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Luca hershey


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Luca hershey

  1. 1. My Milton Hershey Story 3rd Grade 2011 <ul><li>For our school projects last year in 3 rd grade, each student randomly picked an historical person to research and present throughout the year. </li></ul>
  2. 2. For 3 rd Grade, my “historical person” was the chocolate king, Milton Hershey.
  3. 3. I read and created Book Reports on Milton Hershey
  4. 4. I was Mr. Hershey at my school’s Bio-Faire Performance Click here for my speech!
  5. 5. Hershey Little League Story What a lucky day! When my Dad and I were at a Padres game we sat next to a family from Hershey Pennsylvania. They were so nice that they sent me a Hershey’s Little League shirt and a hat. How lucky I was to meet such nice people.
  6. 6. My Summer Trip to Hershey Pennsylvania
  7. 7. Amtrak to Hershey “ All aboard!”
  8. 8. Finally, I made it!
  9. 9. How about making few Kisses!
  10. 10. Why do I have to wear this funny hat just to make chocolate?
  11. 11. This MY chocolate factory!
  12. 12. Hey! Don’t try to KISS me!
  13. 13. I ate the whole Hershey’s Bar Yummy!
  14. 14. Moo Ah ah! I am finally here at the Hershey Factory! Ah Ah Ah Ah !
  15. 15. Hershey School (just like New Bridge!)
  16. 16. Milton Hershey’ House
  17. 17. Yummy! I graduated. I am ready for college. Yummy!
  18. 18. THE END <ul><li>Big Kisses from Hershey, Pennsylvania! </li></ul>