming inside.Let’s make them come in, whether through the physical dooror the digital one. They are only one step away from us. Observation Challenge Young people LET’S GET meet in front of El Corte Inglés stores. THEM INHow? ToneThrough the Concept storetarget’s codes Urban OutfittersUsing its channels UKIn their meeting Citadium Parispoints Lafayette V.O.
  11. 11. USING ITS CODES Using itsThe way of talking and writing by channelsphone on Twitter or Facebook is Web, Apps, Social mediavery specific: gr8, thx, b4, asap, xo …. With a brand editorialWe have to go ahead and take organized per looks, brands, cross-selling. ownership of the brand in a waythey will talk about it. ¿Cómo? Con los códigos del target Con sus canales En sus momentos de quedadasDigital doorYoung people are connected 23h/week atleast (TRU de TNS)..We will have to dedicate to them their ownwebsite, apps and places to interact with ECI.
  12. 12. IN ITS MEETING POINTS Interactive shop-windowEl Corte Inglés has an amazing Whether the store isadvantage to spend time with the open or notyouth while waiting: the stores. 24/7 full access to the store In ECI window displays,The street is ours! bus and metro stops The street is ours! Events in front of the stores with related artists and © Uffie for Citadium & Lacoste brands Ambition ECI becomes the waiting companion: “ECI is with you while you wait for your friends.” It is part of the youth community. It gives them a place to hang out together.
  13. 13. KEEPING COHERENT Flow ECI is a El Corte Inglés’ brand. The latter Creating a buying will provide notoriety and brand image to path the former. Applying the same changes to stores © Citadium, Paris would increase the target engagement. If not, young people might feel fooled by Style the brand, affecting its credibility and Inspiring image. Advising We should create the ECI FLOOR and Organizing brands keep up with the ECI experience in store. © Urban Outfitters UK ConnectivityPhysical door " For a multitasking" target Simultaneously OnThe Floor and Off-line brand
  14. 14. Understanding Teammates Planner Antonio Castrothe target Creatives Alejandra Observation, investigation, analysis Elenaand empathy are the tools I use to Luciaunderstand the target. In addition to Manuelathe targets interaction with thebrand, it can be understood throughits lifestyle and its everyday worriesand priorities. Understanding human behaviour isone of the most interestingchallenges. Vodafone Leading self-employed conversion from 1.0 to 2.0
  15. 15. Issue Target Self-employed Vodafone clientsThe majority of self-employed Vodafone Still with voice plan → uneasy withclients still have a voice plan. Vodafone technologywould like to urge these customers to Overwhelmed: little time and moneyadd data to their existing plans. Heterogeneity: large variety of sectorsIt will provide them with tools to maketheir everyday business management Brand Limitations Vodafone has been No trusteasier. leading the technology Provider = Thief conversion None of the “Power to you” providers Apptualizate (apptualize) understand the target’s needs. Objectives +40% penetration among the Vodafone self- employed clients with voice plan. Leading the conversion: 1.0 → 2.0 Marketing positioning: Partnership
  16. 16. Observation d sisWe can not resolve all its Una *A dose of tranquillity problems. But we sure canmake it a little easier. de tranquilidad.*Concept Tone A Empathy ;) Direct and simple DOSE AUTONOMOS Continuity with the OF new serviceTRANQUILLITY Apptualizate Strategy 1. Communicate tranquillity and security 2. Connect and optimize their business
  17. 17. TRANQUILLITY Elige tu smartphone Acceso al directorio & SECURITYsis Seguridad de datos Movil de reserva Language Services Simple, Apptualizate Apptualizate Tarifas straightforward Tutorials and peaceful Back-up phone Virtual safe box for with its data in 24h its data
  18. 18. DirectoryFree access to Vodafones database of CONNECTself-employed clients to encouragebusiness opportunities and support &between each other. OPTIMIZEMust be agreed upon in the new data plancontract.In the long-term, this could become aself-functioning community that would La noche en rojo. *Red nightonly require the brands interventionwhen asked. La noche en ROJO.*Red nightRecurring eventsAdvises, Network
  19. 19. PROFESSIONALOBJECTIVEAs I explained above, I believe inbrands and how they can contributeto consumers life. By understandingbrands, markets and targets, I canand I want to take part in theglobal development of brandsand their products. Resume Donia Hamzaoui
  20. 20. STRATEGIC PLANNING! BRAND & PRODUCT! DONIA HAMZAOUI! Miami Ad School! Krys, HVA ! Account Planner Krys, Arsenic ! Developing & balancing Boot Camp for Account brands portfolio +33 649 557 229 Planners Designing trend boards French +34 693 592 193 Market Investigation Supporting products 29 years old design hamzaoui.donia @gmail.com Strategic Analysis B-license Interdepartmental Sensitizing teams to brand values   coordination Portfolio slideshare.net/dhamzaoui COMMUNICATION ! INTERNATIONAL! HVF, Krys, HVA, Arsenic! Nationalities! Trends New brands visibility French, Swiss, Tunisian Pinterest.com/DoniaSoraya High School: Adapting licensed brands European class ! Account executive English, Spanish, German Journey in Spain ! Madrid, Alicante, Valencia, Salamanca Jan.-Jun.2006 Jan.-Mar. 2012 Oct. 2010 Nov.2006 – Feb.2010 Salamanca universityCRONOLOGY Miami Ad School Eurodissey Program Krys Group Salamanca, ES Account planning Spanish intensive Marketing executive Aug.2004 – Aug.2005 Madrid, ES classes Paris, FR Arsenic Nov. 2010 – May.2011 Valencia, ES Jul.-Nov.2006 Account executive Alhambra Int. Feb.-Sept.2010 HV Associés (HVA) Paris, FR CRM Administrative HV Formation (HVF) Communication 2002 –2006 Alicante, ES Marketing executive coordinator ICN Business School Paris, FR Paris, FR Nancy, FR